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Super Affiliate System 3.0 [2024] Review and Bonus

Every affiliate marketer wants a course that can guide them by the hand and show them exactly what to do to be successful. The sad truth is, quality courses are hard to find. You can spend hundreds to thousands on cheap courses that teach you a bunch of fluff with little to no substance. John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a breath of fresh air. 

Before we dive into this review, I wanted to share some proof that I have earned an affiliate income myself! Below is a snapshot of some commissions I earned back in June of 2018. The sale was part of a payment plan, so I have netted close to $1,500 USD just from that sale alone!

Some Of My Affiliate Marketing Results

affiliate income proof

Would you like to see more proof?

affiliate marketing income

If you are interested in earning commissions like these and developing real success skills, read on. This course plus my bonuses will give you the full and accurate picture of how you can replicate these results!

Of course, if you’re ready to attend a live webinar with John and want to skip this review, click here.

See the above video on Youtube

Unless you’re some kind of affiliate prodigy, chances are you need some training. If you’re like most people, you need a lot of hand-holding too. Super Affiliate System 3.0 gives you your cake and lets you eat it too. The first release of Super Affiliate System was sold for $5,000 back in 2015. Don’t worry, that is not EVEN CLOSE to what you’re gonna pay for the revised, better version!

Disclaimer: Just so we’re clear early on, I love the Super Affiliate System 3.0. Yes, I will get a commission if you buy it from this page, but I am sharing EVERYTHING here so you know exactly what you’re getting. You can call this a “biased review” all you want, but this is my most highly-recommended course of *all-time* to make money online for a reason. I would rather you try this course than the latest $2,500 course that looks shinier and would earn me a higher commission. This course should cost double that amount, if I’m being honest.

What is Super Affiliate System 3.0?

super affiliate system 3.0

Obviously, you have probably figured out that the Super Affiliate System has been updated more than once. That is a good thing for two reasons:

  1. The course MUST have been successful in the past.
  2. You can be sure that the course material is up-to-date and that you are not spending your hard-earned money on outdated strategies.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a detailed course on affiliate marketing. The course was created by John Crestani after he experienced massive success as a super affiliate. By massive success, I mean over $100k-per-month success. Now, I know the phrase, “super affiliate” gets thrown around A LOT in too many courses nowadays, but in Super Affiliate System 2.0, you get the foundation that makes that kind of success possible.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 has been revamped and condensed from 12 weeks to just 6 weeks. The training is MUCH more streamlined and productive than the previous stuff.

Additionally, you get the Internet Jetset system thrown into the online training, which is a standalone course all about free marketing strategies. Newbies can start with Internet Jetset and move on to Super Affiliate System 3.0 once they’ve mastered Internet Jetset to really catapult their income!

This system is a full-scale paid traffic business model for pretty much any of the main traffic sources you prefer. You can choose to master one… or master them all.

Who is this John Crestani?

John Crestani

I like to call John Crestani the Bryce Harper of affiliate marketing. Both look similar and are badasses at what they do. 

Crestani is a world-renowned affiliate marketer. Since his meager beginnings in 2009 with no direction in his life, he has created a $500k-per-month affiliate marketing empire he can literally scale on demand. 

It all started with the book, “4-Hour Workweek,” by Timothy Ferriss. He thought the idea of building passive income with affiliate marketing sounded “freaking awesome” and set his mind to do just that.

He pretty much read the book, then proceeded to knock it out of the park (ahem, Bryce Harper)!

Crestani has been featured in the media for his story and ideas. Here are a few articles to check out in your free time:

  1. How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World
  2. Millenial Mogul Turns Clicks To Cash
  3. Fox TV Interview With Crestani
  4. CBS Interview regarding Internet Jetset

You’d think all of this media attention would go straight to his head, but he remains humble and passionate about helping others succeed. Who wouldn’t want to learn from someone who earns $500,000 a month while living the dream?

