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Print Profits 2.0 Review and [AMAZING] Bonus

There has been a lot of crap flying into my inbox lately. It’s that time of the year: marketers and gurus are pitching steaming piles of cow dung hoping you get duped into investing your time and money into their secret pills and magic bullets. You are probably reading this review right now because you got an email about a program called “Print Profits 2.0.” Is it for real?

I have actually seen the Print Profits back office. I never even bother writing reviews like this if I haven’t seen something in a product I think know will benefit someone. With that in mind, let’s get started on dissecting Print Profits and uncovering why you may want to consider giving it a real shot.

What Is Print Profits 2.0?

I still own a printer – it’s an HP. Actually, it copies images and scans them too. It was an awesomewhat is print profits gift I received for Christmas back in 2008. Ten years later, I rarely use it, since everything is digital and apps on my phone pretty much do everything for me. Print Profits will not revive your printer, nor will it require you to go out and get a printer!

Sadly, it also does not involve attaining your own printing press. That would probably be illegal in 50 states in America, and most other countries as well…

Print Profits 2.0 is a course devised by Fred Lam and Michael Shih. Fred Lam is everywhere – he is big in the eCommerce industry and has released a few huge programs over the past couple years. He is also famous for his advocacy of dropshipping. Michael Shih is not as well-known. I learned long ago that those are the guys you want to learn from. He is actually an underground millionaire that specializes in print profits.

So what is Print Profits, though?

Print Profits 2.0 is a full 8-Module course on how to earn 7-figures in eCommerce without ever paying a single cent for inventory. Fred Lam and Michael Shih have figured out how to create a completely automated business using Print On-Demand (POD). This is some rad underground training that hasn’t been shared with many people. 

Print On-Demand refers to t-shirt printing, blankets,  hats, mugs, or literally anything you can think of that someone could possibly want customized.

Here is how the Print Profits 2.0 process works:Print Profits 2.0 ProcessHere is the breakdown of how this process plays out:

  1. You tell your graphics designer want you want created for you
  2. You send traffic to your eCommerce site with the designs you’ve created
  3. People buy the designs from your site
  4. The supplier gets alerted of the sale that was made
  5. The product is sent out to it’s destination
  6. The packages arrive at your customer’s house
  7. Your customer loves their order!

What makes the Print Profits Process so magical?

magical print profits 2.0

Nearly all of the process is automated. You choose the design, add it to your site, and drive traffic to the site. Once the sale is made, the rest is all handled FOR YOU!

Let’s discuss why this eCommerce model rocks!

  1. It’s automated – from the moment the sale is made, the rest of the process is handled for you.
  2. You’re Protected – If your customer has an issue with their order, they can’t go after you. The supplier will handle any problems on your behalf.
  3. It’s Scalable – Once you find the products that sell, you can scale up your advertising to make even more revenue.
  4. Customer Support – The supplier handles customer support, so you can focus on driving sales.

Print Profits 2.0 will give you extensive training in every single step of the process, so nothing is left to chance. The system is all-inclusive and the bonuses inside the course also provide additional layers of actionable information you can apply to your business on the fly.

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How is the Print Profits 2.0 Course Laid Out?

Print Profits 2.0 members area

Let’s take a look at the 8 modules so you can see what the course is all about.

  1. Module 1: Build – You’re gonna learn all about niche research and setting up eCommerce website. This is the building phase and you know what happens when you build it, right?
  2. Module 2: Design – This module will give you all the training you need to hire a graphics designer and various shortcuts.
  3. Module 3: Preparation – This training will show you how to setup your Facebook page, how to find suppliers, and how to prepare for massive liftoff. 
  4. Module 4: Attract – You’re gonna learn how to advertise and drive traffic to your site so you can convert visitors into sales.
  5. Module 5: Optimization – Detailed training on how to drive more traffic and scale your ads to increase your profits.
  6. Module 6: Delivery – Deals with how to run your Fanpage and good customer service strategies on the Front end (to make more sales and increase conversions).
  7. Module 7: Funnel Scaling – Additional training on how to install 3rd party apps on your siteand add a Shopify buy button to your store.
  8. Module 8: Expansion – The grand finale of the course, you’re gonna become an eCommerce maestro! Learn all about email marketing, ad retargeting, and other strategies to protect yourself and your business.

