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Manifestation Miracle Review [2020 Update]

If you have spent any amount of time in the world of self-help and self-improvement, then you know manifesting your destiny is not only possible, but WILL happen if you do the right things. A digital information product called Manifestation Miracle, will teach you how to do those very things.

You can achieve real, abundant success with the success workbook and audio tracks included in the course (more on that later). The fact that you are reading this right now is proof that you are ready to manifest positive things in your life.

You are reading my Manifestation Miracle review. I am a real student of the course (as you can see in the video below). Please continue reading to see the cool bonuses you will receive if you pick this up now!

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Let me just preface this review by saying one thing. You may be scouring the internet for a negative review of this course. There is a reason you’re not gonna find one: this course is packed with too much value. As you’re gonna see below, there are courses literally inside of courses and bonuses included within the system that aren’t even mentioned until you start going through it.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the mind of Heather Mathews and see what’s inside. This article is long, so if you’re seriously looking for the truth, let’s get started!

What is Manifestation Miracle?

Manifestation Miracle is a package of products that will give you a full overview of how to harness the laws of attraction. For those who are skeptical, the law of attraction is called ” a law” because it works whether you want it to or not. You can attract or repel anything you desire. Do you want to live the life of your dreams? Manifestation Miracle is essentially your secret sauce to getting everything you desire to appear in your life.

The thing is, it is dead simple to apply these tactics once you understand them. Everyone thinks wealth, happiness, health, and life fulfillment are for the people that are born into that type of life already. Actually, you will learn that the exact opposite is generally true and WHY it is so.

Where Did Manifestation Miracle Come From?

Manifestation Miracle is a system that was created by Heather Matthews. She is a successful life Heather Mathewscoach and law of attraction expert. Back in 2009, she had the life most would consider the life of their dreams. She owned a home, had many friends, and two businesses. Once she realized her life wasn’t everything she wanted, she closed down her businesses, sold all her things, and hit the road in an RV for an “adventure of a lifetime.”

On her journey, she met several inspiring people and made some critical discoveries that allowed her to find happiness and help others find happiness, as well. Heather put a lot of what she learned into Manifestation Miracle, so her journey can help you make the same discoveries in your life – without the necessity of selling everything you own and quitting your life, so to speak.

Manifestation Miracle presents the missing ingredient to the Law of Attraction, which will change your life.

There are some people out there that always seem to get what they want. Have you noticed that? Some of these people just instinctively know how to make these laws work for them. You and I are not so instinctive with the law of attraction, but that’s okay! It doesn’t mean the universe doesn’t want you to unlock your full potential! The fact that you are reading this right now is proof that you are ready to learn the secrets Manifestation Miracle has in store for you. I am so happy you have come to this page and are on the precipice to something so HUGE, you probably can’t even comprehend it yet.

Why Should You Grab Manifestation Miracle? law of attraction

Manifestation Miracle is one of the most unique programs out there that’s still available. It’s a complete system that will help you tune into your destiny and change your life.

I first reviewed Manifestation Miracle back in early 2015 when it was brand new. Since then, it has helped thousands seek the life they always wanted. Will you be next?

Let’s take a moment to outline what makes Manifestation Miracle so powerful and effective and what it will DO for YOU!

  • It will make attracting everything more easy and accurate than you ever dreamed possible. Who needs a genie with three wishes. Be your own freaking genie!
  • Learn how to break the chains of negative doubt and fear forever in just 3 weeks! Banish those fears and sabotaging self-doubts!
  • You’ll learn the powerful psychological technique of destiny tuning, which will attract abundance automatically.
  • Astonish your family friends with the major life changes you’ll encounter!
  • Will turn you into supremely confident master of your life!
  • It will guide you in love and relationships so you can have the type of love you only see in cheesy Lifetime movies.
  • It’ll literally reprogram your mind so you can kick all your nasty habits for good!
  • It will teach you how to connect with the powerful presence of the universe.

The points above are just a taste of what you can expect in Manifestation Miracle. Next, we will dive into what you are getting with Manifestation Miracle.

Ready to buy? Get this now before it’s gone forever!

What Exactly Are You Getting With Manifestation Miracle?

Manifestation Miracle program

The words “program” and “system” get thrown around a lot when describing an electronic course. Most of the time, you just get a 100-page e-book with pictures and a few bonus e-books that the author found on cheap PLR sites.

