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Magnetic Sponsoring Review: Attraction Marketing Applied

One of the first products I came across when I started marketing online was Magnetic Sponsoring back in 2009. I saw this Mike Dillard guy everywhere and everyone seemed to respect him. When I picked up a copy for myself, it turned my perspective on prospecting upside down.

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I had to see the Magnetic Sponsoring course a few times before I seriously considered buying it. I still thought I could build a business using only free traffic exchanges and classifieds sites. Boy was I mistaken about the world of internet and network marketing back then! After reading through Magnetic Sponsoring, I began to understand what attraction marketing was and the new dimension it could add to any network marketing business.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

attraction marketingAttraction marketing is a form of MLM sponsoring that requires little maintenance work by the network marketer. Once the attraction marketing formula is in place, all the recruiter needs to do, is sit back and wait for the leads to stream in. Lead generation is a difficult medium to maintain consistently in this industry, but the marketers that understand attraction marketing, never worry about leads, because the leads are drawn to them like white on rice.

Mike Dillard struggled with lead generation himself when he got started in network marketing. Mike DillardFor some reason, chasing recruits just wasn’t working for him and his business was suffering as a result. He started doing some research into psychology and what makes people tick (by tick, I mean what makes them buy). He discovered that the process of buying was more scientific than anything, and all he needed to do was trigger an emotional response driven by the buyer’s needs and desires. This breakthrough gave birth to the attraction marketing formula we now know today as Magnetic Sponsoring.

How Is The Magnetic Sponsoring Course So Powerful?

Magnetic Sponsoring CourseMagnetic Sponsoring is attraction marketing on steroids. It is a comprehensive mlm sponsoring formula that essentially gives you, the marketer, valuable insight into what your target audience/buyer is thinking so you can close that deal. It’s kind of like getting a cheat sheet of how to beat a tough game without any difficulty. Mike Dillard has truly given any MLM or network marketing sponsor who picks up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring an unfair advantage.

So what kind of unfair advantage does the Magnetic Sponsoring course give you, you ask? Here is a list of just a few things you will learn in Magnetic Sponsoring:

  • How you can earn up to $1,000 your first month in network marketing without sponsoring anyone or selling any of your company’s products.
  •  Why “Opportunity Seekers” are the worst people to sponsor.
  • The “almost magic” way of creating 100% duplication throughout your downline.
  • The Quickie Idiot’s Guide to tapping into the buying “hot buttons” of everyone you talk to!
  • A sneaky but legit way to get industry leaders from outside your company to recruit people into your downline.
  • How to get your entire MLM downline to loyally follow you into another company (if you need to).
  • A secret way to get hundreds – even thousands – of people to join your downline without the mention of what company your promoting!
  • You will also learn why you should almost NEVER recruit “excited” prospects into your business and why “lazy” people make the most money in MLM.
  • And so much more!

Magnetic Sponsoring not only shatters expectations, it turns everything you think you know about network marketing and MLM sponsoring upside down!

Why Is Magnetic Sponsoring So Valuable For The Development Of Your Leadership Skills?

Mike DillardOnce you own a copy of the Magnetic Sponsoring course, you will possess a unique skill-set that you can use for the rest of your life. Mike Dillard gives you the exact blueprint of how he transformed a money-sucking venture into a six figure business in just FOUR MONTHS.

You will also learn how to get people lining up to join your opportunity before you even tell them what it is. What’s more? You can actually get them to pay you to tell them what your opportunity is! You will be seen as a real leader if you follow Mike Dillard’s kick ass recipe.

Additionally To The Magnetic Sponsoring Manual, Mike Dillard Will Give You Four Valuable Bonuses!

That’s right, you just can’t lose – unless you never touch it! Mike Dillard has added several Magnetic Sponsoring bonusesadditional bonuses to sweeten the deal. Here are the additional resources you will get.

  1. Membership to the same Magnetic Sponsoring 3.0 System Mike Dillard uses to train reps in his primary business.  You will get access to the exact website and tools he uses to attract sponsors to his team. He paid over five figures to develop this service and used to charge reps $19.95 per month to be a member. You get it all free with when you get your hands on Magnetic Sponsoring today!
  2. Free “Behind Closed Doors” Interview MP3 download with Mike Dillard himself! He reveals the details of a simple technique he used to earn $87,000 in just 10 days in this rare interview. This technique can be used by anyone no matter how experienced (or inexperienced) they are (this download blew me away).
  3. THREE powerful Magnetic Sponsoring “Essential Reports” that will be more valuable than solid gold for your network marketing business. In these reports, you will learn the secret formula for creating killer ads, advanced information on how to get the posture and confidence of the Pro’s by banishing fears, and the powerful psychological secret that allows you to develop a magnetic personality (most valuable part of the entire package, in my opinion).
  4. The MLM Domain Secrets eBook with distribution rights. This unique book outlines the secrets of not only how to turn your domain into “search engine candy,” but also how to protect your business from traffic-stealing, money-ninja thieves.

As you can probably surmise from this review, I am a fan of Magnetic Sponsoring. I think it gives you more information than you need to hit the ground running. The bonuses complete the ensemble and provide the “full experience,” in my opinion.

How Much Does Magnetic Sponsoring Cost?

Magnetic Sponsoring will cost you $39.95. It’s a one-time fee and is guaranteed to bring you 10 new reps within the first 12 months, or your money back! That is a crazy guarantee if you ask me. Like I already said, the only way you could possibly fail with Magnetic Sponsoring, is if you do absolutely nothing with it!

Magnetic Sponsoring Conclusion

In the world of attraction marketing, Magnetic Sponsoring is the premier formula that can turn struggling business into a lucrative locomotive. There is a reason this course is so popular over five years after it’s initial release – the material is really that good.

Mike Dillard created the gold standard in the network marketing industry when he wrote Magnetic Sponsoring and that precedent remains in a class of its own to this day.

What Should You Do Now?

If you want to be considered boss in the industry, you can grab your copy of MS by clicking here.

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My Magnetic Sponsoring Review presentation as shown in the Youtube video on this page can also be found on Scribd as a PPT document.

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