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Google Crawler: How To Get Your Video URL Seen Right Away

Video marketing can require a lot of patience and ingenuity. It may seem like a royal pain in the hiney, but it is possible to rank well on Google with Youtube videos on purpose! It all starts with a quality video (either one you created or done for you) and a little Google action. The Google crawler spiders need to see your video URL before you can even rank it!

The Google Crawler is an extremely complex algorithm that may or may not see your new content (written as a blog post or filmed in a video). A lot of people ask questions like, “how to crawl a website?” but, If you are into video marketing, your video may be overlooked as well.

How to use the Google Crawler to get your site seen on Google

Most people post their content and wait for Google to find it. When you think of all the content that is added to the internet every single day, it really boggles the mind! Google also has set priorities as far as what it looks for first whenever anything is posted on the net. Websites with higher pagerank and authority will always get priority over your content, unless you know how to use Google’s simple tool against them!

That’s right, the Google Keyword Planner is your best weapon against your site remaining invisible for a duration of time. I bet you never knew Google built their Google Crawler software right into their Keyword Planner tool, did you? Probably not! So few people do this…

It’s simple to find and even easier to use!

Here are the steps to get the Google Crawler to find your URL

1. Sign into the Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner


2. Once you’ve clicked on the Keyword Planner link above, sign into your Google Adwords account, or create a new one (they are free to create). Once you are signed into the Google Keyword Planner, click “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” as shown below.

Google Keyword Planner Search

3. You will then be taken to a screen as shown below. Simply enter your video URL into the “Your Landing Page” field and click “Get Ideas.”

Google Crawler


4. You’re done. Google has crawled your video! It will be visible on Google now!

Google Crawler Conclusion

It’s extremely simple to get Google to crawl your URL and get it instantly visible on the biggest Search engine on the planet! Use the Google Keyword Planner! Think of it as your own personal web crawler search engine buddy. Now that you now how to use the Google Crawler to get your videos crawled quickly, there is nothing stopping you from cranking out several videos a day!

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