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For those of you on the outside who are contemplating what all of this means, please visit my previous post on Justbeenpaid! and Profit Clicking here.

Wow. I feel like I’m on a freaking merri-go-round right now. It just keeps going on and on and on. Justbeenpaid becomes Profit Clicking when Zeek gets targeted, now Profit Clicking becomes the new (and “improved”) Ad Click Xpress. If you are seriously looking into ACX, then you need to be aware of the facts surrounding the main issue here.

First off, I am not out to tarnish their name. I am simply trying to relay information to people that cannot afford to lose anything! We work hard for our money and its a mere travesty that some individuals take it upon themselves to empty our wallets with these scams for their own personal gain, and then proceed to lie to our faces in the process!

On May 17th, the SEC released an official warning on the HYIP Ponzi program, Profit Clicking. You can read the pdf warning by clicking this link. So what did “PC owners” do once they had the SEC hot on their tail? They changed their name. Again. This bait and switch tactic is a loophole to buy them some time so they can scoop up more money from naive investors.

If you’ve read my prior post about JBP/PC, then you are familiar with some of my theories on what the program is. It’s more than likely the most elaborate scam of all time. Frederick Mann and Carl Pearson are just figureheads of the program – they stand in the spotlight as the program “brand” while the real owners commiserate and discuss what strings to pull next. I refer to this arrangement as a “scamporation.”

It is a statistic that 1,000 new people come online every single day to make money. These new people are referred to as “newbies” and are not very familiar with how scams or ponzis work. JBP and PC trained speakers in their conference room to debunk the statement that it is a Ponzi Scheme. I’m sure Ad Click Xpress will do the same. If McDonalds started debunking the fact that it is a fast food restaurant, would you be more likely to eat there? If you had never heard of it and didn’t know the definition of a fast food restaurant, you probably wouldn’t know what any of it meant.

The SEC defines a Ponzi scheme on their website as thus:

A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to generate high returns with little or no risk. In many Ponzi schemes, the fraudsters focus on attracting new money to make promised payments to earlier-stage investors and to use for personal expenses, instead of engaging in any legitimate investment activity.

Ponzi schemes are NOT legitimate! They cannot carry on indefinitely, EVER. It is because the owners of the scheme don’t really increase your funds like they claim. They require funds from new members to pay for your withdrawal. The actual money you have with them is far less than your “perceived” money. For an introduction to how Ponzis work, please watch the video below (best explanation I found).

As you can see, Ponzi schemes are nearly impossible to keep solvent. If you are looking to make money from the money you already have, why not invest in a CD at your bank? Or why not invest in the stock market? You are far more likely to keep your money with a CD than with a HYIP or Ponzi Scheme. Most money-based programs on the internet are Ponzi Schemes. As legitimate or “long-lasting” they may appear, it is all a facade to lure you into a false sense of security. If you have fallen for a Ponzi, please share your story in a comment below! Also, don’t feel ashamed! Over 2 million people had joined JBP/Profit Clicking, including me!

My advice? Next time you feel the urge to “invest” in an incredible opportunity, think twice. NEVER jump into an investment without due diligence. It is said that you should spend as much time researching an investment opportunity as the amount of time it takes to get your money back. This a rule of thumb that is a good measuring stick to judge these things with. Also, DON’T LOSE MONEY.

Should you trust Ad Click Xpress? Ha ha, read through this post again if you don’t know the answer to that question. Be logical and by God’s sake be smart. Thank you for reading this post. I wish you the best of luck!

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  1. Hi Jeremy,
    I joined JBP/PC too and finally gave up on them when I logged into my account a few months back and the money that I had in my E-wallet was GONE! No explanation, no money, no nothing!
    I have since sworn off of any “money ” programs like these. I don’t want to lose any of my hard money online. There are much better ways to make money online that work!
    Thanks for sharing,

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