Internet lifestyle Network comp plan

The Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan

When comparing home-based business opportunities, a lot of people judge one from another by what they offer in terms of their compensation plan. The Internet Lifestyle Network compensation plan is one of the best in the industry. Please read this whole article before rushing judgement of what could change your life!

If you are looking for an Internet Lifestyle Network review, you can read my full review here. It will explain what you get as a member of the Internet Lifestyle Network.

For those of you who are excited to here what the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation plan entails, read on! I will walk you through all the juicy details!

Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan Basics

Most compensation plans are designed to provide the majority of benefits to the team leader that builds their first two levels. Generally commissions are paid on the membership fees only (which is where the idea of pyramid schemes comes from) and all back-end sales go up to the program creators.

According to the latest trend, many companies have been focusing on compensating the heavy hitter marketers, by offering up to 100% commission on the first level (minus a hidden admin fee which deflates the actual take-home amount by about 10-20%).

The Internet Lifestyle Network compensation plan is different in the fact that, they offer 50% on the first level, and 10% on not two, three, but four levels deep! What this means, is you receive huge commissions on everyone you personally refer, along with decent commissions on everyone below them. This means the Internet Lifestyle Network Owners are sharing approximately 80% of the company’s income with the affiliates!

internet lifestyle network compensation plan

Additionally, these commissions you earn do not just include membership fees. They include all sales made by anyone in your downline. Internet Lifestyle Network has introduced a huge variety of products to aid and assist business owners in every facet of their business. The system that contains these products is referred to as the “Speed Wealth System.”  The range of products include but are not limited to the following:

  • Basic training in effective marketing strategies that are working now, plus mindset training, a wordpress blog(s) to assist you in blogging with little technical assistance required, and a comprehensive community on Facebook, where current/future leaders are honing their skills.
  • Advanced marketing strategies including sales techniques, video marketing, facebook marketing, and mindset techniques to accelerate entrepreneurial growth.
  • Newly released journals for the seven figure earner! These are what they refer to as “legacy journals.” They are designed to last over a hundred years and are meant to be handed down from generation to generation.
  • Global Resorts Network – This is your hub to living the real internet lifestyle for dirt cheap! Traveling rates with this network are 50%-90% discounted from those found on sites like Expedia.
  • Solomon CEO and/or Solomon $10,000,000+ – two high ticket items that are bought for one-time fees. They use proverbs from King Solomon himself to teach you how to up your entrepreneurial game. This is what I call Biblical justification for massive wealth gain!
  • Total Lifestyle Alliance – this is the tip of the pyramid – the end of the line. Once you are a member of the Total Lifestyle Alliance (TLA), you are all set to earn massive income from ILN. It is not cheap, but it comes with a $10,000 guarantee…need I say more?

There will certainly be more added to the list as Internet Lifestyle Network grows and builds more and more. For now, I am trying to emphasize how powerful the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan really is, and how much you need it!

internet lifestyle Network compensation plan


The Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan (A.K.A Speed Wealth System)

Most people can’t afford to go all-in when they start Internet lifestyle Network. The Internet Lifestyle Network was designed to accompany the heavy hitter with money to spare, along with the average person that wants to build a business with little upfront cost. You can actually start up for free using the promo code Secret7.

After you join as an Apprentice Member ($37/month) you will be offered a progression of products. These are not OTO’s (One-Time Offers) but products that will enhance your overall income potential.

The co-owners of Internet Lifestyle Network are not trying to swindle you with these products! It’s quite the opposite, actually. They understand that in order to build a real online business, viral residual income is key, along with high ticket sales! The expensive products are your key to huge residual income – both knowledge-wise and affiliate income-wise!

