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WP Profit Builder 2.0 Review and [STELLAR] Bonus!

In the world of marketing, we can all agree that leads are the lifeblood of your business. Countless strategies teach you how to get traffic, write copy, and how to market to your prospects. What is the one thing all marketing strategies have in common? They require a landing or squeeze page! Introducing WP Profit Builder 2.0!

WP Profit Builder 2.0 is a slick landing page builder plugin for WordPress. You can install it with any theme and create landing pages on your site (or create them on a standalone site). No matter what kind of marketer you are, there is always a need for landing pages. You are simply leaving money on the table if you are not actively building your list (but you KNOW that already). Profit Builder 2.0 gives you the most simplistic solution to create the best landing pages imaginable.

But Why Do I Need This Profit Builder 2.0 Plugin When I Have Leadpages?!

There are numerous solutions out there for building landing pages and sales funnels. LeadpagesBest Leadpages alternative is probably the most popular one out there right now. I was a member of Leadpages for quite a while, but the cost was simply outrageous! The $67 price tag per month may not seem like a lot for a successful marketer, but it adds up to over $800 over the course of the year. Man alive, that is steep for most people! That could help pay for your rent/mortgage, or go towards your summer vacation! I looked for a cheaper solution and WP Profit Builder 2.0 was the obvious answer!

The other obvious reason I prefer Profit Builder 2.0 to Leadpages, is you can install it on your WordPress site. You landing pages are not held on some other platform. They reside on your own website! This means you don’t not have to rely on a third party to keep your business running smoothly. I like this!

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Who and What is Profit Builder 2.0 For?

WP Profit Builder 2.0 is for any marketer that is trying to save money and time. Whether or not you have a website now, they are incredibly easy to get nowadays. GoDaddy and other options (like Justhost, BluHost or HostGator) are very accessible, even to those who don’t own a business. No matter what you do as a marketer, chances are you have a need below that Profit Builder 2.0 can satisfy:

  • Optin Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Membership Portalsprofit builder 2.0 review
  • Webinar Signup Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • Social Series
  • Counting Sales Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • About Me Pages
  • Local Marketing Pages
  • JV Pages
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Training Series

The ability to create funnels on your site through the plugin itself is very slick too! Just click a few buttons, drag and drop, click some more, and you have your funnel created on your site! Usually it takes several services or products to do this for one funnel! If you are using ClickMagick, ClickFunnels, and Leadpages together to do this, you now have an alternative that can save you hundreds!

What Are Some Features of Profit Builder 2.0?

  1.  Instantly create GURU-level marketing pages that make you look like a Pro
  2. 50+ pre-done, proven marketing layouts for every need (that you can edit)
  3. 50+ instant elements to enhance any page on your site
  4. Works on ANY WordPress site and ANY theme
  5. Easy to use Drag and Drop LIVE editor
  6. Build any type of marketing page you can imagine (see the list above)
  7. 100% SEO and Mobile Optimized and Super Fast
  8. Transforms Your Site into a Profit Center FAST
  9. No technical coding to worry about (Newbie Friendly)
  10. All this and a ton more…

profit builder 2.0 features

My Profit Builder 2.0 Bonus

What good are mashed potatoes without the gravy? Unless you are a freak like I used to be, then this question isn’t even a real question. If you are reading this review still, then I want to give you an offer you can’t refuse!

  • Golden Keywords Course (potentially worth thousands) – Part of marketing is not just driving traffic and building landing pages. You need to understand how to do keyword research! I will give you access to this course as a bonus if you buy Profit Builder from this page.
  • PopUp Domination 3.0 Plugin – If you have a site you build landing pages with, you need a way to capture additional leads that may try to click off your site. Popup Domination 3.0 is a plugin that will get your prospects to sign up for your service or newsletter when they try to move their mouse off your site. Nice!
  • RankXL Niche Site Course 3.0 – If you are building any kind of niche site, then this course is for you! Learn the most efficient way of building 6-Figure sites that provide residual income you can count on! Be careful! The formula is mega-powerful and will get you hooked on using sites to earn for a living.
  • Offline Marketing Lab – Profit Builder 2.0 gives you the landing pages, this course will teach you how to use those landing pages to land high-ticket clients for your business. Isn’t that the whole point of starting a business?
  • The Sell: The Secret to Selling Anything (audio book) – This audiobook taught me a lot about sales and how to present oneself. From the moment you start the audiobook, you will relate to Frederik Eklund, not just as a genius salesman, but as a person with an outrageous sense of humor!
  • My Exclusive Eight Figure Business Blueprint – This is an ebook I created as a bonus for people that buy Profit Builder 2.0 from this page. It will give you the formula, knowledge, and tools to build an 8-Figure business! There are systems out there that make this possible and you may not even be aware of them!

Hopefully you see the immense value of this bonus bundle. I am trying to fill the gaps and give you a bonafide reason to buy Profit Builder 2.0 from me. I am also hoping to connect with you and network/work with you long term in the future. Once you have the knowledge and resources, the money part will surely come!

After you buy Profit Builder 2.0, simply forward your receipt to or send me your confirmation number. I will send your bonuses within 24 hours, usually within an hour or two.

Profit Builder 2.0 Conclusion

No matter what kind of marketer you are, you have use for the Profit Builder 2.0 plugin. The list of applications are endless! If you are a geek for creating landing pages, you will have a field day with this product. PB2 combines a cost-effective solution with convenience to give you the best of both quality and thriftiness that is sure to make your Grandmother proud!

Click the button below to get your Profit Builder 2.0 Plugin and all the bonuses listed on this page while they last!


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