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Profit Clicking: The Most Elaborate Scam of All-Time

profit clicking scamLast year in April, I wrote a blog post and filmed a video about a real income opportunity called “Just Been Paid.” Throughout summer and fall of 2012, I raked in the dough. The fruits of my labor reaped on a relatively small $900 investment approached $10,000 over just six months of withdrawing from a system that had gained my loyalty and respect. After referring over 50 people to JBP, who in turn collectively recruited over 100 people, JBP started to show signs of struggle.

Surely a program HYIP in nature would have problems paying millions of members…common sense dictates this logic. But JBP had this “breakthrough” technology known as a restart. They were very clever at misleading thousands of people into believing they were “indefinitely sustainable.” I know, because I was one of them. I gained 10 times more than my initial investment with JBP and my sponsor made more last year with JBP than the average American makes a year, but we are still very upset about everything. Some of our family and friends were not so lucky. When Justbeenpaid became Profitclicking, a lot of people thought JBP sold out and became a bad program. This simply is NOT TRUE. I wanted to take a moment to bring you up to speed with our investigations and what we have deduced from hours of research. The most simplistic synopsis: JBP/PC is the most elaborate scam of all time….

JustBeenPaid! And The History Of Profit Clicking

Justbeenpaid was a unique program started by Frederick Mann in early 2010. Back then, it was simply a cash cycler. When progress slowed down, “Frederick Mann” would add new programs to JBP to speed it up again, such as JSS Warp, JSS Booster, and finally, JSS Tripler. All of them were introduced with the promise of making the member more money – which they did! But just like a frog in boiling water, it lured people into a “spend” over “withdraw” mentality. It kept people thinking longterm. “If I keep my money in the system longer, I will make even more in the longrun!” The blossoming collection of members began to grow exponentially. When I joined in July of 2011, there were around 25,000 members in the program. JSS Warp was still in full swing and JSS Booster was freaking awesome! If you did it right, you could make hundreds on Sundays when Booster went through its $100 cycle.

The JSS Suite (as I called it) generated so much excitement, no one was asking the most pertinent questions. Instead, everyone was rejoicing as their Alertpay accounts were filled by earnings on a daily basis. There were no greenlights or bucket systems. There were just withdraw requests and less than 24 hour intervals between request and deposit. Back then Carl Pearson, the COO and head programmer of JBP, would give a presentation in the conference room every single night. Fred also had his weekly phone calls and members could interact in the conference rooms with each other and help each other along with moderators and speakers alike. Booster was great, Tripler was great, and JSS-Synergy gave you full control over the destiny of your matrices in your back office. My team and I were perfecting our cycling prowess to an artform and we were mastering our craft and giving presentations to our downline on how to do it for themselves.

About the time my JSS-Tripler account approached $15 a day (August 2011), JBP went through its first restart and disappeared for about a month. This was the first time JBP had ever gone dark in its year and a half of operation. People became pessimistic, but Fred kept in contact throughout the ordeal with regular updates. Within a month, JBP (mostly JSS-Tripler) was back up and running. Throughout the months that followed, we would learn Booster and Warp were not coming back. Carl Pearson gave me the excuse that many people weren’t making enough money with them. It never occurred to me at the time that they went away more because it was too much work for the company and that they were losing money on them; or perhaps they identified that so much more money could be made through JSS-Tripler restarts than from Booster and Warp funds. Either way, they appeared to be sidestepping a major issue that would bring down the giant in the future…money was a huge limiting factor for both JBP owners and members.

After initial promises of 6-18 months between restarts, members suffered two more devastating restarts in January and April. That is, the first three restarts occurred within an 8 month period, only three to four months apart. By March 2012, I had decided my seed was sufficient for withdrawal. I started to take out small amounts, while allowing my account to slowly grow in the meantime. With careful planning and building, I was able to get my Tripler account above $200 a day, while withdrawing a couple hundred a week. During July, I reached my peak with $1400 withdrawn in just 10 days (thanks to Tripler earnings and successful Synergy matrix cycling).

By late July, JBP started to suffer issues with their withdrawals and it was impossible to get through at certain times in the day (sound familiar? At least you COULD withdraw at this time). This dilemma would be overlooked by a much bigger headline. Zeek, one of my secondary programs I was building in an attempt to “bulletproof” my business (along with a handful of others) fell down hard. With SEC targeting all behemoths in the HYIP industry (yes JBP was under scrutiny of the U.S. government), Mann decided to pull the trigger on a project months away from its projected completion. They decided to become Profit Clicking.

My oh my, this was a scary time! But guess what, moderators in the conference room were rejoicing yet again!! Rejoicing the same way they would whenever there was a restart. It seems stupid in hindsight. At the time, it served its purpose. People were comforted and looked the other way – the effect JBP owners intended to create!! Like David Copperfield, they used misdirection to magic millions of dollars away from millions of members. Its a travesty – a horror beyond all reproach. Frederick Mann conveniently retired at the pinnacle of his success to focus on creating other programs, while “Doc” took the reigns of his baby…

Okay I am gonna stop the story right there and raise some painful but obvious Q&A’s. Why would Mann retire to work on something else when he had already created a formula that could not be outdone? People fail to ask this question and this is the most pertinent question to ask!!! Why did Mann leave? (Drumroll please) ……………………. There are two possibilities: 1) Either he knew JBP/PC was doomed and/or broke and wanted to separate himself from it or 2) HE ISN’T REAL.

