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What is 7 Minute Commissions? The premise behind this course is that you can make $10 commissions every 7 minutes through sending “dumb letters” to random people. The entire 7-minute commissions system will be revealed later in this review. Right now, you’re probably wondering whether this system is right for you and if you should give it a chance.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or less-experienced than you would like to be, this course is a great place to start. This system gives you access to the tools resources you’ll need to hit the ground running. It will take some time and effort on your part to get your commissions every 7 minutes, but it’s completely doable if you follow this system.

Watch this full 7 Minute Commissions review on Youtube here.

Who am I?Jeremy Wayne

For the sake of honesty, everything in this 7 Minute Commissions review is 100% my point-of-view. I have been marketing since 2009, so I have seen plenty of make money systems through the years. With that said, I have grabbed access to this course and have gone through the material personally. I will cut the BS and tell you everything you need to know.

I first met Tom E (the guy in the marketing videos) back in 2013. Back then, he had just released software called Arbitrage Underdog. The AU software was pretty cool. It connected Craigslist ads to Fiverr services and gave you an edge in flipping service requests into profits as the middleman with the Fiverr service providers. It gave you a unique way to deliver services directly from Fiverr to Craigslist ad posters. I used this strategy to deliver tasks, like SEO and logo services to people who asked for them.

Who are the Dudes Behind 7 Minute Commissions?

7-minute commissions teachers

Tom E and Vick Carty are partnering up for 7 Minute Commissions to bring you this affiliate system. Tom E is well known and respected in internet marketing and has successfully launched many affiliate systems over the past decade or so (like Arbitrage Underdog, The Six-Figure Newbie Secret, Arbitrage Sugardaddy, and more). This guy practices what he preaches. I have received nearly 2,000 emails from him since 2014 (I counted them) and a lot of them follow the formula set forth in this course.

Vick Carty has been a top 5% vendor on WarriorPlus and has had 8 of his offers get featured on the W+ platform. He has sold thousands of his own courses since 2018 and knows a thing or two about how to build a list, how to drive traffic to affiliate offers, and how to make a killing online. These two guys together bring a lot to the table.

If you are ready to check out 7 Minute Commissions, click here.

 What is 7 Minute Commissions?

7 minute commissions

7 Minute Commissions is a system that will teach you how to take affiliate offers, create “dumb” letters (in this case, emails), and send those emails to people who want to buy affiliate courses. All the resources you’ll need are provided throughout the course with over-the-shoulder setup included. From start to finish, it might take 1-2 hours to watch the training, set up the system, and deploy.

This course is setup so a newbie could jump in and get started right away. It doesn’t matter if you are not a techie, as long as you have access to an internet connection and are willing to follow the videos, you can get started on the path to 7 minute commissions!

How Does The 7 Minute Commissions system work?

The 7 Minute Commissions process is a five-step system that is easy to implement. You’re just gonna harness the power of list building and email marketing to rake in commissions. Here is the process laid out in order.

  1. Collect Affiliate Offers – Find the affiliate offers that you want to promote. You will make money from selling these products to others.
  2. Set up your autoresponder – They use an autoresponder called Aweber, which will send emails to your list, even while you’re asleep. This is the way you will send the “dumb” letters.
  3. Set up your landing page – In order to build a list to send your dumb letters, you will need to have a landing page to capture those emails. Vick will show you how to build a landing page with Convertri. They even have a landing page to give you for free.
  4. Order traffic – Vick will teach you how to use Udimi to drive traffic to the landing page you just set up. The traffic will sign up to your list and buy the affiliate offers you collected in step one.
  5. Email marketing – Whether or not your traffic bought the affiliate offer isn’t as important as whether or not they signed up through your landing page. This step is the followup where the majority of your money will be made. The contacts in your list will be an asset you can tap into time and time again!

Voila, the system is all set up – that’s 7 Minute Commissions in a nutshell.

How do I get 7 Minute Commissions without Huge Paid Traffic Expenses?

There is a science behind building a list and making a profit, especially when you’re starting out. You might want to build your list without spending a few hundred on the solo ads through Udimi. If this is you, then don’t fret! Tom and Vick reveal four bonus free traffic strategies to build your list and make sales!

Free traffic strategies you’ll learn:

  • Facebook Groups – how to share your offers and build your list with Facebook groups
  • Twitter search – Use Twitter’s advanced search features to find people who are looking for your products
  • Trends hijack – use Google to find trending blogs to make sales or drive traffic to your landing page
  • Quora traffic – Use the social site Quora to make sales

Are there any One Time Offers (OTO’s)?

The front end offer for the 7 Minute Commissions course is around $17. There are five total OTO’s you’ll be offered after you buy the main system. Let’s go over each OTO in order.

  1. A Guaranteed Career (Cost: $37) – This upgrade will give you access to Vick Carty’s weekly coaching to make sure you are working the 7 Minute Commissions system correctly. Vick’s weekly coaching is usually sold for $297.
  2. Done For You Option (Cost: $197) – Everything you see in 7 Minute Commissions will be done for you.
  3. Copy us Offer (Cost: $37) – You get to copy everything Tom and Vick do with their system: you’ll get access to their affiliate offers, dumb emails, and everything else they’ve shared.
  4. Guaranteed Traffic (Cost: $197) – They will give you access to their daily traffic from all their websites so you can siphon their customers for your list.
  5. Winner’s Circle (Cost: $97) – You get resell rights to all their products.