You are getting training on everything so no step is left to chance. Make sure you watch my Member’s Overview video to see everything you get with the course. There are additional bonuses in the member’s area that will help enhance your profits even further!

Who is Print Profits for?

  1. Anyone who is in the t-shirt printing industry, or would like to enter that industry at somewho should buy print profits point.
  2. The marketer who is interested in selling physical products using internet marketing strategies.
  3. Anyone who is serious about being successful and has the means to invest in themselves and their business.
  4. Someone who is looking for a complete from A-Z recipe for building a new business from scratch. 
  5. The marketer that has committed to learning eCommerce.

I think the point I am trying to make, is Print Profits 2.0 is an excellent course for newbies or seasoned marketers that want to learn how to build an eCommerce business from scratch. Sometimes just selling digital products can feel monotonous, especially when you can’t touch or feel the products. This module actually gives you a chance to sell real stuff to people. It feels more like a physical business, even though it’s the same idea.

My Print Profits AMAZING Bonus

The Print Profits 2.0 course gives you EPIC training on how to build a 7 figure business. Although the course gives you everything you need to be successful, I wanted to give you something even more to help you along your way.

Sorry, it’s not a P-wing (Super Mario Bros. reference), but I think I have wrestled up some good eats nonetheless!

No matter who you are, I’ve got something that can further your business! I wanted to focus on two concepts that I think will help:

1) extensive training/courses

2) personalized services to help with your marketing efforts.

Bonus #1: Extensive Training

I tested this bonus with a previous product I reviewed and it was extremely popular! I decided toprint Profits bonus bring it back again for this review. I have to limit it to the first 10 people that buy Print Profits 2.0 through me.

The bonus is called, “The Million Dollar Document.”

It’s called the Million Dollar Document because it contains $1,000,000 worth of training. You could easily focus your attention on these courses and earn $1,000,000 for yourself with just the information you’re gonna learn.

Here is a look at the types of courses you will find in this document:

  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Instagram hacks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Extensive ECOM Training
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Ads and Fan Page Secrets
  • Consulting (quite a few)
  • Financial and Trading
  • Real Estate
  • Autoresponder and Email Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • and much, much more!

When I first saw this document, I was blown away! Now I want to share it with 10 of you. The real question is, do you want it?

Bonus #2: Personalized Services

When you build your eCommerce site, you will learn how to drive traffic to it in several of theprint profits bonus course modules. I wanted to give you a little help with this part, since it probably is the most difficult aspect of the entire process.

For my second bonus, I will conduct an SEO Audit of your eCommerce Store and provide you with Competitor and keyword research, so you can dominate the organic search results!

I will provide you with an action plan of how to take over the first page of Google. This means when people search for your products, they will find them without you having to worry about ad spend!

If you are running ad retargeting campaigns, you will be able to keep the customers coming back to your site. SEO will just make your site more visible on the search engines. If you like my second bonus, I highly encourage you to hire my SEO and Web Design firm!

This bonus is the same as the gig I offer on Fiverr for $120. You can find that gig here

Directions: If you want the bonuses, simply buy Print Profits 2.0 through this site and email me at with either a copy of your receipt or your order number. Enter “Print Profits Bonus” in the subject line and I will send your first bonus. When you set up your eCommerce site, send me your domain name and I will perform the SEO analysis and get that back to you ASAP!

Print Profits Conclusion

The Print Profits 2.0 course is a complete guide to building an eCommerce business from scratch. The majority of the model is automated with every obstacle eliminated along the way that might get in your way. If selling customized designs via a website that is easy to build sounds like a great idea to you, then you NEED Print Profits.

Fred Lam and Michael Shih have created something truly special with Print Profits 2.0. The cost of the course is a one time payment of $997, or you can break that up into 3 payments of $397 spread out over 60 days. That means you could literally be in profit before you even have to make your 2nd or 3rd payments and of course, if you take Print Profits 2.0 and decide it’s not for you, there is a money back guarantee (since the course is offered through Clickbank).

The Print Profits 2.0 cart is only open June 17th-June 28th, so act quickly! Click the button below to enroll in the free Print Profits 2.0 course and see you on the inside!

buy print profits 2.0

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