Enter The Rabbit Hole Here…

Back in 2009, I stumbled across a text ad when conducting a simple Googleinternet marketing journey search.

Make $712 working part time for Google each week. Click below to get started!

What the heck was it all about? I had no clue, but working part time (in my free time) and earning a decent income so I could travel more sounded pretty good at the time.

So I clicked the link and started down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurial freedom. A desire to work from home for myself kept me going, even when I hit the proverbial wall again and again.

By the way, that ad ended up being a scam. I got a charge to my credit card for $70 from some company for using their “services,” even though there was literally nothing they gave me.

They did give me something, though. They gave me curiosity.

The internet is a pretty big place. People post things on it, then others conduct searches and find it. Sometimes, people even buy from those pages and someone else makes money.

To simplify the concept, here is the way I understood it:

Google searches -> targeted sites/pages -> purchase/profit

To put it in another way: building a website + internet traffic = money.

I had no idea how any of it was done yet, but I had stumbled upon a concept known as Affiliate Marketing.  While the strategies have changed drastically over the past decade, the principles of affiliate marketing have remained the same.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Greatest Opportunity, In My Opinion

If you have ever owned a business or have known someone who owned one, then you understand there are numerous expenses involved. You have to buy some property, build a store, pay for inventory, pay for employees and management, keep track of everything; hopefully you will begin to break even after 3-5 years.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is a drop in the bucket comparatively speaking.

No matter who you are, you can find a way to make money with affiliate marketing. You can even have results, like those you see below.

affiliate income proof

Or this example (2018):

Clickbank income proof

Or this (2019):

high ticket commission

Not a bad February, 2019 (so far):

February sales proof

You can also find yourself in the thick of massive affiliate contests like this:

affiliate leaderboard proof

As you can see in the image above, I was coming in at $4,000 in an affiliate contest for a product called, Ultimate Traffic Monster in December, 2018 (I am Jeremy Wayne).

Not only is there great money to be made, but you can do so with very little down and scale up from there. It doesn’t necessarily require much technical knowledge and you can pretty much outsource anything you don’t want to do to save time.

The plan: Show other people’s stuff to the people that are searching for it and make money!

Why Did I Create This Website?

You are here because you want to succeed in whatever you are doing. You want to achieve freedom from failure!

The truth is in the domain name, “Freedom From Failure.” On my journey on the path to carving out success with affiliate marketing, I had the idea for a thriving website centered around defining what freedom from failure truly is.

I have reviewed internet marketing products, examined various money-making programs, provided network marketing tips, looked at success secrets and mindset strategies.

My goal is to find what successful people are doing and share examples of how you can replicate their results.

What Is Freedom From Failure?

A lot of people think freedom from failure means they will never fail atAlexander Pope anything ever again. This could not be further from the truth!

In the words of a famous poet:

To err is human.

I’m sure you’ve made mistakes and will make more, no matter who you are. That is OKAY! Your failures have made you who you are today.

Failures aren’t there to defeat you; they’re not meant to define you; they exist to propel you onward! <– make that part of your daily mantra!

Freedom from failure is more about a mindset than a state of being. If you can learn from your mistakes and see the signs that are laid out in front of you, you really can succeed in life.

I Want To Succeed! Where Do I Start?

Are you ready to embark upon this journey? Deciding to succeed at all costs is the first step to making this all work. If you are willing to do whatever it takes, You CANNOT fail!

Making the decision is the first step.

Before you can really move forward, you need to take out the trash and deal with what is in your way. By that, I mean your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and feelings.

The best resource I have found is a course called Manifestation Miracle. The entire course will show you how to manifest abundance into your life. You can check out my entire Manifestation Miracle review here.

Make Yourself Ready For Action!

Once you have cleared your brain and primed your mindset, it’s time to make yourself ready for action!

This phase includes figuring out the path that is right for you and making a plan of action. Remember, a rocket will never take off before a long planning process has been fulfilled.

When I review products, I try to find complete products or systems that aren’t just fad products. Usually, they address a real need in most affiliate marketing businesses and the creators have a proven track record of helping others in their chosen field.

I strive to leave a positive impact on other affiliate marketers with this blog and help others find their motivation. If you have topics you would like me to cover, please let me know at freedomfromfailiure@gmail.com  

Of course I am here to help anyway I can. I really do care about you and your success. Please reach out to me with any questions! If you learned something from this blog, I encourage you to send a testimonial, either written or video! I really do appreciate your time.

Freedom From Failure is EVERYWHERE!

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Let’s achieve real freedom from failure together! Mark this day on your calendars as the day everything changed.

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