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Online Franchise: The Best Business Opportunity?

From fast food restaurants, to movie rental businesses, to cleaning companies, franchises are everywhere, all around us. Franchises are simply companies that are built around a business model that allows simple duplication that produces a higher likelihood of substantial profitability. Why do they exist? Because they work! Another concept that is often overlooked when considering a business opportunity, is the blossoming concept of the online franchise. We will examine the reasons why you should consider this in this article.

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It really is genius, when you think about it. You hear a jingle, you need the fix. Case-in-point: you hear the word, “YUM,” you know it’s time for a craft burger at Red Robin. Cause and effect. Think of all the money changing hands to further a brand. From the jingles to the commercials. They are constantly in front of you. Now think of the other side of the coin, the business side. If you are reading this, you are probably considering opening your own business. With literally thousands of ideas and choices out there, how do you know which is right for you?

Introducing the Online Franchise! 

I admit, I had no huge aha! moment. I have been in the online marketing world since 2009 and have tried many different things. Still, I always knew where I’d end up would have nothing to do with owning a McDonald’s or Blockbusters. I don’t have anything against those businesses! I appreciate any business that can replicate success for everyone that gets started!

I wanted something that I could run electronically. There are many reasons why this appeases me so. But what kind of business could I run online with less risk and a higher probability of success? Why, an Online Franchise, of course!

Why Do I Believe The Online Franchise Is The Best Business Model?

There are many reasons why I believe an Online Franchise is the best business opportunity available. Here are the top five that get me the most psyched:

  • No inventory to keep track of. BAM! When you open up a traditional franchise, inventoryonline franchise benefits is a HUGE part of everything you do. You always need to have enough inventory on hand to feed the local demand, but you also need to balance that out with limiting the loss of having too much. That comes out of your profit! Why do you think businesses have clearance sales? They need to get something for the inventory they have purchased that hasn’t sold!
  • Everything can be run from your computer. You’ve heard rumors of “the laptop lifestyle.” While many believe this is just a pipe dream or bedtime lullaby adults sing to each other to keep hopes alive amidst the drudgery of the 9-5 reality, it does exist. Hopefully you are not disillusioned to the point of disgust at that sentiment already. Being able to work from the beach on your laptop or favorite handheld device is not everyone’s dream, but it is a nice option to have.
  • Cheaper workforce, period. When you open up a traditional franchise, you must hire employees to run it for you (or with you). There is this thing called minimum wage and workers laws that protect the average employee, which cost you additional money to keep them employed. When you run an online franchise, you don’t need to hire people to sit at a specific location to serve your customers. Instead, we hire remote VA’s or virtual assistants to automate some of the work so we can focus our efforts on the tasks that make the most profit.
  • Automation is far more comprehensive. Most businesses require an in-depth business plan. This requires you to take certain actions on a regular basis to insure operations are carried out satisfactorily to reap the monetary rewards for your investment. Online franchises work the same way, only there are tools we have to do 90% of the work for us that are not available to traditional businesses. We can literally run our business with a couple hours per day, take long vacations, and still make just as much money as before.
  • Spend less and get into profit faster. I have actually looked into the cost of franchise online franchise profitsbusinesses. Perhaps you have too! If you are in the market for them, you know they can cost upwards of 6-7 figures to open. Just look at the cost of opening up a McDonald’s franchise. Ouch! The general consensus is it takes 3-5 years to get that money back and realize a profit from your efforts. An online franchise costs FAR LESS. Some people realize a profit in their first month of operation.

I think you catch my drift. The online franchise allows you all the flexibility you could ever ask for, while still providing a duplicatable solution so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you start your business.

Is An Online Franchise Right For You?

While I believe it is among the best business opportunities out there, the online franchise best business opportunityconcept is not for everyone.

You probably should not consider an Online Franchise if you:

  1. Hate people
  2. Hate money
  3. Refuse to spend money to better your financial future
  4. Think all online stuff is a big scam
  5. Refuse to pick up the phone and answer/make phone calls
  6. Are uncoachable or unwilling to help others succeed
  7. Are unwilling to sit through a 90 minute presentation and do you own due diligence before jumping into something

There is a lot of patience, focus, and commitment involved when starting an online franchise. You must be willing to commit to all of these three types of investments.

