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How To Get The Online Boost You Need To Start Your Income-Generating Engine (Debunked)


You may have read review after review, scoured the internet far and wide and claim that nothing exists that will get you into profit and all online programs are scams and only exist to make money for themselves. Well, you would be partly correct – all program owners are out there to make money, but it isn’t all negative and/or vindictive. If you want to approach marketing from a paranoid, “it’s all just a scam” mentality, then you will see “SCAM” written over every single program you come across.

This is why networking is so vital for your success online. You will get tips, advice, and recommendations from other marketers that have tried countless programs themselves. You will also have the chance to collaborate and share your knowledge, further watering the seeds of knowledge in your own mind. I like to think of it as cross-pollinating the mental flower. This method is how I’ve earned a downline in quite a few programs and have started to earn some real money for a change.

Are There Real Programs Out There That Can Make Me Money?

I was introduced to a program last July that came highly recommended as a real-money maker. The program was called “Just Been Paid” and the claims I found on the website seemed too good to be true. My mentor and fellow admin member of a program we were involved with together, sent me his link. I decided to sign up and read about JBP. After a couple weeks of analyzing and snapshots of his daily earnings, I decided to put some money into it. I started out with $120. Over the course of the next few months, I put in a total of $900 overall (from July through January). As of today, I am earning about $85 per day and have some 150 matrices waiting to cycle. I have essentially grown $900 into over $10k in less than a year. Can you imagine where my account would be today if I had put in $9000 into the program in July?

Just Been Paid is on the tip of every marketer’s tongue these days. JBP is a standalone program that requires no referrals to make money and no expensive upgrades to start earning. Nearly 500,ooo people have joined since the program began in early 2010. There were barely 20,000 members when I began in July, 2011, so you can see there has been a massive boost in overall confidence and popularity in Just Been Paid over the past few months. Frederick Mann designed JBP to be indefinitely sustainable and has cleverly woven several aspects of internet programs into JBP. To read my full review of JBP and discussion of all aspects of the system and ways to succeed, please go to my site here.

Just Been Paid Sounds Cool, But What Is It?

JBP is comprised of two sub-programs that work together seamlessly: JSS-Tripler and JSS-Synergy. JSS-Synergy (which I’ll refer to as JSS) is the backbone of Just Been Paid. JSS matrices are like assets every member accrues over time. These matrices require a total of six people to fill and when they fill, the recipient (you) earns a cool $60. JSS-Tripler (which I’ll refer to as Tripler) is a program everyone online talks about, while overlooking JSS. Tripler is really the marketing hook that JBP employs to garner the interest of newbies and seasoned marketers. It gives your instant gratification and long-term satisfaction. For every $10 you put into Tripler, you will earn $15 after 75-80 days. Once your Triplers mature, the fun does not end there! For every four positions that mature and reach $15, you will inherit one JSS position for free. In effect, you earn $120 for every $40 you put into the JBP (which is why it’s called, JSS-Tripler).

How Can I Use Just Been Paid To Build My Internet Business?

I started to use the money in Just Been Paid to help fund other programs and pay some of my bills in February, pulling out a nice $960 over a two month period, officially getting all of my initial investment out of the program and then some. Now I have an awesome account that generates real money I can use whenever I want, as long as I pay attention to how much I am taking out. I still want to grow it as much as I can, but I am not a believer in keeping all of my eggs in one basket. I have several programs I am building up as we speak. I have a concise plan and only build up accounts with reputable programs that come highly recommended. That way I can earn a nice income from several sources at the same time. If something happens to one of them, I still have the other programs to help pick up the slack.

Just Been Paid Conclusion

I am not saying Just Been Paid is the only program capable of starting you online with a real income, but it certainly is one of the fastest and easiest ways to profit without difficult technical tricks to implement. There are of course factors that reduce your earnings in JSS-Tripler, known as the restart. This happens when the money in Tripler gets too high for JBP admin to maintain. They convert a percentage of the positions you have purchased in Tripler to JSS matrices. I cover this process at length on my JBP review site. It seems pretty complicated, but once you have seen the process firsthand, its easy to understand. You’ll never lose money in JBP ever! It just gets moved around so JBP doesn’t go bankrupt and consequently, out of business. The JSS matrices really are nice to have, especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of them. My sponsor has mastered this process and cycles a handful every day – each earning up $60. That is on top of the hundreds he earns in Tripler every day.

I hope you can see the power of JBP. It is something I think will be around for years to come. If you are ready to begin your income-generating adventure, then you can sign up with me here and we can work together. I’m also a co-founding/admin member of a marketing team that helps people build their downline in JBP. If you are interested in being a member of that opportunity, you are instantly eligible just from being a member of my downline – all you have to do is let me know you’re interested. All inquiries can be sent to freedomfromfailure@gmail.com. Once you have a firm foundation for your business, the building commences and the sky is the limit!

Flash to 2013 — Read my review on Ad Click Xpress and let me know what is really a scam!! This is what JustBeenPaid! turned into…

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