Profit Clicking: Even Brands Have An Expiration Date

Woah…mind blown. Here is an idea to consider. It may piss some people off, but must be addressed. What if Carl Pearson and Frederick Mann were never real to begin with. What if they were actors hired by the powers of JBP to act as their puppets. Their personas under the umbrella of JBP/PC are mere brand names with a high perceived value. The real powers could remain hidden and Carl and Fred would be somewhat exposed…if that is who they really were. Take a look at Carl Pearson’s personal website. Does this seem consistent with someone that would run a huge internet company? Seems a tad too impressive to me. Carl Pearson had a history before JBP as a scamster in a few other businesses, one of them known as “Easy Chair Club.” Check out this ripoff report for ECC and Pearson. Guess what else is so unique about ECC, is it dealt with an idea we saw in JBP – people bought “doublers” and saw their investments double overtime. Sounds a lot like Triplers to me, only a tad different. In fact, if you Google “Easy Chair Club” and “Carl Pearson,” there is nothing good out there about it.

So for the longest time, my sponsor and I believed Carl Pearson was the real mastermind of JBP and he used the idea of Frederick Mann to hide his identity as the leader so all the people he scammed in the early 2000’s would think JBP was safe since someone else was in charge. But the deeper you dig, the more mysterious Frederick Mann becomes. Who is he? Several sources point to him living in South Africa (along with his accent), but his LinkedIn profile had him residing in Arizona (You can still view that profile through the link). If you are a follower of the “Patrick Pretty” blog, then you might be aware of some of the rumors regarding Fred Mann. Some analysts have even purported that the name Frederick Mann is longhand code for “Free Man.” If you have ever visited Fred Mann’s website “,” then you are aware of his political (very libertarian) views. In one of the more recent blog posts on Pretty Patrick (click here), PP discusses Fred Mann and his ties to other illegal programs (other ill-attempts of the scamporation that started JBP, perhaps?) and even ties to a suspected murderer that planned to kill in the name of liberating the United States from the evil US Government.

So if you do research and choose to accept my ideas, then you will see “Frederick Mann” is a machine. Several programs have been formed under the banner of Mann and his name was designed to generate money via concepts of self-liberation and programs that were bred in an environment of self-empowerment (a fancy way of saying people associate Mann with money). A LOT of people made a lot of money with JBP. They can’t deny it worked at one point and associate that success with Mann’s brilliance (since he retired before it went to crap). We were reminded of that brilliance at every turn – you could probably say we were programmed or brainwashed with that propaganda – but hey, we were making money. Who cares, right? When will people learn the world of HYIP is nothing but an ongoing scam? Any program that relies on people spending money so others can make money is inherently flawed and can not be sustainable!!

The frightening thing about this Scamporation, is they have no tangible presence in the real world. They are like a mighty hydra (mythological multi-headed beast). You can eliminate some of the heads, but they just keep growing back more fierce than before. The only way we can fight the PC Hydra is to STOP FEEDING IT.

Profit Clicking Finally Drawing to a Close?

On May 17th, the SEC issued an official warning against JBP/PC on its website. You can view the official PDF warning here.  It really is ironic, because on May 15th, PC owners announced Frederick Mann was coming in to help make withdrawals work again. They issued an official update which can be viewed here. Within a week, all members who logged into their accounts (whether its for the comical ramifications of viewing their accumulated “fake” money, or out of dwindling hopes that one day PC will become legit again) to pure and utter dismay. Mann had taken 99% of all their ad packs and wallet funds. Let me state VERY CLEARLY that wallet funds were supposed to belong to the member, not the program. They pretty much stole that money and claimed it was a 99% profit shift. I had $20,000 that poofed from my account overnight. Two days after the notification of “SuperMann’s” heroics, SEC issued the warning against PC. A few days after that, PC came back with another update aimed at getting members pumped again (for the 464th time) and promised the system would be fully functional in just days.

At the time of this blog post, PC has been less inactive than ever. After three weeks since the amazing news of Mann’s rescue, PC is a ghost town (queue the dramatic tumbleweed on set).

I think its safe to say PC has breathed its last agonizing breath. It is still accepting payments (like always) but the latest Profitshift has wiped out all funds from the basic wallet. Premium withdrawals are not occurring either (as promised). Profit Clicking really was the most epic HYIP/Ponzi scam of all time. Yes, several people got back hundreds of thousands in 2011 and 2012, but far more people lost just as much (and more), including many friends of mine. Many of those same friends still continue to try HYIP’s, much to my amazement. The risk simply isn’t worth it, people. You WILL lose, just like in Vegas. You are better off going to a Casino. As my friend Scott would say, at least you get free drinks there.

There is a lesson to learn in all of this. There is no such thing as SuperMann. Big productions and colossal budgets can make him look real in a Hollywood flick, but at the end of the day, its up to us to see past the facade and think about these things using the best tool at our disposal – our brains. We want to believe real, honest people are trying to help free our money and time in real MLM programs that work, but there are better, more lucrative ways to earn your millions. You want to know how to do it without the use of illegal Ponzis and programs that will only rob you in broad daylight? Come back to my site often. There is MUCH more to come……

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  1. Well there, Jeremy, after reading your post, I don’t believe that I will invest ever again in any HYIP type program. I too lost money in JBP/PC, just not as much as others. Thanks for the great information on PC and HYIP programs!

  2. Hi, yeah Im a sucker too..
    But now I found out something else,

    Get your gay-straps tight cause the ride isnt over yet.
    Talking about frederick mann.
    He created clickpaid, but

    in the meantime he was helping out or creating also since january more or less, another site,
    on the site go check out the news items update.
    His name will pop up like a hooker in a birthday cake.

    They even have a page where they explain what a scammer is and what a scam is. I doubt the address data they claim is correct also. If so then they know who Frederick Mann is.

    you can also check twitter

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