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Kibo Eclipse Launch | Full Schedule Revealed

Kibo Eclipse is the latest version of the Kibo Code, set to officially become public in January, 2022. The Kibo Eclipse program is an eCommerce training program that is a complete eCommerce business-in-a-box. The downside to this Kibo Eclipse launch is that it won’t last long. In this post, we will take a look at the timing of everything and what you can expect throughout this entire process. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare yourself for one heck of a ride.

There are many, many eCommerce training programs out there, but you’re gonna want to pay attention to this one. Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum were both a big hit, selling for a total of $40 million. Accept no substitute: follow this launch and participate if you can!

As of the time this post is being published, the prelaunch has already started. The 3-step book and the blueprint infographic (steps one and two) are already available. I still wanted to detail each step in this post just for the sake of punctiliousness.

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Kibo Eclipse Prelaunch

Kibo Eclipse launch

The current date is January 21st, which means the launch began two days ago. There is still plenty of time to jump on the prelaunch train though, as the official Kibo Eclipse cart does not open until the 25th. Here is a comprehensive look at what to expect over the next several days.

Prelaunch Part 1 “The 3-Step System”

This is the first phase of prelaunch, which began at 12 EST, January 19th. The free ebook that introduced the Kibo Eclipse system and the theory behind the training was released to the public. The three steps in this process include: 1) finding and activating profitable products, 2) driving free traffic to the site to generate sales, 3) optimizing and scaling the process to multiply profits.

Also, potential customers were allowed to enroll in the prelaunch funnel. At this time, affiliates began sending out emails and running Google ads to drive potential leads to their links.

Prelaunch Part 2 “The Blueprint”

The second phase includes an infographic that illustrates the 3-step system of a deeper level. This phase opened on January 21st at 12pm EST. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy devouring information, especially when it’s something that is either interesting or potentially life-changing. Up to this point, we have received the ebook and infographic, along with daily emails from Steve and Aidan.

Prelaunch Part 3 “The Student Results”

At 12pm on Sunday, January 23rd, a 28-page document will be released to prelaunch enrollees. This document will discuss the results of former students of the Kibo business model. With four years of experience, the Kibo Code system has generated its share of success stories. This element of the prelaunch will open your eyes to the potential of the Kibo Eclipse system.

Prelaunch Part 4 “The Kibo Eclipse Masterclass”

On January 24th, Steve and Aidan will be holding a series of live events and workshops to explain the Kibo Eclipse system in greater detail. This is phase where everything comes together and finally makes sense. You will see their vision and hear their stories firsthand. Attending one of these live events will be crucial for many reasons, but most importantly, there will be a few special fast action bonuses that will be offered to attendees only, including a special $5,000 cash giveaway to a random participant.

The other reason to attend this mastermind event is also because they will let a few fast-action takers into the system early with the special bonuses mentioned above.

Here is what Aidan Booth says about attending the live mastermind event: “Make sure that you register for one of these one-time live training sessions […] because this is where we’re going to be able to demo the entire system for you and show you the next steps […] We are only running a certain number of them and we are going to be announcing the winners of this cash [prize] on these live calls […] These workshops are going to be your only chance to get your questions answered live by us.”

I am ready to attend a Kibo Eclipse mastermind class!

Kibo Eclipse Launches to the public

At 12pm EST on January 25th, Kibo Eclipse will officially open its doors. The system will remain open for enrollment until Thursday, February 3rd. Steve and Aidan will hold a few live events and workshops throughout this time period, leading up to a giant workshop on February 3rd right before the cart closes. They will share more and more about the system in their live webinars, so I highly recommend you attend all of them, until you decide for sure whether you want to invest in yourself or not.

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Kibo Eclipse Launch Conclusion

Kibo Eclipse has the potential to be one of the most successful eCommerce training programs conceived of to date. The process is relatable, the training is simple, and the creators, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, have a pedigree with creating successful systems that change lives. Together, they have sold more than $80 million with their courses alone since 2015.

Kibo Eclipse will be closing its doors on February 3rd, which is only 13 days from now (9 days after cart opens). When the cart closes, they never reopen their systems or extend the deadline under any circumstances. That is why it is important to do your due diligence and attend as many of the live workshops as possible. You won’t want to hear about the success stories that Kibo students will be having and kick yourself months from now.

Don’t forget to read my full review and see what is in my $4,382 bonus package I’m giving away to the first 10 people that buy Kibo Eclipse through my link. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post about the Kibo Eclipse launch!

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