Here is a look at the sales funnel process you will encounter upon upgrading:

  • [Step 1] Apprentice Membership ($37/month)
  • [Step 2] Pro Membership ($95/month additional)
  • [Step 3] Speed Wealth Executive Membership + GRN Sales Page ($995 upfront + $250 a month for 48 months)
  • [Step 3a] If you said no to step 3: Speed Wealth Executive Membership (No GRN) ($250 a month for six months)
  • [Step 4] Speed Wealth TLA Upsell ($2000 upfront, in addition to step 3)
  • [Step 4a] Speed Wealth TLA Downsell ($995 Upfront (already paid for in step 3) + $250 payments over 60 months).

Okay, the above figures look kind of scary. Believe me, I know! I decided to show you what to expect so you are prepared. Some people might get scared off when they sign up and find this tunnel of products they weren’t expecting. The good news is, the Speed Wealth system is designed to help any type of Marketer to scale up their business from the 7 day free trial on up.

Here is the caveat to the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan: You can only earn four levels down for the products you have paid for (or are in the process of paying for). This means you can’t earn on team sales for products you don’t own. You will get 10% commission off the referrals you directly recruit and that’s it (only if you are a pro member).

Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan High Ticket Sales

At the very least, you should consider getting to the Professional level as soon as possible. This will open up residual sales on all Pro level upgrades throughout your downline and also those $67.50 residual sales for your personally referred. That will cost you $132 a month. It would only take you 7 Apprentice referrals or two Professional referrals to be in profit.

Eventually, you will want to purchase the Internet Lifestyle Network’s high ticket products so you can take full advantage of the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan! Here is a list of the high ticket items you can get with ILN:

  • Solomon CEO ($995 inside the ILN system)
  • Solomon CEO $10,000,000+ ($4995 inside the ILN System)
  • The ILN Private Vacation Club ($12,000 inside the ILN System)

By owning each of the Solomon courses, you will earn 50% commission on each sale, which will equal $500 on and $2500 per sale! These courses are part of the Executive Membership. If you go through Step three in the sales process, it will cost you just $995 to own both courses and get paid the full commissions on all sales.

The third high ticket item is such a big piece to the puzzle, I saved it for last. You’ve heard me mention Global Resorts Network or the ILN Private Vacation Club throughout this post, but I haven’t really explained too much about it.

Global Resorts Network

The Private Vacation Club was actually rebranded by the Internet Lifestyle Network. It used to be called (as is still sometimes referred to as) the  “Global Resorts Network.” GRN has been around for about 6 years now. They were built on the back of the multi-trillion dollar Travel industry.

Membership is not cheap initially, but it pays for itself immensely! Going through step 3 of the sales process will open up 50% commissions on all the high ticket products, which include $6000 commissions on all GRN sales and $1200 (10% on second, third, and fourth level) on all team sales. Now, isn’t that worth signing up for?  Did I also mention that being a member of this club will qualify you for 50%-90% off Travelocity and Expedia discounted rates? You could get a week’s stay at a five start Bahamas Resort for under $300 (I’ve seen it).

Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan Conclusion

Internet Lifestyle Network

I hope this post helps clear up any misconceptions regarding the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan! There is a lot of details to take in, but the benefits are worth the so-called risk! I have watched the Internet Lifestyle Network blossom over the past few months and they just keep adding value day in and day out.

What saddens me most is that so many people are missing out due to fear. They are afraid the Internet Lifestyle Network is a scam and the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan is just a ruse to steal your money. The truth is….it’s a legitimate business that offers you a seven day free trial and offers to pay you $100 if you don’t profit within 30 days! They also offer you high end products, both informational, physical, and an awesome vacation club!

If you follow the action steps inside the Internet Lifestyle Network, you simply cannot lose. Simply do everything in your power to unlock the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan, and the money will follow!

I am looking for hard-working Entrepreneurs to join my fast-moving team. If you would like to partner with you, I am eager to hear from you! Simply click here to get started today!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan and I hope to hear from you soon!








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    1. Thanks Diane! I really believe in Internet Lifestyle Network and I just want to share my passion with everyone else. Glad to see you taking this opportunity! It is 100% worth it!

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