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The Secret Behind PLR eBooks [Your Affiliate Marketing Business On Steroids]

If you are building an affiliate marketing or blogging business, then I’m sure you’re sick of all of all these secrets! The more you know, the more you realize you need to know more! And the carousel of affiliate marketing goes on. Today, I am not gonna beat around the bush…PLR eBooks, and just plain PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS products are a MUST if you want to build an audience online!

You are afterall, trying to build a business, aren’t you? In the world of marketing, information is the the most valuable currency we have to leverage in the eyes of potential buyers. So many people spend hours, days, and even months developing their own products. Then there’s emails for your autoresponder, articles for your blog, articles for your article marketing, reports for listbuilding…(OMG make this guy shut up already!) Yes, it is all about CONTENT. Content is king, they say!

content creation

So on that note, let me ask you a question. How do you inject content into your blogging business? Do you spend hours a day writing posts, emails, reports, and other miscellaneous stuff? Do you spend all of your valuable time creating content yourself because you are trying to save money on outsourcing all this crap to some guy on Fiverr named Dynamowriter for $5-$10 a pop (if that is you, no offense intended!)?

What I’m getting at, is content creation is exhausting and costly as all hell! Your business takes up enough time and money as it is… You can just save your time and money now! The answer is private label rights! PLR eBooks and other PLR products take all of that excess time and energy out of content creation so you can focus on building your affiliate marketing business!

plr ebooks

What Are PLR EBooks?

PLR eBooks are eBooks other people write, but sell to you with all the resell rights so you can call it your own. What does that mean? It means you can give it to your list with your name on it, give it away as a bonus to increase conversions on your marketing campaigns, and so much more! The sky is the limit with PLR eBooks. But why should the fun end with PLR eBooks?

Private Label Rights products is a HUGE business. People will literally spend hundreds a month sometimes for products with private label rights. These products range from eBooks, to articles, videos, software, pre-written emails, and so much more! Each report or PLR eBook can cost you on average $20 to $40.

How Can I Save Money With Private Label Rights?private label rights

By now you are probably wondering, how you are saving money with PLR? All you do is spend, spend, spend! Where are the profits? Private Label Rights will free up your time so you can focus on finding the profits. With the clever use of tools, PLR, and blogging, listbuilding becomes a cinch! As we all know, listbuilding is where the money is, correct? YES! Now let me save you additional time and introduce to you a revolutionary concept: PLR Membership!

What Is This PLR Membership Site?

IDPLR is a PLR Membership site that sells PLR eBooks, videos, articles, reports, and software to all members who have a silver or gold membership. The best part is, you can pick whatever PLR you want for free once you are a gold member with IDPLR! Here is a comprehensive list of everything you can do with a GOLD membership with IDPLR

Use it as a content for your website or a blog.
Sell products on your website, directories, forums, eBay, amazon, Tradebit, etc.
Create your own membership site or a web store.
Use the content to setup a newsletter for your subscribers.
Use the content for your autoresponder series.
Give away the product as a gift to your new list, make your subscribers happy — you can even put your affiliate link in it to make some extra profit.
Make an eCourse and give it away to your subscribers — this is a great way to build a list.
Make money from Google AdSense — use content to create tons of AdSense sites.
Use the product as a bonus for your main product and raise your conversions.
Promote some affiliate product on ClickBank or JVzoo and offer the PLR as a bonus to customers who come through your affiliate link.
Use the PLR content to create your own info product which you can sell on ClickBank and JVzoo
Turn the product into video tutorial 
Turn the content into audio series or podcast.
Transform the content into mobile apps — This is a new popular way to make money in a hot market.
Create tangible product
Build a website with PLR and flip it
Use the content to create informative press release
Rewrite the content and submit it to article directories for backlinks to your website

This list is just to name a few things you can do with your IDPLR membership! PLR eBooks are just the tip of the iceberg here!

So if you are ready to utilize the IDPLR website to build your affiliate marketing business like wildfire, just click the button below to get into it now! You’ll also learn what you get with your membership [it’s pretty crazy]!

join idplr

If you are worried about the price, don’t be! Here is a breakdown of the current membership options for IDPLR:

  • $37 for every 3 months.
  • $89 per year.
  • SPECIAL OFFER $117 Lifetime Membership!

If you can afford the lifetime membership offer, I highly recommend it! It will save you boatloads in the longrun. If not, you will make more than enough with any of the options listed above to pay for them by the time your next payment will be do if follow my advice given on this blog (please sign up on the right for all my secrets and tips).

Let’s get you all the PLR eBooks you’ll ever need – click here now! 

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