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Online Business Opportunities: Freedom or Failure For Your Internet Business?

Everyone that makes a foray online tends to fiddle around with either affiliate marketing, or one to several online business opportunities before calling it quits. Usually there is a lot of emphasis placed on online business opportunities, so people will try many of them hoping they will eventually find the “holy grail” of profits online.

People evaluate programs with the wrong questions, and look for answers in all the wrong places.

Many aspiring marketers will look at, “how much can I make with this opportunity and how long will it take me.” They don’t ask if and how the program fixes a problem they are having with their internet business and if there is a need for the program on the market. They also automatically see a program that is hard to promote as a scam. For my article about how to spot a scam online, you can find it here.

Let’s say a program has the best compensation plan ever. You can earn thousands of dollars your first month if you can find two people and help them find two people, etc. etc. A compensation plan is not the first factor a newbie should be looking at when prospecting online business opportunities. Compensation plans are aimed at attracting advanced marketers and heavy hitters. If you can’t afford the membership fee, but are promised thousands a month, rethink your plan. Most newbies just don’t have the funds to establish themselves in the world of advertising to drive the type of campaign necessary to profit from a high-income venture like that.

Profiting from your online business opportunities is important, but the best internet marketers look for more than just profit – it’s kind of one-dimensional. Usually only scams offer good money and nothing else.

The best online business opportunities also offer you tools to help promote your business.

If you glossed over that last last line, please re-read it! It’s essential to picking the right online business opportunity! The best opportunities will give you something unique for the money you invest in them. These tools can include, url rotators, ebooks, autoresponders, ad space, internet marketing courses, keyword tools, site submission tools, website hosting, ad tracking tools, and much, much more.

Adding the dimension of marketing tools to profitable online business opportunities makes it a win-win situation for you and your downline!

Not only will you begin to earn real money from the opportunity, but your downline will stick around and earn money with you. Downline retention is certainly one of the biggest factors in determining success, especially in money game programs. Even if your entire downline leaves you in good business opportunities, if you have something of real value that your membership fee gets you month after month, you won’t lose either way.

The best way to look at this, is you are paying the membership fee to use the tools to build and expand your personal brand/internet business. The compensation plan is simply incentive to get others involved; the silver lining, if you will. When you do get a downline, your priority becomes helping them learn to use the tools for themselves. This will not only build your personal brand, it will gain the trust of your downline, they will stay with you, and you will continue to build your income as well. If you focus on this, you CANNOT fail.

Most internet marketers are too focused on the money to understand there are other things more important. Most of us start out online because we need the money right now. Why do 98% of marketers fail? It looks like a matter of mindset over misdirection to me. Like I said before, you won’t fail when you help others earn money. I have found the program that fits the bill in terms of everything discussed in this article. It’s called GlobalNPN.

As far as online businesses are concerned, GlobalNPN gives you more than you need to run a successful internet business.

It gives you more tools than five programs combined, and it costs about the value of your average meal when dining out. At just $10.75 per month for all the tools your internet business needs, it pays for itself. The compensation plan is nothing to sneeze at either. For a video detailing the comp plan, check it out here.

Look for a brand new article soon with full details on GlobalNPN and why joining me will ensure your success. My team is one of the most unique and best teams in the business. My sponsor is on the leaderboards week after week and I will introduce you to him if you wish to network with some of the most practical internet marketers online. He has helped me transform my internet business into something real and powerful. We can do the same for you starting today!

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