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Elite Marketing Pro: Is It Right For You?

Back in July, 2013, I was introduced to a brand new system Magnetic Sponsoring was releasing called Elite Marketing Pro. At first, I was kind of leery, especially when I heard how much it would cost me! But, when I heard they were offering a $10 for 10 days trial, I knew I had to take advantage of that.

The Elite Marketing Pro Review above is also available on Youtube.

Please watch the video above to hear my take on Elite Marketing Pro. I decided tonight it was necessary to film another video because I’ve had a lot of questions about Elite Marketing Pro lately. I totally understand where a lot of you are coming from! Some of you are in a bad place financially. Others have tried other marketing systems and failed with them.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you the Magnetic Sponsoring brand is not a scam, but if you don’t take the material seriously, you will get nothing out of it (if you are this type of person, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur because nothing will EVER work for you with that mindset).

The Good Points of Elite Marketing Pro

  1. You get access to up to 15 of the highest quality products available for Network/Internet Marketers, including MLM Traffic Formula 2.0, Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget (2nd Edition), The Mike Dillard Business Model, What’s Working Now, and the Elite Marketing Pro System.
  2. If you upgrade to the Annual Membership ($1997 per year), you get access to all 15 Magnetic Sponsoring products ever released, whether they are currently for sale or not (picture below depicts the Leader’s Library you will have access to)!
    Elite Marketing Pro Leaders Library
  3. Monthly access included to What’s Working Now, which costs the public $40 a month! In this monthly internet-based publication, you will find a slew of tasty tidbits to satisfy your network marketing appetite. Monthly webinars with industry leaders, column articles by niche leaders, and much, much more can be found in every single issue!
  4. Elite training on nearly every form of traffic strategy, including FB ads, blog help, email marketing, solo ad resources, and a chance to get your traffic done-for-you by Daegan Smith himself (we saw a 40% opt-in rate with Daegan’s traffic).
  5. A chance to get 200 clicks from Daegan Smith’s high quality traffic via The Home Business Agency, complimentary for every annual member!
  6. Full Aweber/Get Response integration with all the capture pages you use to promote Elite Marketing Pro and a few of the other products. This way, you can build up prospects in your Elite Marketing Pro funnel, while introducing those prospects to you as a leader!
  7. Full blogging platform and customizable capture pages you can use for several of the Magnetic Sponsoring programs! These are my favorite because they look very slick, I can change anything I want on them, and the prospects still go into my Magnetic Sponsoring back office and into my Aweber list!
  8. Every prospect you bring into your Magnetic Sponsoring back office, the Magnetic Sponsoring team will sell them all the Magnetic Sponsoring products for you via emails, phone calls, and direct mailing! This is HUGE! Members of my team have seen results with this and you will too!
  9. You will get elite training and a full system you can use to build your business, even if your business is something else (like Empower Network or My Leads System Pro).
  10. You get licensing rights to sell approximately 10-12 of the Magnetic Sponsoring products with full 100% commissions (minus a 10% admin fee) for each sale (included with every payment level)!
  11. You will get access to all my bonuses and my team 24/7!
  12. Did I mention you can try it out for the next 10 days for $10?
  13. I could go on, but I think you get the idea…

If you are sold on Elite Marketing Pro, you can check out this slick page I call my paradise page and sign up for more info (then snatch up the $10 trial).

The Bad Points of Elite Marketing Pro

  1. The cost. A lot of people have trouble justifying $200 a month (or $2000 a year) to satisfy their hobby of internet gold searching. The truth is, this is business. You wouldn’t start your own business without a budget or factoring in mandatory costs to get that business up and running, would you? Probably not. This isn’t a crazy investment in some off-the-wall investment scam or HYIP, this is an investment in yourself!
  2. Takes some work setting up (a few clicks). To address this problem, the folks at Magnetic Sponsoring have done everything they can to make it as simple as possible. If you can point and click, you can use Elite Marketing Pro. If you get it through me and need any help at all, my team is here to help! We will get you up and running in a jiff.
  3. Technical hiccups happen, like with any program. Any time I have ever had a problem with Elite Marketing Pro, the support team was there to help me and fix the issue within a few hours. When I had a problem with a campaign error with The Home Business Agency (they had a rotator issue that said my traffic had been delivered when it hadn’t even started yet), they actually sent me a personal letter apologizing for the problem.

As you can see, I really struggled making a list of reasons why Elite Marketing Pro was bad. The truth is, the reasons suck! I am a little biased, but I believe in it. I would not spend $200 a month on something I didn’t believe in.

Elite Marketing Pro Conclusion

elite marketing pro conclusionIf you have ever read through Magnetic Sponsoring, then you will understand the need for Elite Marketing Pro and what it stands for. For my full review of Magnetic Sponsoring, you can check it out here. Elite Marketing Pro is the complete system that makes you that alpha leader others gravitate towards. It incorporates the principles of attraction marketing and applies it to a sort of skin that fits over your current business model.

The real question is, do you believe success online is really possible? Are you still searching for an elusive system that can give you a real advantage? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then we can help you find what you’re looking for. To answer your question, the truth really lies within yourself. What will you take out of it? If you believe in the principles of attraction marketing and Magnetic Sponsoring, then Elite Marketing Pro is just the next logical step in your own personal evolution.

If you want to read a more detailed analysis of Elite Marketing Pro, you can check out my review here.

To sign up and get into Elite Marketing Pro NOW, click here. I will see you on the inside!

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