  1. Money into the business (initial investment to get started and ongoing advertising fees)
  2. Time and faith in other people, even when they don’t join
  3. Most importantly, time and belief in yourself, even when you are not producing the results you expected

While we are taught our whole lives that the race is the fastest one to the finish line, we are not taught how to finish! While the majority of people try sprinting to the finish line and give up long before they reach that proverbial ribbon, they would do so much better to know the type of race we are preparing for is a marathon.

The online franchise is not about making the most sales in the shortest period of time, but about building momentum through building relationships with other people and staying in touch with them.

Why You Are Afraid Of The Online Franchise

You probably are now considering the concept of an online franchise, but have several thoughtsonline franchise objections or objections. It is human nature to be skeptical! I can tell you right now what your main objections probably are.

  • It will cost me an arm and a leg. I am rather attached to my arms and legs. I have no intention of becoming another torso boy/girl! Look, we all spend money on the stuff that is a priority to us. Maybe for you, this is food, your kids, cars, houses, education, gambling, tobacco, you name it! If you got a college degree, you spent over $10k a year to get that piece of paper! Are you using it?
  • It sounds too good to be true and many wise people have told me if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The online franchise is not a get rich quick scheme and it does take a lot of work and focus!
  • It sounds too hard for me. I’m not technical! A lot of people who run online franchises are not technical. In fact, I’ve met some individuals who are in their 80’s and finding success doing this. The real question is, how badly do you want it?
  • It sounds like a scam. Little Johnny down the street told me it’s illegal! A lot of misinformed people are gonna tell you a lot of misinformed things. You can call it jealousy or paranoia, but If helping others change their lives by providing them with the vehicle and tools to do so is illegal, then our entire country is one big hypocrite. That would mean democracy, corporate structures, and your favorite charities are lies too!

The idea of keeping yourself accountable when the stakes seem higher is scary. The thought of always answering to someone else with little to no leverage to generate real financial freedom is even scarier. Sometimes it all comes down to figuring out what you really want, identifying the shortest line between where you are right now and where you want to be, and taking action to make that happen. For me, that step involved an online franchise!

What I Have Learned With My Online Franchise In The Past 30 Days

There are so many types of businesses out there, the biggest mistake we make as entrepreneurs is trying to do too much. What happens when you dabble? You get overwhelmed and quit. You’ve done it, I’ve done, we’ve all done it! Having an online franchise has given me a tremendous system to stay focused and goal-oriented. Everything is set up for me and thefranchise marketing specific plan of action is laid out in painstaking detail.

As an online franchise owner, I get access to:

  • 6-7 figure leaders who are generating $20k-$100k+ per month
  • Live trainings that are held every single day with mindset experts to keep us motivated and focused
  • Regular webinars as a sales tool to sell my leads for me
  • Leads resources that actually convert into real sales in my pocket
  • Automation tools and training that show me how to use them in unison
  • Sales pros that do 3-way screen share sessions with me to help close my sales for me

On top of that, I can paid directly from the awesome people I bring on board, so I don’t have to rely on anyone or anything to get me paid!

What if I told you you could have everything you ever wanted. All you needed to do to get the ball rolling is make a simple call and listen to a life-changing message. Would you do it?

Call this number now and get the details: 773-482-5912

Online Franchise Conclusion

It is very true that there are literally hundreds of ways to do business online. Most are half-assed and provide little leverage and potential. The online franchise is, in my opinion, the fastest and most efficient way of generating an extraordinary income. It is not a get rich quick system, but requires real work and effort. It will give you full control over your business so you can either do everything yourself, or use automation tools to automate over 90% of your business so you can spend only an hour or so 5 days a week to run it.

If making $20k a month using a proven system and mass marketing tools sounds like a great way to provide prosperity for you and your family, then an online franchise is DEFINITELY for you! Call 773-482-5912 to learn how you can get started today. I look forward to hearing from you!

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