What Will I Learn In Super Affiliate System 3.0? 

The Super Affiliate System 3.0 is more catered towards the seasoned affiliate marketer, but since the course was revamped in 2019, the training (and resource section) makes this course a must-have, whether you are a beginner or an expert marketer. Originally, you would buy Internet Jetset for $47 and get offered 3 different pricey OTOs (including the original Super Affiliate System). 

Click here if you are ready to get registered for the live [FREE] webinar!

Read on for the complete rundown of what is in the Super Affiliate System…

The Super Affiliate System 3.0 Course (once sold for $4,997)

This course is not what it once was when it was sold for $5k… IT’S BETTER! The course is now condensed into 6 weeks. Crestani has trimmed the fat, so you can focus on what is working NOW. Below is a general outline of what you’ll learn in each week.

 Week 1 – Affiliate Offers/Solo Ad Basics

  • Affiliate Marketing Step by Step | 6m 23s
  • Joining an affiliate network | 4m 36s
  • Choosing Your Niche | 18m 36s
  • Finding Clickbank Offers | 11m 27s
  • Finding Offers on other affiliate networks | 11m 37s
  • Common Mistakes in choosing an offer | 11m 32s
  • Solo ads setup | 12m 42s
  • Udimi solo ads, other offers | 10m 26s
  • Other Solo ad providers | 7m 32s
  • Bryan Biscoe – Researching and selecting a solo ad provider | 24m 19s
  • Bryan Biscoe – Tracking your solo ad campaigns | 21m 38s
  • Common setup mistakes | 22m 6s
  • Tracking, testing and advanced strategies | 17m
  • Affiliate marketing basics recap | 6m 23s

Week 2 – Websites and Funnels

  • Websites & Funnels Introduction | 14m 44s
  • Website, lander, presell, squeeze, funnel… WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?! | 12m 35s
  • Registering your website | 13m 57s
  • Manual Method | 14m 44s
  • Clickfunnels Method | 26m 17s
  • Common presell page mistakes | 22m 6s
  • Advanced website tactics | 14m 44s
  • Funnel hacking recap | 18m 7s

Week 3 – Google Ads Mastery

  • Search advertising welcome video | 4m 18s
  • Google search ads setup | 26m 23s
  • Google Display ads setup | 27m 59s
  • Adwords Conversion Pixel Setup | 9m 54s
  • Common Google ads mistakes | 15m 44s
  • Advanced search tactics: intent | 16m 2s
  • Search marketing recap | 13m 22s

Week 4 – Video Marketing Tactics

  • Video advertising welcome | 4m 53s
  • Youtube Channel setup | 3m 12s
  • Youtube ad setup | 15m 12s
  • Why Exclude mobile | 8m 42s
  • Common Youtube mistakes | 13m 56s
  • Advanced video advertising tactics: shooting your own videos | 16m 43s
  • Video marketing recap | 9m 10s

Week 5 – Advanced Social Advertising

  • Social advertising course welcome video | 8m 46s
  • Advanced Facebook advertising with Robbie Blanchard | 28m 21s
  • Tim Burd Introduction | 2m 37s
  • Tim, how to keep compliant with Facebook | 3m 49s
  • Advanced Social advertising tactics | 20m 29s
  • Social advertising recap | 28m 53s

Week 6 – Advanced Affiliate Strategies

  • Advanced affiliate marketing introduction | 10m 58s
  • Scaling basics | 3m 21s
  • Payout bumps | 4m 28s
  • Events | 13m 36s
  • Brian Pfeiffer, how to breakthrough | 14m 58s
  • Ronnie, speaking to the reptile brain | 3m 55s
  • Ronnie, highly profitable headlines | 1m 48s
  • Ronnie, famous copywriters | 1m 53s
  • Next level affiliate strategies | 21m 43s
  • Advanced affiliate marketing recap | 13m 51s

Additional Training

super affiliate system additional training

On top of the above modules, there is even more additional content Crestani offers in Super Affiliate System 3.0.

