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Dream Life Mastery Cost | A Value-Based Analysis

Dream Life Mastery is a brand new course that will only be available until August 1st at midnight EST. Chances are, you stumbled across this article while doing your due diligence. I know you probably have two main concerns: 1) will this work and 2) what is the Dream Life Mastery cost? Let’s evaluate your biggest concerns now.

Before you read this Dream Life Mastery cost commentary, feel free to check out my full review of the Dream Life Mastery course here.

Dream Life Mastery Cost v. Value

As you may or may not know, a lot of factors go into the Dream Life Mastery cost, just like any other program out there. To determine whether a course is worth the cost, one must determine the value of the course itself. Despite what you may have been led to believe, there is a huge difference between cost and value.

What the heck does this guy mean?value based analysis

Well, for a course to be worth your money and time, the cost must be lower than the value. I mean, duh!

To put this in more certain terms, the cost is the price you pay, while the value is the return you get for your money. No one wants to pay for less than they are getting, especially for an internet marketing digital product.

And I mean, NOBODY!

So, I will level with you 100%. The course is unique. I like the layout. The process is illustrated very well. The bonuses are okay, while the tools complement the course well.

This is internet marketing at its finest – make no mistake about that. The launch is calculated with the webinars hitting every sweet spot imaginable. You WILL want to buy this.

You may also have your BS meter engaged because the sensationalism is in over-drive. That is just the reality behind these polished courses. Mark Ling is a marketing expert and he knows that hype sells more than it repels.

Is Dream Life Mastery Right For Me?is it right for me

Before we dig deep into the actual value of the course, it’s important to temper expectations with reality. Every single person is different. There is no reason for you to buy this course if you won’t apply the contents to your life.

So with that said, let’s go into the questions you need to ask yourself before buying Dream Life Mastery.

  • How badly do I want to live my dream life?
  • Enrollment is currently open until August 1st. Can I fit regular participation into my schedule?
  • Am I willing to open up and allow change into my life?
  • How willing am I to learn from one of the best and invest in my future?

Did you answer yes to any/all of the questions above? If so, then read on!

Does Dream Life Mastery Have Value?dream life mastery value

The obvious answer is yes. The refund rate would virtually be 100% if it did not hold value. This would not only enrage a ton of affiliates, but would also get the vendors in quite a bit of trouble, if not banned from the Clickbank platform altogether.

Mark Ling has been successful in the digital product space now for close to 15 years. He knows how to structure an offer that is irresistible. Dream Life Mastery is no different from the likes of Profit Engine, Quit 9 to 5 Academy, and Learn Build Earn.

In order for the product to hold substantial value, it has to bring either something new and innovative to the table, or simply blow you away with features. Dream Life Mastery is more the latter than the former, but it is based on the daily process of a proven expert in dream life building (Dr. Steve), so that is pretty innovative, if you ask me.

What are these features you speak of?

Dream Life Mastery is packed full of features. I discuss these in great detail on my full review, but let’s recap them here below with the value of each feature listed.

The 9 Features or “Game-Changers” of Dream Life Mastery

  • #1: The Master Blueprint [Value: $1,997]

  • #2: The Self-Hypnosis Tracks [Value: $2,187]

  • #3: Six Wealth Pathways of Millionaires [Value: $1,199]

  • #4: The Million Dollar Vault [Value: $997]

  • #5: Certification (Completion and Excellence) [Value: $997]

  • #6: The 60-Day Challenge [Value: $997]

  • #7: The Dream Life Mastery Private Community [Value: $997]

  • #8: Expert Coaching [Value: $4,997]

  • #9: The Dream Life Mastery *Underground Success Summit* [Value: $4,997]

If you add in the three bonuses Ling and Jones throw in, the overall value of the course comes in at $22,059!

Now, that is what I call VALUE!

The Cost of Dream Life Mastery Development

There is another factor to consider in the Dream Life Mastery cost: How much did it cost to create it?

Dr. Jones put his own money into creating it. He hired the entire crew that created the content and edited it for him.

All-in-all, Steve G. Jones invested $121,500 into Dream Life Mastery to make it possible for you to learn.

This is very important. The dude needs to get that money back, somehow

Dream Life Mastery CostDream Life Mastery cost

Now, it’s time to recap and reveal the Dream Life Mastery cost. We know that Dr. Steve spent $121,500 on the course development. We also know the total value of all of the resources totals out to $22,059. The value and expertise shared in the course is unparalleled in the personal development industry.

Just the access to expert help is worth a value of $5,000. Factor that into Ling’s track record of courses over $1,000 and you probably figure the course will cost you a pretty penny.

The truth is, you will only be responsible for a one-time fee of $499.95.

dream life Mastery cost

Dream Life Mastery Cost Conclusion

There are a lot of personal development courses out there, but few of them are comparable to Dream Life Mastery in terms of value. The course will give you the proven process, tools, guidance, and accountability to clear the hurdles that will hold you back in most courses. Couple this with a more affordable price tag and Dream Life Mastery is your complete solution to a mediocre life.

Are you ready to break out of the chains of a life unfulfilled? If you are still reading this post, then you are the 1% – the rarest of the rare that understands that life is possible – it all starts with belief and a dash of action. Click the button below if you are ready to live that dream life, no matter the Dream Life Mastery cost!

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