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Coingeneration, IPU Services, and Anony-pay: an Orchestra of SCAMS

Call it skepticism. Call it paranoia. Call it experience. Whatever you want to call it, I am being as frank as I can with you. Will you ever get paid by Coingeneration again? Probably not! Coingeneration, IPU Services, and Anony-pay are all part of a ring of scams that are working in tandem to RIP YOU OFF.

Now, I know what you’re gonna say. “You don’t know that,” or, “you are just being a party pooper!” Before you accuse me of trying to rain on your parade, you need to be aware of the FACTS. 98% of people fail online not because they don’t try, but because they don’t think for themselves. People don’t like to lead – they like to follow. They want to be told what to do. Coingeneration, IPUS, and Anony-pay are a bundle of HYIP programs that work together like a machine. They sell you the dream, and you buy into it without flinching. Their story seems incredibly credible and believable…and the power of the internet would never fail you…right?

HYIP Programs: Coingeneration, IPU Services, and Anony-pay are not the first

Consider this: Just Been Paid. It started out the same way. People made A LOT OF MONEY with JBP – including me. There were some that made over $100,000 in profit! Yikes! How could a program that makes people money be a scam? Because it requires other people to spend money so those few can make it! What does that mean? It means eventually, you will lose if you don’t pull out your money early.Just been paid scam

The money you are accruing in your back office is just a number – a hollow promise at best. You put money in, they use it to pay someone else that is waiting in a virtual line at their bank, and they show you what you want to see – an increasing number. That money is NOT YOURS. It isn’t real!! That is a sobering reality. Yes, if you get in early, you may gain money, since they have to spread the word so people flock to the program and put money in with high hopes, but eventually it will strangle itself and the owners will use clever lies to keep your hopes alive. Someone is losing money so you can make it! Are you able to sleep at night in your new 1000 thread sheets with that knowledge?

Just Been Paid had the same problems. They started slowing down withdrawals and placing conditions on withdrawals. Then they introduced Profit Clicking. Supposedly, Profit Clicking was a company that had been around for years and had bought JBP to turn it around. PC paid far less and I lament the bad experiences many of my friends had with PC. To read more about Profit clicking and my theories, please click here.

Fred Mann retired after Just Been Paid and created Clickpaid. Profitclicking was sold to “Ad Click Xpress,” and Fred Mann came out of retirement to run ACX. He then merged Clickpaid and ACX together and told everyone if they wanted the money they had put into any of the programs, they would have to put MORE MONEY INTO IT. To read more about Ad Click Xpress, please click here.

What does the tale of ACX, JBP, and PC have to do with Coingeneration, IPUS, or Anony-Pay?

There is a pattern that exists between these programs. Yes, Coingeneration, IPUS, and Anony-pay all have a different spin on the industry, but that is all it is – a SPIN! Genius marketing and diversion tactics are the bread and butter of con-artists! The point I am trying to make, is they are all playing games to build trust and/or keep your hopes alive. You are all just pawns on their chessboard of money schemes and lies! I feel dirty having ever been a part of any of this!

Coingeneration and IPU services will continue to tell you whatever they can to make you sign into their programs and continue to fund your accounts with the promise that one day, your payout will come. Coingeneration is already denying payment to members, or sending out selective payments at best to strategically show they are paying.

Here are a few reasons and sources that prove Coingeneration, IPU Services, and Anony pay are scams

Enough conjecture and speculation. You want to know why I think they are scams other than bitterness over my experiences. I totally understand! Here is a list of things I’ve uncovered on my quest to get to the bottom of the uber ring-of-lies:

