Dream Life Mastery Review

Dream Life Mastery Review And INSANE Bonus [Real MEMBER]

In 2014, Heather Mathews released a course called, “Manifestation Miracle.” The course was cutting edge at the time and helped thousands utilize “destiny tuning” to achieve the life of their dreams. Five years later, the concepts have been perfected further and offered for a very limited time in a new course called Dream Life Mastery.

If Manifestation Miracle was the Undergrad study, then Dream Life Mastery would be your Graduate degree in self-development skills. I have had the opportunity to take both courses and this review is my opinion. Read on to learn more about Dream Life Mastery and why it just might be what you are looking for.

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This review will tell you exactly how that will be possible (read on). 

What Is Dream Life Mastery?

Dream Life Mastery Back Office

Disclaimer: This course won’t necessarily make you rich or make you a better person. It is up to you to follow the course and take the appropriate actions as directed. I am also not saying Dream Life Mastery is affiliated with Manifestation Miracle – it is a completely different program. With that said, I think there are many similarities, including one of the co-creators we will discuss in a moment.

Dream Life Mastery is a full online course that takes the processes and guidance of a seven-figure self-help expert and boils it down to a process you can apply to your life. While I love the content and materials you get with the course itself, I also appreciate the dynamic duo that teamed up to bring you this unique experience. Who created this course, you ask?

The Creators of Dream Life Mastery

Usually, these launches involve a big-name marketer and some underground “Mr. X” guy that has quietly made millions utilizing some “unknown” strategy. For this program, I was impressed to see both guys are well-known in their respective areas of expertise. 

Mark Ling

Back in 2005, Mark Ling was a member of a team that started a business Dream Life Mastery Mark Lingcalled Salehoo Group Limited. Today, Salehoo currently manages one of the top eCommerce sites in New Zealand. Since then, Mark Ling has positioned himself as a digital marketing expert, particularly in the arena of affiliate marketing.

Every 6-12 months, you can bet your bottom dollar that Mark Ling will be orchestrating a successful product launch. The guy is an affiliate Maestro. I have reviewed several Mark Ling products, including Profit Engine, Manifestation Miracle, and Quit 9 to 5 Academy. Below is a list of just a few of the products he has launched:

  • Affilorama
  • Traffic Travis
  • Manifestation Miracle (contributor)
  • Affiloblueprint
  • Affilojetpack
  • LearnBuildEarn
  • Profit Engine
  • Quit 9 to 5 Academy
  • >> Dream Life Mastery [NEW]

It’s pretty obvious Mark Ling knows something about being successful. When he talks, I tend to listen. So who is this other guy in Dream Life Mastery and what does he bring to the table?

Steven G. Jones

Steven G. Jones is not new to the scene by any stretch. He is a renowneddream life mastery steven g jones Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Savannah Georgia with offices in California and New York. He has been featured in the media and has written and co-authored some books as well. You can read more about Dr. Jones here.

Before you write Jones off as fake because you don’t take hypnotherapy seriously, it’s important to note the dude has some serious credentials.

Lets detail just a few of the highlights below.

  • He’s very accomplished academically, with a total of 4 degree spanning a period of 20 years, including a B.S. in Psychology with a specialty in cognitive psychology (1994), Master of Education with a specialty in adult education (2007), Education Specialist (2009), Doctor of Education (2013).
  • Jones has run his own private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist practice since 1986.
  • Steve is a member of several clubs and associations. He is the founding member of both the American Alliance of Hypnotherapists and American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He’s also a former member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Lung Association (2004).
  • He has written 22 books on hypnotherapy, while releasing 23 academic publications while furthering his studies in the 2000’s.
  • Jones received the President’s Appreciation Award from the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) for a study he conducted in 2007.
  • Conducted psychology studies at Harvard University in Fall, 2011.
  • Has been featured on a few reality TV programs as himself in “Millionaire Matchmaker” and “Below Deck.” 
  • Steve Jones has helped top executives, actors, directors, and producers in his private practice, charging $25,000 per two-hour session.
  • and much, much more…

We’ve only scratched the surface here. To read more about Steven G. Jones, check his page with more in-depth details here.

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What Is In Dream Life Mastery?

Obviously, we can all agree this product has star power behind it, with a real opportunity to tap into something special that hasn’t always been available for the average person. But, what exactly are you getting with this course? I’m guessing you are reading this review to figure that out! Let’s dive right into what this all is.

The enrollment period is officially underway! Click here to learn more about Dream Life Mastery and prepare to change your life!

Dream Life Mastery is a full 8-module course that will walk you through the steps of building a life of true happiness, achieving real wealth, and unlocking the secret power of your mind. Packed with insights from a real 7-figure earner, you are sure to learn some real applicable skills you can take and apply to your life right away.