The Manifestation Miracle course is a complete “change your life” system that incorporates tools, such as meditation, positive affirmations, goal-setting,  and teaching you how to take action when opportunities arise. You’ll also get guides for health optimization, disease reversal, and you’ll learn how to achieve your personal destiny through the powers of manifestation. 

The course is sold as a 159-page e-book and a pack of MP3 mind track audio files to listen to in your car (or wherever), but in reality, you are getting 7 full courses in one.

Pretty crazy, right?

If you are the type of person that needs to see something to believe it, simply watch the video towards the top of this page. I will walk you through the entire Manifestation Miracle system.

Let’s go through each and every component of this course in greater detail.

The Main Manifestation Miracle Course

Main Manifestation Miracle PDF Course: In this section, you’ll get the 159-page PDF that will guide you through the entire manifestation process and teach you the techniques and strategies Heather uses to manifest the life of her dreams.

Audio Edition: You will also get the PDF converted into MP3 files, so you can download them onto your iTunes or other MP3 player and listen to them on the go.

Abundant Success Workbook: In this workbook, you will get daily exercises that will guide you along a 21-day path of growing and enhancing your manifesting abilities. This workbook is created to be used along with the main course, like a textbook is with a class.

Abundant Wealth Mindtracks: There are actually 8 mindtracks included with this section. They are 3-7 minute audio sessions that will guide your subconscious into a relaxed state and reprogram your mind through the process of autosuggestion. It is recommended that you pick one and listen to it every day for 21 days (60 days is optimal) for the best results.

Chapter Recap Videos: These are detailed videos breaking down every chapter in 10-20 minute sessions, hosted by Mark Ling (Affilorama/Profit Engine) and Brooke Ryan (certified hypnotherapist and First Class Honours Psychology graduate). If you are the type of person that needs someone explaining things to understand them, this is gonna be your go-to. 

Other Bonuses: Additional ebooks that will help you get closer to the life you want.

Money Mindflood System: This is a video that will flood your subconscious mind with specific mindset fundamentals you must adopt to put yourself on the path towards wealth and prosperity. You can either watch it in your back office, or download it and watch it from your computer.

The Amazing Self Series

This is an entire course that is hidden inside the Manifestation Miracle system. The idea behind itamazing self is to provide you with all the tools to make you a better you. There are 12 issues in total, which are huge PDF’s packed with information to help you enhance your health, wealth, relationships, and mindset. 

Each of the issues has a new set of tools that is catered towards the material in that specific issue. The cool thing about this is if you visit the Amazing Self website, this course is offered for $37 per month by itself. It is included for free in Manifestation Miracle.

Here is a list of everything you get with this course:

12 issues of the Amazing Self magazine: These are the extensive PDF’s that will discuss various ways you can enhance your health, wealth, relationships, and mindset. The issues range anywhere from 150 to 200 pages and can be downloaded to your computer or read from your phone as a PDF.

Delicious Recipes for a Healthy Life:  Each issue has 15 different recipes to help you live a healthier life. It’s essentially a cookbook that correlates with each issue.

Visualization Videos: Each issue also has a mind video that will guide you through seeing yourself living the life you want and manifesting your destiny.

Abundant Wealth Series by Mark Ling: Each issue has new videos created by Mark Ling that will explain how to build an abundance of wealth. Topics range from how to increase the value of your home to how to launch a $100k product.

Amazing Journey Audio:  Included in every issue is an audio file filled with the secrets of successful people, chronicling their life journeys and you can replicate some elements of their success in your life.

Accelerated Manifestation System

This Accelerated Manifestation System is packed with mindset audio tracks. It consists of 6 audioaccelerated manifestation tracks and 10 bonus tracks. The tracks will guide your subconscious mind into believing the following statements, which will accelerate your ability to manifest your dream life. Here is the list of Mindtracks included:

  • Calm Problem Solver
  • Easy to Make Money
  • Every Day I’m Getting Better
  • Grateful For Life
  • I’m a Money Magnet (contains powerful secrets to manifesting money)
  • I’m Relaxed, Calm, and Confident

Additionally, you will also get a 56-minute long video hosted by Mark Ling, which will explain how to become a millionaire. You will also get a PDF guide that will teach you how to trigger excitement in other people and an audio interview that will teach you how to bounce back when things go wrong in your life.