You’ll get additional training in Google ads, Youtube ads, Facebook ads, advertising strategy, monetization methods, and free traffic and jobs.

I really like the structure of Super Affiliate System 3.0. It helps you stay focused on really learning affiliate marketing. I generally find myself jumping around in most courses, so I got a lot more out of the way SAS kept me mastering the strategies before I could move on and master the next tactics.

The Super Affiliate System Resource Vault

super affiliate system resource vault

If the course material is considered pure gold, then this resource vault can be like a diamond in the rough. Grab your magic carpet and let’s go for a ride!

Here is a look at some of what you will find in the resource vault:

  • Targeting Data – Running paid ads takes a lot of testing and money before you can compile your own data. With this data, you can get a head start and save yourself A LOT of time and money. This includes buyer lists for Google, Facebook, and email addresses for email marketing.
  • Ad Swipes – Ads Crestani created for Youtube, Facebook, Google, and email campaigns for Super Affiliate System. He also encloses some ads for other products too! You can make a lot of money with these ad templates.
  • Presell Pages – Presell pages you can download and use for several different products in several different niches. He gives you the option of using them with Clickfunnels or manual.
  • Affiliate Networks – Some affiliate and CPA affiliate network options you can join to find products to promote.
  • Advertising Networks – A list of several advertising networks you can promote your products on. If you can promote the right product with the right ad on the right network… you can make bank!
  • Legal Resources – Did your Facebook, Google, or Youtube ad account(s) get banned? If so, Crestani has you covered! This section contains letters you can send to the appropriate places to get your accounts back up and running.
  • Other Recommended Vendors – Some additional resources to help build your business.
  • Course Archives – Do you want all the training you can get your hands on from previous versions of the Super Affiliate System? It’s all here.

The Internet Jetset Course (used to be $47)

The main course itself will train you on two main concepts:

  1. Successful affiliate marketing concepts, strategies, and techniques
  2. Important mindset training to eradicate limiting beliefs.

Internet jetset course

The overall aim of the course is to teach you the various forms of affiliate marketing so you can create passive income from the main sources that rake in the most money. Of course, the big 3 are covered in great detail (Google, Facebook, Youtube).

You will learn how to set up your first affiliate account and get your first commissions right away. This will instill you with confidence in the efficacy of affiliate marketing (when it’s done correctly).

You will also get ample training on free traffic strategies in the main Internet Jetset course.

Super Affiliate System Live Training

super affiliate system live training

Looking for some live help from John Crestani himself, along with some additional, cutting-edge training? These live weekly coaching calls may be for you! You can register for weekly live training, email marketing training, and/or Facebook marketing training and attend at will.

If you are looking for additional help, you can also go through the coaching calls archives and see previous training as well.

The Crestani Growth Academy

Crestani Growth Academy

Speaking of live help from Crestani, this feature is reserved for only the most serious affiliate marketers. It’s offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You actually have to call a toll-free number and get pre-screened before you can even apply to get enrolled.

It’s important to note that 91% of John’s students that have earned 6 to 7 figures have worked with him or his small team 1-on-1. Is it essential to join this to make money? No. It’s just an option for those that want to reach their financial goals faster.

Some of John’s students are even seeing results like this…

Super Affiliate System results

Super Affiliate System Community

Super Affiliate System community

When you join Super Affiliate System, you will get access to two types of communities within the system:

  1. A forum embedded within the site
  2. a Facebook group for members only

Both will give you an added sense of comradery and accountability. It will give you a place to discuss the course content with others and develop a deeper understanding of the material.

The Good And The Bad

So, now you’ve seen under the hood. Let’s summarize the good and the bad so that you can make a well-informed decision!

