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Parallel Profits [IMPORTANT] FAQ And Sneak Peek

Parallel Profits officially goes into prelaunch January 23rd at 12p EST. There will be a lot of questions answered in the prelaunch content and on the early bird workshops, but I wanted to create this post to give you all the nitty gritty details you need answered NOW. Here are 11 of the most important Parallel Profits FAQ.

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Parallel Profits FAQ’sParallel Profits FAQ

There is a lot of information and misinformation out there. I wanted to give you the details straight from the source. I spoke with Steve and Aidan’s team and got the Parallel Profits FAQ. If anyone says anything contradicting the below, don’t believe them!

#1: What does the back office look like?

Parallel Profits training area

Obviously, more content will be added to the back office as the launch gets closer, but this reassures you that the Parallel Profits back office exists!

#2: How much does Parallel Profits cost?

The total cost is $2,497.

#3: Are there any upsells or additional fees on top of the cost?

NO. What you see is what you get!

#4: Are there live coaching/mentoring sessions offered with Parallel Profits?

Yes, Steve and Aidan offer weekly live coaching sessions with their members via group webinars. They do not offer individual sessions, though.

#5: How soon will Parallel Profits classes start?

The classes officially commence on February 8th, but there will be information in the back office as soon as you buy Parallel Profits.

#6: How is the course material delivered?

The Parallel Profits course is split up into 8 modules, each covering a section of the business model. The modules are released weekly. 

#7: Do Steve and Aidan have any specific results they can share regarding their business?

The specific results Steve and Aidan have achieved will be shared in their prelaunch content and early bird webinar, so stay tuned!

#8: Is there a multi-pay option if I can’t afford the $2,497 up front?

Yes they will offer a more bite-sized option split up over several months. More details on that to come.

#9: Will Steve and Aidan offer support for Parallel Profits indefinitely?

Yes, they sure will! There is no point in building a scalable income if you can’t get help and client orders fulfilled indefinitely!

#10: Are there any fast action bonuses for buying Parallel Profits at the early bird workshops?

Yes, but they can’t divulge these details until the actual workshop.

#11: What is the launch schedule looking like?

parallel profits schedulePrelaunch is currently underway (as I am typing this) and will last until the cart opens on January 29th at 12p EST. Make sure you sign up right away to get the most out of the prelaunch content, which will be released in three sections.

Parallel Profits FAQ Conclusion

I hope you have learned what you need to know with these Parallel Profits FAQ’s. There is a lot more you can learn with their prelaunch content! Click the button below to sign up now! Don’t forget to mark 12p EST on January 29th on your calendar and prepare for a profitable 2019!

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