7 Reports Module

This isn’t so much a course as it is a section with additional reports that you can read to bettermanifestation miracle bonuses your life. They vary greatly in the subject matter, but are all powerful, nonetheless.

  1. 77 Incredible Foods That Cause You To Age Slower
  2. How To Develop Psychic Abilities
  3. 7 Deadly Mistakes People Make When Seeking Wealth And Success
  4. How To Become A Millionaire (by Mark Ling)
  5. From Darkness To Enlightenment: How To Turn Your Life Around When Things Are Going Wrong
  6. How To Use Numerology To Predict Your Future
  7. How To Use Tarot Cards For Guidance And Wisdom

Incredible Life Success Audio Sessions

This section is filled with comprehensive audio interviews with some of the smartest and mostincredible life success audio sessions successful experts in their respective fields. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at their personal journeys and valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way. Here is a list of the audio sessions included in this module:

  1. How to Achieve Mastery of your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Mindset with Marie Forleo
  2. A Wing Girl’s Blueprint to Life Success with Marni Kinrys
  3. Love Life and Career Success With Scot McKay
  4. How to Get Wealth and Achieve ALL Your Life Goals With Mark Joyner
  5. Incredible Life Success With Mark Victor Hansen
  6. The Pathway to Becoming a Millionaire With Lorel Langemeier

Mindset Upgrade Formula

This is a full course that will guide you on your path to upgrading your mindset and finding mindset upgrade formulahappiness. The MUF consists of three videos that are broken down into PDF transcripts. The additional bonus is a section called, “Fundamentals of Happiness,” which is a PDF filled with the 11 fundamentals of happiness. You can either read these fundamentals in the PDF or listen to them with the audio MP3 files.

What Men Really Want

Written by renowned dating coach Mirabelle Summers, this PDF/Audio file will guide you through 19 secrets of getting your dream man’s heart. This product is for you if you want to land a man. This is the final product inside of Manifestation Miracle!

Manifestation Miracle Destiny Tuning Upsell

I wanted to give you a heads up in case you come across this. There is one upsell for this course. It is presented in a very passive way as a tick box at the bottom of the order page. The upsell is free for the first month, then will cost you $37 per month. You can try out the upsell for free and cancel it later if you decide it’s not worth the recurring cost.

RELATED: People are calling Dream Life Mastery the graduate level equivalent to Manifestation Miracle. Click here to check out my review and enroll in the course today (enrollment only open July 23rd through August 1st, 2019).

Manifestation Miracle Bonus manifestation miracle bonus

I’m sure you have been dying to hear about the Manifestation Miracle bonuses I am offering to anyone that buys through this page!

I’ve got five audio books that I am giving away as a bonus. You get to pick three of the five. Which of these sounds the best to you? Here are the audio books in mp3 format:

  1. Money and the Law of Attraction – By Esther and Jerry Hicks
  2. The Law of Success – By Napoleon Hill
  3. Neuro Linguistic Programming – By NLP Comprehensive
  4. The 4-Hour Work Week – By Timothy Ferriss
  5. The Silva Method: Unlocking the Genius Within – By Jose Silva

These are some of my favorite audio books. I listen to them whenever I go to the gym to workout, or whenever I travel. There may be some unannounced bonuses as well, so be aware of that 🙂

To claim your bonuses, simply email me at and let me know your receipt number. I will be in touch with your bonuses as soon as I get your email.

Manifestation Miracle ConclusionManifestation Miracle

Thanks for reading this entire Manifestation Miracle review. I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible so you know EXACTLY what you are paying for when you get this course.

I’m assuming if you are reading this far down, you have some interest in buying Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews! It is easier to change your life than you might think. All it takes is the application of the law of attraction and the destiny tuning found in Manifestation Miracle. You’ll also learn the secrets of goal setting and how to eradicate each limiting belief.

When you get this course, make sure you actually put forth the work and effort. It really does take commitment if you want to change your life and manifest the life of your dreams. But, once you have these skills in place, the rest is gravy! Don’t forget, this course comes with a 60day money back guarantee, so there literally no risk here!

Have a good day and take care! Take the first step down the path of your destiny and click the button below to purchase Manifestation Miracle. Don’t forget to shoot me an email for your bonuses! Not bad to get all of this for $47! How much is your happiness and success worth?

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