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Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

best wordpress pluginsSo, you want to start blogging but you are overwhelmed with information about the best WordPress plugins, themes, and SEO? It’s all good because I was the same way when I started! Google is an ever-evolving beast and many marketers have dedicated their careers to studying and keeping up with all the changes that Google introduces to the world of SEO and Search Engines in general. With that in mind, I have chosen three of the best WordPress plugins you should consider for your blog. Note: if you have not yet installed WordPress on your site, you can find out how to do that here.

The Best WordPress Plugins can actually bulletproof your SEO!

The latest updates of Google have knocked a lot of marketers out of contention. Panda and Penguin were unkind and many marketers are bitter because of Google’s “deception” and “unfairness.” With all respect, they are not out to hurt anyone. On the contrary, everything Google has done with the latest updates has been implemented to better serve the needs of the web surfer! What does this mean for you? It means the focus of SEO has shifted from secret keyword/backlinking strategies, to unique content and viewer interaction. As an avid user of Google, I applaud this crackdown on spam and bad, duplicate content that serves only to fill the pockets of scamsters. As a blogger and SEO marketer, it makes my job EASIER if I approach the new changes the RIGHT way.

Woah, that Freedom From Failure guy must be crazy! Yes I am a little, but I have seen what the changes have done firsthand. I know marketers that have given up, but I also have some friends that have flourished. How is this possible? They understand what the best WordPress plugins are and how to capture the attention of people that need the information they are presenting. No blackhat SEO required! It requires a lot of energy to cheat Google – and it usually does not have a prosperous end.

The Three Best WordPress Plugins and where to find them.

The three plugins I recommend you install on your blog, are the Google XML Sitemap plugin, the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, and a Social share plugin of your choice. I use Trackable Social Sharing Icons for my social sharing. So let’s quickly discuss what each on does.

The Google XML Sitemap plugin generates a sitemap for your site everytime you update it. This sitemap is basically a map the search engine bots use to index your new posts. It helps aid the SEO of your blog and makes it easier for Google and other search engines to crawl over your blog.

The WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, is an all-inclusive plugin that gives you full control over various aspects of how search engines view and index your blog material, such as metas, rss feeds, and permalinks. It is basically your one-stop shop for all things SEO. Did I mention it’s free?

Rounding up the top three best WordPress plugins is the Trackable Social Share Icon plugin, which gives you options to share your posts on various social networking sites like, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. You can select to present these easy share tabs at the top of each post or at the bottom. Social sharing is becoming an ever-increasing function Google uses to measure the legitimacy of your content. The more readily your content is to be shared, the more relevant Google will view your content and blog.

How do I install these best WordPress plugins onto my own WordPress blogs?

It is extremely easy to upload these plugins to your site. To see an over-the-shoulder WordPress tutorial on how to do this, please refer to the video in this post. You don’t need knowledge of FTP or know how to use Filezilla. It takes just a couple clicks in your WordPress back office. A lot of people see WordPress as a complicated platform, but once you know how to use WordPress, you will see that it is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Thank you for reading this post about WordPress plugins! I hope you have found it very informational and have learned what you are searching for! Remember, as long as you use these three best WordPress plugins, your blog will be ready for any Google update that happens in the future!

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