Long Tail Pro 3.0

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Review: ULTIMATE Keyword Research Tool [in 2020]?

There are several awesome tools out there that promise to help you create profitable niche sites with a simple seed keyword, keyword data, and competition analysis, but few can compare with the value Long Tail Pro has offered for nearly a decade now.

Here is a quick Long Tail Pro Overview:

Product: Long Tail Pro 3.0

Created by: Mark Thompson/Spencer Haws

Price: $37/month, $67/month, or $297/year

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Official Site: longtailpro.com

Released: July 16th, 2015

Refund: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Long Tail Pro 3.0 is the only keyword research tool I currently pay for.

Watch the video above to get a hands-on demonstration of Long Tail Pro 3.0

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, keyword research is king. If you never learn how to do it, you simply will never be successful. For entrepreneurs that either want to help others rank to get paid, or want to rank their own website or blog to get paid, the common denominator is the same: learning how to find the real golden keywords is one of the most important aspects of SEO – if not THE most important of all!

The Google Keyword Planner is great and all, but there are natural limitations built into it that will stifle your research potential (Google doesn’t want you to manipulate the search engine results – hence the parade of fuzzy creature updates).

So when I heard Mark Thompson and Spencer Haws were releasing Long Tail Pro 3.0, I knew I had to see what it was all about. I actually bought Long Tail Pro a few years ago when it was brand new. It literally changed my perspective on keyword research. Long Tail Pro 3.0 is currently the ONLY keyword research tool I pay for.

What Is Long Tail Pro 3.0?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool created by Spencer Haws back in 2012. It was designed to do many things, but the priority of its functionality was to help niche marketers create profitable niche websites quickly.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 is the latest major update of the tool, with all the features you’d expect from a keyword research tool….and then some. Take a look below at all the features packed into the new Long Tail Pro at a glance:

Long Tail Pro features

With all the features listed above, you can rest assured you’ll be fulfilling your every keyword research need!

What Can I do with Long Tail Pro 3.0?

Long Tail Pro comes with a host of features beyond the simplicity of finding keywords. Spencer wanted the tool to compete with the likes of SEMRush and other premium services.

It is true, Long Tail Pro has come a long way since I first bought it in 2013. I upgraded to the Long Tail Pro Platinum version in 2015, but technically the platinum version does not exist anymore in 2020. Let’s discuss some of the main features now available.

Keyword Research

This is the feature you probably came for. It gives you the ability to find low competition keywords and find additional keyword suggestions you can use to optimize your campaigns.

long tail pro keyword research

Here is a list of all the categories you can utilize to filter your search results with LTP:

  • Suggested Bid – suggested bid cost; important for PPC campaigns
  • Local Searches – searches per month in your country
  • Global Searches – searches per month in the world
  • Advertiser Competition – Not relevant for SEO purposes
  • Num Words – number of words in the keyword phrase
  • Google Title Competition – Number of pages with your keyword in the title on Google
  • Bing Title Competition – Same as above on Bing
  • Domain Availability  – Find out if an exact match domain is available
  • Average Keyword Competitiveness – PURE %$&^ing gold!

I want to draw your attention to the last item in the checklist above. The Average Keyword Competitiveness or ‘KC’ is a scaled metric designed for the Long Tail Pro Platinum version. It rates each keyword on a scale of 0-100, 0 being easy to rank and 100 being impossible. This is HUGE in terms of keyword research! Back in the day, we had to do several tests to reveal the keywords worth attempting to rank for…now we just have to click a button and sort them out!

Man, I am such a geek with this stuff! When it makes you money, you will be too!

Long Tail Pro 3.0 snapshot

The software is fast, sleek, and gives you information on your keywords, domains, competitor analysis (included with both), a rank tracker for your site’s URL’s, and even allows you to take notes next to your keywords so you can remember what you were thinking when you first saw them.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Cost

So I am sure you want to know the price of this keyword research tool? There are currently three payment options available.

Long tail pro monthly plan

The first two are monthly plans (shown above), while the third is a yearly plan. Every once-in-a-while, Spencer will offer a lifetime license at a steal of a price. The old platinum features are now a part of the regular features.

The best value can be found with the annual option at $297 per year. You will be getting the same features as with the Monthly Starter Plan, but you will also get access to the Long Tail University, which has a $197 value built in. Not only will you be saving $147 per year ($37 x 12 – $297), but you also get an additional $197 in value.

The monthly fee of $17 will enable the premium features of the tool, including (but not limited to):

  • Access to the KC metric (invaluable)
  • Ability to save keywords to your favorites list
  • Unlock unlimited campaigns

If you don’t want to pay the $47 at launch, you can skip and pay the $27 downsell price. I really shouldn’t mention that, but I really think you should check this software out. That price point is literally 70% off the normal price!

Make the decision now and let’s get you hooked up with Long Tail Pro 3.0!

buy long tail pro 3.0

WAIT! Don’t buy until you see the bonuses you’ll get from me with Long Tail Pro!

If you thought $27 was steal, this will blow your mind!

Bonus #1: SEO Stone

Long Tail Pro 3.0 bonus

Bonus #2: 50+ Niche Packs

long rail pro bonus

Bonus #3: Social Signals For SEO

Long Tail Pro bonus

Bonus #4: Local Lander

long tail pro bonus

Bonus #5: Quick Guide To WordPress SEO

long tail pro bonus


Anyone that gets and upgrades to Long Tail Pro 3.0 Platinum Edition will get a two additional bonuses:

Long Tail Pro 3.0 bonusPlatinum Bonus #1

The Golden Keywords Course – will teach you everything you need to know to dominate at keyword research! This course is worth its weight in gold (ha ha) and will help you use Long Tail Pro even more effectively!

GKC is actually a three course bundle that will give you the formula to do keyword research. If Long Tail Pro is the tool, the GKC will be your university to educate you on how to do the keyword research!

Platinum Bonus #2

long tail pro bonusMy exclusive Six Figure Ignition Formula (and all future updates to the guide completely free).

I am currently beta testing my guide to see how receptive people on my list are to this guide. I plan on taking all feedback and letting it evolve as the market sees fit.

If you get Long Tail Pro with me, I will whitelist your name/email address for all future updates I make to the guide so you will never have to pay a dime for that product EVER!

The material in that guide is easily worth over $100 (I paid far more than that for what I reveal to you in it). ‘Nuff said.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Conclusion

Hopefully at this point, you see the real value in getting this nifty keyword research tool in your marketing arsenal. Google Keyword Planner is a great starter’s tool, but Long Tail Pro allows you to take your SEO endeavors to the next level. It is also designed for all experience levels, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have the knowledge necessary to make it work. You will be in keyword heaven!

If you have any desire to built niche sites, or want to get pages on your site(s) or client’s sites ranking, then I strongly urge you to consider this software. I am giving this tool the Freedom From Failure stamp of approval. If you are ready to take the plunge and build a profitable business, then simply click the big button below and order your Long Tail Pro 3.0 system today!


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