Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out freedom from failure. My name is Jeremy Wayne, and I really want to give you some ideas of what you need to succeed. Not all of it is mandatory or foolproof. It will take work and dedication. You are building a business, not a scam or gimmick, so I advise you to treat it like one.

I have been online since 2009, shortly after relocating for my career from the Chicago area. I have an affinity for video editing and creation. I am also a full-time meteorologist and work for a private International company as an operational weather forecaster. I started working online to help pay bills in my free time and soon got sucked into a world of get-rich-quick schemes and programs that promised I could be making thousands by next weekend.

I have been involved with far too many programs to list. Just to name a few programs, let me give you an idea of what I’ve given a real shot (please note not all of these programs are scams and I have made money in some of them):

  • GDI
  • TVI Express/Global Assist Team
  • Fast-Track 2 Success, Residual Wealth Success Formula
  • Infinity Downline
  • Gifts Rollup
  • Ad-renaline
  • Stress Free Salary
  • Global Success Team/Premium Success Team
  • Just Been Paid
  • Neobux
  • Clixsense
  • Traffic Wave
  • Aweber
  • Beehive Strategy
  • Prelaunch Australia
  • My Shopping Genie
  • And much more…

After hitting the proverbial brick wall time and time again, I started to become obsessed with what the word success really means. I began observing what people were doing and starting asking myself what I could do to mimic their business models. I then became somewhat fascinated and a bit obsessed with the what makes people tick. Why do they think the things they think? It seems so trivial, but I realized that asking the right questions is important if I ever expected to discover the answers I was looking for.

Jeremy Wayne is my name and video creation/SEO, blogging, and success mentoring is my game!

We can make the journey together. You can email me anytime at freedomfromfailure@gmail.com. Let’s get connected and start networking today!