The OTO’s with this course provide a lot of value, but there is more to this system than just the extra addon pieces. If you invested in 7 minute commissions with all the OTO’s, you’d have a complete system with a guaranteed list and profits (you’ll also want to see all my bonuses below).

Additional Bonuses Offered by Vick Carty

The theme of this system is affiliate marketing training. The additional bonuses offer additional value and resources to help you on your path to the super affiliate lifestyle.

Here are a few additional bonuses you don’t want to miss out on.

  • Profit Booster Niches: This bonus will layout all of the best niches and subniches to tap into. There are a few great ideas in here. This can be used as a map for an authority niche site, or just a compass for newbies that are wondering what kind of offers they should look for.
  • Affiliate Profit X: This bonus is focused on how to make money with Youtube videos. It lays out the ways you can get paid with video marketing.
  • How to make $997 Commission On Demand: Vick explains how to find high ticket offers that result in huge commissions in this bonus.
  • Automatic Traffic Software Included: Software for generating free traffic to your videos, included with the system.

If you are ready to join the 7 Minute Commissions family, click here and make your first commissions today!

My 7 Minute Commissions Bonus

7 minute commissions bonus

You are getting a lot of information and powerful tools for $17, but that is just everything they’re giving you. I’ve got a few bonuses waiting for you when you buy from this website.

Bronze Bonus Package (Total Value: $3,046)

Just buy 7 Minute Commissions and get access to the following bonuses.

Camtasia Studio 2020 (Value: $249)

Everyone who buys 7 Minute Commissions from this page will receive access to Camtasia Studio 2020 as a bonus. A huge part of being an affiliate marketer is being a creator of content. This software will enable you to create videos off your desktop or laptop.

Youtube For Bloggers (Value: $297)

Video marketing is huge in any niche of affiliate marketing, no matter how you promote offers. One of the bonuses of this course focuses exclusively on video marketing. This bonus will take you further with ideas on Youtube channel strategy, video production tips, channel and video optimization, and different ways you can monetize your videos more effectively.

Access to 50 Free Courses on Digital Marketing With Certificates of Completion (Value: $2,500)

I found a trove of free courses with certificates you can show off to demonstrate your value as a marketer. These are all high quality courses that will teach you all about content marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing, email marketing, web development and design, online advertising, and digital marketing. This bonus is perfect for all marketers of all levels that want to learn from experts with proof they have acquired the skills.

Silver Bonus Package (Total Value: $4,043)

Buy at any two of the OTO’s offered with this system and get access to the Silver Bonus Package. This includes everything from the Bronze Package as well.

E-Commerce Course (Value: $997)

For those who seriously invest in 7 Minute Commissions, I am offering this bonus to the first 10 fast action-takers who buy at least 2 of the OTO’s. I am limiting access to this course because it is truly powerful. Advanced eCommerce secrets and strategies are revealed in this course for any marketer or entrepreneur that is serious about building a powerful eCommerce website from scratch.

Gold Bonus Package (Total Value: $6,040)

For only the most serious of marketers, this is the ultimate affiliate/digital marketing bonus. This is reserved for the future all stars that not only buy 7 Minute Commissions, but all of the One Time Offers as well. You are getting a high ticket course on top of an effective system. You will be armed with enough knowledge to make millions online. The only real question is, what will you do with that knowledge?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Value: $1,997)

This is the ultimate bonus for the rare few that are willing to take the deep plunge and never look back. You will be rewarded in many ways, not only with all the assistance and coaching you get with Tom and Vick, but also with premium courses that share some truly profound knowledge that has changed lives. Affiliate Marketing Mastery will help you master every aspect of affiliate marketing with premium information.


There will be several unannounced bonuses included as well for the next 10 people who act on this offer with immediate effect (or until they are taken down).

To Claim Your Bonuses

When you purchase the 7 Minute Commissions from this page, send me an email at freedomfromfailure@gmail.com with the subject line, “7 Minute Commissions Bonus Request.” I will verify that I have received credit for the sale. If you bought the OTO’s let me know in the email as well.

The easiest way to ensure the affiliate link gets credit for your purchase, is to clear the cookies in your browser, or simply buy it from this site in a different browser (i.e. Chrome instead of Firefox) .

I will send your bonuses within 24 hours of your email request.

7 Minute Commissions Conclusion

This system is gonna teach you how to find affiliate offers, set up autoresponders and landing pages, build your list, and followup effectively. The bonuses in the system offer a lot of support and insight into how to set everything up. If you want more personalized help and DFY solutions, you can find those in the OTO’s that follow the front end system.

The real power for you as an aspiring affiliate marketer will come from my bonuses. With up to $6,040 in bonuses up for grabs, you will have access to a complete gold mine of information to help you make a killing in affiliate/digital/social marketing. Like I say on my website’s homepage, welcome to the rabbit hole. Buy 7 Minute Commissions and enter here.

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