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Profit Engine Cost v. College Tuition [TRUTH REVEALED]

The Profit Engine course will be available until June 21st, which means there isn’t much time to get enrolled. You may have several reasons why you are skeptical, but the biggest reason you are probably opting to remain on the fence, may be the Profit Engine cost.  

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Profit Engine is a live coaching course, which means, you attend live sessions they scheduled out and you can ask questions over anything that may have confused you. If you have spent any amount of time in the IM industry, then you know the well-known and respected marketers never give too much away without due compensation.

Profit Engine is no different.

I have worked with Internet Marketing experts that charge no less than $2,000 per hour just for their time. That means, if you have an issue with your business, you hire them on an hourly basis, and they divulge their knowledge and help you make tweaks and adjustments so your business takes off.

Would you pay $2,000 per hour to succeed? That is what it means to hire an expert mentor. $2k per hour could equate to 5-figure days in profit…

What is the Profit Engine Cost?

I wanted to give you that example, because the course is an utter bargain in comparison. Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, and Rob Jones are all 7-figure marketers in their own right. Together, they form a triangle of knowledge and experience. They are, quite literally, the best in all of Clickbank. Their students from previous courses are also considered among the best in all of Clickbank.

This course is not just some abstract theory nonsense. You are getting examples of everything they use in their businesses to generate huge commissions. You get the exact ads, offers, presell pages… everything. Saturation isn’t an issue either, since you will only be targeting products in HUGE niches that already of hundreds of thousands of people looking to buy what you’re selling.

You may have taken expensive courses before that did nothing but take your money. So have I! Some of the biggest marketers in the world are jumping into this to line their income. Once you understand how to use paid traffic to dominate big niches, the world will be your oyster!

The Profit Engine cost is a one-time payment of $2497. They also have two additional options you can consider if you can’t quite afford the $2500 upfront.

Profit Engine cost

Profit Engine Cost v. College Tuition

 Before deciding to create all this promotional content and represent Profit Engine during this enrollment period, I did A LOT of research. I grilled some of the high-ups who know a lot of what’s going on behind the scenes. I discovered that Profit Engine is designed to be a type of college course for super affiliate marketers that want to just take what they’ve learned and earn money.

When you compare anything to college tuition, it starts to look a lot cheaper, real fast. Below is a graph that depicts the average cost of just one year of college tuition.

college tuition cost

The cost of college tuition has gone up since the ’70’s, yes, but so has the value of having a college degree. College students pay, in some cases $300 for each credit hour to learn about ceramics, basket weaving, and other somewhat questionable classes. Unless you go into the pottery/basket weaving field, these classes will not be utilized fully in the real world.

Courses are usually 3 or 4 credit hours each, so that means you are spending over $1,000 for each course. When was the last time you took an IM course and winced when spending $1,000 on it? IM courses are designed to teach you real, applicable steps that lead to money in your account, yet a $1,000 class on water painting was “just another general elective class.”

I challenge you to question everything you have been led to believe by society.

Is Profit Engine Better Than College?

This is a philosophical debate that heavily depends on your preconceived notions. As a man with two bachelor degrees, I cannot fully claim College is worthless, but my experience does lend some perspective. I got into internet marketing to help pay my student loans that helped me get my career started in the first place. I can relate to both sides of the equation.My college degree

Let’s examine the reasons why Profit Engine is preferable to college

  1. You won’t have a mountain of student loans to pay off when you’re through with the course
  2. Just one class to attend, no juggling 4 at the same time
  3. No midterms or final exams.
  4. You can study at your own pace and get your questions answered in a no-pressure setting
  5. Learn real strategies that you can apply in real world situations to earn more money than you ever dreamed possible
  6. No textbooks, pens, binders, or extra items to buy… but you will need to spend some cash on advertising
  7. no counselors or job fairs to worry about
  8. Your career won’t rely on lucky breaks or mastering the art of acing interviews. You can be your own boss!
  9. No waiting 4 years to apply what you’ve learned. You’ll be done in 8 weeks, with profits rolling in before then!
  10. No dorms or Ramen noodles, unless you love that stuff to begin with 😉

Profit Engine seems like a no-brainer!

As a college graduate myself, I can attest to all this stuff. The hardest part of earning a degree, is the uncertainty you face once you graduate. Nearly everyone has a degree nowadays, so the value of that degree is not nearly as high as it was 20-30 years ago. Neither of my parents completed their degrees and did great. My wife has a Masters and I have two Bachelors degrees and we do just as well with the raw income we generate at our degree-related careers.

Affiliate marketing is opening doors for us that would have been closed 10-20 years ago to folks our age. Unless you come from a family with high-status, are a genius, or lucky as hell, it will take a miracle to get you to where you probably want to be: Comfortable without debt and not boss breathing down your neck.

Profit Engine is the key to getting to that spot.

If the Profit Engine cost is the ONLY thing holding you back, let me give you four very good reasons you shouldn’t let Profit Engine pass you by.

  1. My personal bonuses are literally worth $1,000,000 in training courses. If you buy this course from this site, you will get access to my bonuses (there’s a few available as of right now).
  2. The training behind Profit Engine has already helped 6 ordinary people earn at least $1k per day from passive ads they were taught how to make. You will get access to these 6 people in the course (on top of Mark, Gerry, and Rob)
  3. You will get a free 30-minute strategy session with Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones to ask anything questions you may have once the course has completed. This is an amazing bonus!
  4. Mark, Gerry, and Rob are currently offering a double-your-money-back guarantee to anyone that takes the course and doesn’t generate any sales! That means you will not only get your money back, but earn $2500 if you FAIL!

profit engine guarantee

I am willing to bet on your success, though. If the worst thing that can happen is you give this a shot for 8 weeks and earn $2500 after failing… the choice seems clear to me. On the other end of the spectrum, you could give this a shot and earn $1,000 or more per day. Either way, you win!

Profit Engine Cost Conclusion

College tuition is expensive, usually $30,000 each year for a private college, or around $10,000 per year for an in-state university. Going to college can get you connections, a diploma, loads of memories and good times, great friends, and a lot of regrets… but few can say those 4 years led to their success directly. Profit Engine cuts out all the stuff you don’t need and condenses everything else into an 8-week live class so you only have to deal with what will actually work for your affiliate marketing business.

If the Profit Engine cost is still a major concern for you, then you clearly did not read this article. I’m not telling you to drop out of college or avoid going because you found this course. I am just giving you a perspective to consider. The Profit Engine cost is much more affordable when you consider how much everything throws into college each year… especially when you consider the upside of learning and applying the affiliate marketing secrets you will learn in Profit Engine.

Thanks for read this article about the Profit Engine cost! I hope you learned everything you needed to know to make a better informed decision. Remember, Profit Engine closes in a few days, so you have little time to sit on the fence. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at Click the button below to get enrolled now!

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