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Why Should You Take Action Today?

Runners in position. On your mark, get set, go…. If the runners decided one day to not take action, the race would not be as much fun. There would be no winners…only an angry crowd and a bunch of losers.

No one ever won a race without taking action. It’s as easy as placing a foot in front of the other at a quick pace, but so many fail to do this. There is a real power in taking action and that power is just waiting to be unleashed to the world. So my question to you is, what is holding you back?

In order to succeed in business, you need these six compulsory ingredients:

  1. A crystal clear vision
  2. 100% Dedication to achieve success in your business
  3. Well-laid out business plan with the end goal in mind
  4. Take massive action
  5. Analysis of business plan’s progression and tweaking where necessary
  6. Take more massive action

Those who fail to take action in their business FAIL

If you have made huge plans in your business and see where you want your business to go, the next step is as easy as acting on those plans. Many people hold themselves back through the six fears we discussed in my previous post, but they are failing themselves by doing so!

Think about everything that’s happened in history. Everything that you see before you resulted from a vision someone created because they had taken action.

Think of it this way:

An artist uses action to turn their vision into a painting. The act of the paintbrush on the canvas is how they express that action.

An instrumentalist uses instruments and skill to create beautiful music. the act of performing with that instrument is how they express that action.

An architect draws up plans for a building and construction workers execute those instructions by taking action with building materials to erect buildings the public can use.

Sculptors carve sculptures out of stone. The act of the chisel on the stone is how they express that action.

The list goes on. I think you get the point. Action is necessary if you want to get anything done. there is real power in seeing your hard work come to fruition.

Take Action Conclusion

You will never hear anyone debate whether taking action is necessary. They may argue over what type of action you need to take, but that all goes into your own business planning. If you believe in what you’re trying to accomplish, then taking action should be fun! It really all does come together when you see your vision come to life. It’s a really cool thing!

So, next time you are afraid to stick your neck out and take action on something you’ve been meaning to do, remember you are only hurting yourself! Find the motivation you need to drive yourself to success. Without that motivation and dedication to achieve your ultimate chief aim, taking action will never be easy. Thanks for reading and I hope you now see the power of taking action.

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