How is the course structured?

This course utilizes three main ways of delivering powerful information:

  1. The back office where most of the course material is accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  2. The live Facebook group where you can connect and meet other folks in Dream Life Mastery.
  3. Expert coaching with Dr. Steve and his team.

Big Hint: The layout of the course is explained in great detail in the live webinars.

What Am I Getting In The Dream Life Mastery Online Back Office?

The 8 modules of the course are laid out as follows:

  1. Building a Life Of True Happiness [5 Videos]
  2. Success Conditioning [5 Videos]
  3. How To Achieve Exceptional Wealth [5 Videos]
  4. Unlocking The Hidden Power Of Your Mind [4 Videos]
  5. How To Boost Your Energy, Health, and Vitality [4 Videos]
  6. 4 Different Wealth Pathways Of Millionaires Revealed [6 Videos]
  7. How To Have A Great And Successful Love Life [4 Videos]
  8. The 60-Day Challenge: Setting Yourself Up For Long-Term Life Success [1 Video] 

Extra Perks

  • Each module has some downloadable PDF material you can use as you follow the course
    • The Video Companion, which is a PDF document that dives deeper beyond the content covered in the videos.
    • The Success Tracking Kit is a unique PDF that combines the power of journaling with ideas presented in the course. This powerful tool will guide you through the entire process seamlessly. I recommend buying a binder and printing out each and every document to take notes in.
  • Each video in every module comes with a quiz. If you complete the quizzes for every single video, you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion in Dream Life Mastery,’ but if you get an 80% on the quizzes (meaning you paid attention in every video), you will get a ‘Certificate of Excellence in Dream Life Mastery.’ Hang that on your wall with pride!

How Much Does Dream Life Mastery Cost?Dream Life Mastery cost

Most courses released by Mark Ling run around $2,500. While the value of these courses is insane, that price is simply not accessible for a lot of people with families, limited incomes, or in various financial crises.

If you are just an average person that is trying to apply the laws of attraction and achieve extraordinary results in your life, you can enroll in Dream Life Mastery for just a one-time payment of $499.

Buy Dream Life Mastery now and get access to all my bonuses listed below!

Dream Life Mastery Bonus

The course itself will teach you how to define your life path and live the life you dreamed. My review has had the intent of showing you exactly what you are getting with the course, so there are no surprises. I don’t want my help to end there, though. I want you to get a little something extra from me. That is why I’ve put together this Dream Life Mastery bonus package for you. Other affiliates will have bonuses for you too, but mine is truly unique.

Access to Training

If you want to live your dream life, you will probably need some training in new areas to attain some real skills. My first bonus is intended to give you some of this training… and more. Does 100 bonus courses sound like a decent bonus to you?

I call this the Million Dollar Document. It’s literally a Word Doc with links to downloadable internet marketing courses in nearly every niche imaginable. I have reserved this bonus for the first 10 buyers of the course through this review. After I have 10 readers buy the course, I will not be able to share the bonus further.

On top of the Million Dollar Document, I have a few additional bonuses to share, so be sure to ask about those, but they are limited as well.

Digital Services

I have real-life clients I provide SEO services for. If you buy Dream Life Mastery from this page, I will provide the services below and give you a great deal if you decide to hire me in the future.

  • Free SEO Audit – Do you have a website? I will give you a free SEO audit so you can see potential opportunities to make your website rank even better. This is a $99 value, yours free.
  • Free analysis of your competition – I will look at your competitor’s and let you know their keywords and best pages so you can formulate a campaign to compete more effectively against them. This is generally part of an extensive $1,000+ package I offer my clients, yours for free.

To get access to the bonuses listed on this review, simply click one of the buy links on this page and complete your purchase (look for affiliate=jerzim80 on the order page). Once you have finished your order, simply email me at freedomfromfailure[at]gmail.com with the subject line “Dream Life Mastery Bonus” and I will rush to you the bonus trainings. Just make sure you send me your receipt number so I have confirmation you actually did purchase the course.

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Dream Life Mastery Conclusion

Whether you are an avid follower of the personal growth/self-help world, or you are ready to dip your toe in a whole new ocean of wonder and power, you won’t be disappointed in Dream Life Mastery. I routinely see courses of this magnitude being sold for quadruple the price of this course with hundreds of people lining up to buy it.

Dream Life Mastery will teach you how to mastery your dream life by determining what makes you happy first. Without an idea of what makes you happy, you will just be chasing a mirage. Dr. Steve has a real understanding of how people tick and wants you to succeed. 

Click the button below to enroll in Dream Life Mastery below and discover your dream life. It all starts…. NOW!

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