SAS3 Pros

  • The course is comprehensive and will teach you everything you need to know to earn big with paid traffic
  • Material is bite-size and easy to learn
  • The course keeps you focused on learning and mastering each section before advancing to the next topic
  • You’ll be learning from one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the industry (has earned over $500k in a single month)
  • All future updates to the course will be included for free
  • You will see how to use all the same tools as Crestani uses with no infamous gaps that would usually curb your results
  • Weekly live coaching included
  • Ad swipes, presell pages, buyer data, and more included
  • You will get access to my bonuses, which are extremely limited

SAS3 Cons

  • You will need an additional budget for paid ads if you want the system to work.
  • It will take hard work
  • Some folks may consider the cost to be too high
  • You need to complete every single lesson to move on to new material
  • You’ll have to take action
  • Results are not guaranteed

Is the course right for you?

If you are ready to make a living off of affiliate marketing, have an open mind, and are willing to invest some money into your business, then Super Affiliate System may be right for you. You will need to have the right mindset and willingness to put work into the system for it to work.

The Super Affiliate System Cost

As I said before, I’ve seen systems with less to offer sell for $2,497. Don’t worry, the cost of admission is not that high for this course. In fact, it’s less than half that amount!

The cost of the course is $997. That covers everything discussed in this review. If you have ever attended a class at a private college, you wouldn’t even bat an eye at a course that cost $1,200 – and that course may have been basket weaving 101. You will be meeting real, successful people and looking over their shoulders in this course.

But, if you buy this course today, I’ve got one more thing to share with you. My Immense bonus package!

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Bonus

I hope you have learned what you needed to know about Super Affiliate System 3.0 to take the plunge. I would not have spent my time writing this review if I wasn’t thoroughly convinced of its potential to change your life. With that said, I have been an affiliate marketer long enough to know my job is not only to write and provide value but also to provide further incentive to put the proverbial cherry on top of that exquisite sundae!

For past products, I have offered a list of 7 or 8+ bonuses. I always believed the sheer quantity would entice my readers to buy from my site. For this course, I am taking a different tact.

One Bonus To Rule Them All! internet jetset bonus

Okay Frodo, I’ve got an offer I hope you don’t take to Mordor to cast into the molten inferno. This bonus is legit and I’m gonna have to limit the number of bonuses I offer as a result. It’s just too powerful to give to too many people.

It’s called, “the Million Dollar Document.”

Yeah I know, real original! I assure you, there is nothing original about this bonus, though. The contents of this document are not just some watered-down method(s) of making a million dollars (you want a cheap method to get millions? Play the lottery).

The document gets its name from the links that are in the document. The links lead to downloadable content, which are all courses (some worth hundreds to thousands of dollars). We’re talking pages and pages full of these links… and the courses are top-notch in various areas like self-help, marketing mastery, SEO, you name it.

(Arguably the best part is, you won’t have to worry about being chased across Middle Earth by shadow beings with poisoned swords).

How do you get my Super Affiliate System 3.0 Bonus? 

Simply buy Super Affiliate System 3.0 through this page and email me at with the subject line: Super Affiliate System Bonus. I will be sharing this bonus with the first 20 people who request it. Will you be one of them?

My Super Affiliate System 3.0 Conclusion

If you are serious about making affiliate marketing online business a career or are brand new to marketing in general, Super Affiliate System 3.0 may be the course that gets you on track. Every great story has a beginning and every great journey starts somewhere. The Super Affiliate System has the potential to reprogram your mind and give you the training to up your game.

With training on passive affiliate income, real case studies, live affiliate interviews, weekly webinars, and super affiliate training, Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a must-have for any serious affiliate marketer. I look forward to hearing from you and maybe even seeing your success story in the Super Affiliate System Facebook group very soon! Full details on system setup are provided within the system and there is even a money-back guarantee to mitigate some of the risks.

When you are ready to purchase Super Affiliate System 3.0, simply click the link below. You will then be sent to the webinar registry page to watch a live training with John Crestani. They usually have a webinar scheduled at convenient times, so check it out! I will see you on the inside!

Buy Super Affiliate System

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