  1. They may have been separate in the past, but IPU Services and Coingeneration have just IPU Services logounited under the same banner: Digital Generation. If you scroll down to the bottom of the IPU Services site, you see Digital Generation at the bottom, with email address all pointing back to Even the logo for IPU Services has become very similar to Coingeneration. Coincidence? No…it is not. This was planned all along! Once people started to get angry over not getting paid and no longer having the excuse of dragging the Division/Regional Manager accounts around.
  2. If you ever paid attention to the Thread Manager application you installed from Coingeneration, you would notice a flatout lie before you even had a paid thread. The counter that supposedly keeps track of your computer’s “idle time” is nothing more than a visual basic timer. It does not even turn off while your computer is active!
  3. There is a lot of speculation as to what the software for Coingeneration and IPU Services actually do on your computer. For more information of what other members hypothesize, check out this page.
  4. All three of these programs have conflicting data on their Whois pages. Their websites claim they have offices around the world, but their Whois page says their companies are based in seperate places than stated. C’mon guys, what are you hiding?
  5. IPU Services scamAnony-pay claims to be located in the U.S., overseas, and the Seychelles. IPUS also used to say they were based in the Seychelles (before they switched over to Digital Generation). The Seychelles is known for having no laws or rules against illegal programs running operations on their soil. They are also a safe haven for pirates (as they are located in the Western Indian Ocean).
  6. Anony pay claims they have been around since 2011, helping their clients move money from payment processor to payment processor. But if you look up the domain on domain tools, you will see that the domain wasn’t even purchased until summer, 2012.  They also continue to talk about how they are just getting payments rolling. This shows that they are BRAND NEW. They are lying to you.
  7. Another scary concept – Anony-pay is promising interest on your investments. They are not a bank, how could they do that? No payment processors give you interest. IT’S A SCAM!
  8. Coingeneration has not paid all of its members in months. IPUS has never paid ANYONE. Anony pay will probably wait until people stop paying them, then take their money and run! They will probably have “server” issues first though to still keep your trust while you never see a dime back from them. You ever notice these programs never have issues with deposits, only withdrawals? Keep that in mind!
  9. It is a well-known fact that many HYIP’s start their own payment processors to handle their payments for them, as per this Wikipedia article. A whole slew of payment processors have fallen by the wayside as their HYIP counterparts have collapsed. Anony pay and IPU Services were created for that relationship to exist. Perhaps you are hoping Anony pay will be the next Storm Pay? Don’t hold your breath…

I hope some of these points ring a bell with you. Each one may seem innocuous by itself, but when you put it all together, it really paints a scary picture. It is too easy to ignore logic and common sense when you are hypnotized by greed and necessity. Just remember, any and all intelligence without due diligence is nothing short of negligence!


These scams are everywhere, especially on the internet. It’s basic human nature to want to trust other human beings that claim to want to help us. We want to believe that what lies in our hearts lies within others as well…but that warm fuzzy feeling does not lie within the hearts of the owners of Coingeneration, IPU Services and Anony pay. All they want is your money.

Whether their software mines bitcoins with your CPU, uses your CPU as a cloud gateway for their clients, or to hack your computer and steal your passwords is a good question to ask (if you’ve installed the software on your computer, remove it NOW), but I think we’ve answered the most important question – is Coingeneration a scam? YES. Is IPU Services a scam? Did you receive any money – HELL NO! Is Anony pay a scam? Is your face attached to your head with a brain behind it (you are supposed to say yes)?

There are legal ways to make money online that don’t require you to steal someone else’s money to make a profit. For tips, tricks, strategies, and just plain know-how, please see more on my blog. Email me and let’s connect! I hope you learned something from this post. Steer clear of Coingeneration, IPU Services, and Anonypay – don’t invest in ponzis!

For those of you looking to make real legitimate income online through Marketing strategies that work, please read my ILN review. This is finally something I am proud to be involved with!

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  1. Hey man. I was a division manager for ipuservices… it wasn’t much money, and its gone. Anything I can do now?
    I don’t have money issues but things like that shouldn’t happen.

    1. Hey Kevin, I was dangerously close at one point to getting a division manager account myself. Programs like this do this all the time. I agree that these issues SHOULD NEVER happen. The only thing we can do is tell others not to trust them and hope our experiences can be used to help others avoid this trap. These people planned this whole thing out perhaps years ago, so they are probably always a few steps ahead, but I will continue to write posts and videos if I have to – to expose them. Thanks for sharing your story!


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  3. Hello,

    I loss around 100$ with IPU.
    I am a member also of Coingeneration with 7 threads. Up to now , I never asked for a payment as I was using to get more threads. I understand that my initial one thread is loss !

    Thank you

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