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Internet Marketing Gurus: The Truth of WHY You Fail

I had a revelation today. It’s something I’ve understood for a while now, but couldn’t quite put my finger on for quite some time. Today, it came in the form of an epiphany. As I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed, I realized something so blatantly obvious, I knew I had to share it.  I raced to my computer to write this post. I really hope you learn something from this! Most of the internet marketing gurus are not leading you to success. They are exploiting your hopes and dreams to make money for themselves. Keep on reading to hear more about my epiphany!

When you first came online to make money, you probably either heard a story of someone who is now rich or saw an advertisement that enticed you to learn more. Little did you know that that story or ad would plant a bug in your cerebellum that would lead you down an endless maze of stress, financial loss, and ultimate failure. There is a deeper reason for why this happens, but it all comes down to 95% of people fail because they approached internet marketing like a drug habit and all the make money schemes/methods out there are fixes to exacerbate the habit.

The Difference Between Leaders and Followers

Now, before I really make your jaw drop, I am gonna reveal an honest truth you probably alreadyleadership marketing know and understand. When you were in kindergarten (or some young-kid equivalent), you played a game called, “follow the leader.” That game never truly ends. In the realm of internet marketing, there are two main groups of people: leaders and followers. Now, it’s okay to be a follower; we are all followers! The truth is, the majority of people never want to lead. They think they can be successful as a follower.

A real leader is someone who takes what he/she learns as a follower and helps lead others to do the same as they do.

It’s not rocket science. It takes courage, yes. But sooner or later, you have to grow up! Being a marketing newbie is a lot like childhood. You do have to learn how to walk before you run. Leaders (or internet marketing gurus) are really the adults. They have learned how to cut the curve between knowledge and experience. This is probably because they found a mentor, attached themselves to what they said, and became experienced with ONE THING first! The truth of HOW THEY FINALLY DID IT is far more simple than the 95% realize.

They decided it was time and threw themselves into something with everything on the line.

Furthermore, they stopped making excuses!

It really is a battle of will. Mindset is 90% of what separates the internet marketing gurus from the rest who struggle. That doesn’t mean they are ethical or have the best of intentions. It simply means they learned how to overcome the struggles that plague the 95%. If you want to work from home and make money, this is very important to understand! Mindset is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

How The Internet Marketing Gurus Make You Fail

affiliate marketingIt’s no lie: success vs. failure is a very complicated thing. We are talking about psychology here. That is why mindset and belief are important to work on on a daily basis. Most people scoff at this “mental nonsense.” But even more people think they can make this internet stuff work without making themselves vulnerable to the universe. Believe me, this is a mindset – and it’s not very conducive to success. This mindset will throw you in the follower category indefinitely. Every single week, new products are launched that people line up to buy.

If you’ve ever bought a product before, then you know the routine. You see an advertisement, you decide to buy the product, you get emails from the product creator about ways to make money. After this occurs, you get introduced to their friends that have great advice as well. You buy their products and so on and so forth. Each product requires more money to be spent, but none of them make you money! They keep you busy until you find something else to keep you busy.

This cycle never ends!

Of course, you never get the full picture. There are always pieces missing, but when you pay $37 for an over-hyped, glorified Clickbank product (or a $7 WSO), what do you expect? There are people who pay $2,000-$20,000 for a product that still does not guarantee success, although people who buy products at that price have far better results. Once again, it all comes down to mindset.

That is the world of affiliate marketing. This is how internet marketing gurus make money! They launch products and go into JV partnerships with other internet marketing gurus. I’ve met some of these gurus so I understand how they think!

The Mindset Of The Internet Marketing Guru 

The internet marketing gurus are not trying to make you fail. On the contrary, they are trying to internet marketinghelp you! If you are able to overcome the dross of the follower-syndrome, then you are a success story they can use as a testimonial to further their brand. If you continue failing but continue to buy their product, they still make money that helps them further their brand.

There’s a whole network of people out there – multiple rings of networks that all meet at conventions. Nearly all of them have bought from each other, sold for each other, and continue to make money for each other. They invest thousands of dollars into their businesses to make 10x back in their investment. They understand the value of leverage and dedicate their lives to sharing value with the people that follow them. Deep down, you know what they share can help you, but your own mindset is holding you back!

Internet Marketing Gurus Conclusion

internet marketing successInternet marketing gurus may have the insight, but they can’t sell you financial freedom. You aren’t gonna get rich and see massive success from the latest Facebook strategy or link-building miracle for SEO. The only way you are gonna break this trend is if you have a clear-cut plan, daily motivation, a support system, and take consistent action.

The missing piece that the internet marketing gurus generally withhold is not some secret ingredient that is impossible to find. So what is this ever-elusive piece of the puzzle? FOCUS. That’s right, when you focus on your business like your life depends on it, you simply cannot fail. It takes real commitment, almost to the brink of obsessive action. If you can master this focus, you can accomplish anything!

So that’s it! After dabbling with enough products and watching enough videos, one day you will wake up an expert and not even know it. I know I have been there. I knew so much but had no idea what to even do with it. It all comes down to what you really want out all of this. Do you want to be successful? Or do you want to hide behind the facade that you can quietly build wealth without any human contact? If you are ready to fill the shoes of success and help others, then it’s time to take the next step! It’s time to find a business model that fits your personality and throw yourself into it 100%.

Ready to break the cycle? Learn more about the franchise-like business model that significantly increases your chance of making six figures (and beyond)! My personal experimentation has led me down this path. I’d love to share it with you. Show those internet marketing gurus what you’ve really learned!

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