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Brand Marketing: How Product Licensing Can Help Internet Marketers

  Brand marketing and product licensing work in the offline world and nearly always conclude in success when done right. Most internet marketers overlook this simple concept and try to reinvent the wheel. Product licensing is not only economical, it’s intelligent marketing.

When given a choice between going through a 10-year process of cultivating one’s own brand from scratch (which includes rigorous testing, tweaking, and establishing a broad loyalty base), and tapping into the resources of a well-known and established brand name in the same category, a lot of people choose to start their own business and inevitably fail. Brand marketing is a powerful and successful practice in offline business planning and development. Brand marketing and/or product licensing does often require a significant investment, but it can procure dividends that far outweigh and the initial costs and fees. Aligning oneself with a successful brand is not only smart – it can ensure your success. If you bought a franchise with a major brand like McDonalds, Subway, or TGI Fridays, you would be given all the ingredients necessary to accomplish success. The only things you’d have to worry about are the fees, location where you set up shop, and advertising for your business (billboards, commercials, newspaper ads, etc.). Just like with offline brand marketing and franchising, internet branding and licensing is a real thing and is a great way to push the envelope of your online business and earn a good income off the production efforts of established experts!

What Is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is the process of taking an established marketing “idea,” and embracing/selling it as your own. Once a brand reaches a sort of critical mass of positive sentiment in the marketplace, it becomes recognized by people not as a company, but as a brand franchise. Think about your favorite brands. When you hear about Disney, do you think of CEO’s around a table discussing new ideas? You more than likely think of the products Disney has released – the movies, shows, Disney World, and so much more. Brand awareness is the one of the most important aspects of brand marketing and development, because people will never buy into a brand if they can not identify and recognize that brand under different conditions. That is why many companies spend countless dollars on developing their brand awareness via means of logos, jingles, taglines, catch phrases, graphics, and even distinct colors. these are all elements that enhance brand awareness. If the process is done right, we become psychologically intoxicated with these elements and the traces of selling and marketing fade into the mist.

What is Product Licensing in Terms of Internet Brand Marketing?

In terms of internet marketing, product licensing is often overlooked by the majority of online money seekers. It almost seems like people don’t approach internet marketing with the same mindset as offline business owners approach their businesses. Product licensing is the easiest and fastest way to ensure success online. A lot of big name marketers like Daegan Smith, Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, and many more have been using the concepts of product licensing to further their businesses for years. Product licensing is in effect, taking products created by someone else’s brand and selling them yourself. All you need to do is buy the licensing rights to the product and drive traffic to the ads the product owners have created and tested for you. Usually the products you can buy licensing rights for are high ticket items that can earn you 90-100% commission per sale (usually minus some sort of merchant fee). These products can earn you anywhere from $50 to $1,000 or more for every sale you generate. The biggest caveat is that buying licensing rights to products like this are usually more expensive than the cost of the product itself. I have seen some marketers pay upwards of $3,000 for licensing rights to high ticket products before. But why did they spend so much? Because it works! The only thing you must do once you have licensing rights is pinpoint the best sources of traffic, and drive away. This makes your job as a marketer more one-dimensional. Rubik’s cube solved.

Product Licensing and Magnetic Sponsoring

magnetic sponsoring
Magnetic Sponsoring Brand

There are brands that provide real value for internet marketers – they provide products that are of well-known value and can assist in network marketing training, advertising know-how, and so much more. Magnetic Sponsoring is one of the first and foremost brands that network marketing leaders turn to when they want to learn the latest and greatest trends in dominating the multilevel marketing field. Magnetic Sponsoring was started by Mike Dillard several years ago after he failed network marketing time and time again. He started to figure out the best ways of generating leads and approaching them and became a real pro. Magnetic Sponsoring has become a huge brand in this industry, thanks to fantastic execution of brand awareness and unmatched product quality. They are trusted by network marketers and home biz op seekers everywhere and chocked full of inimitable value. Magnetic Sponsoring does allow Product licensing and many of the industry leaders have actually made a name for themselves using the Magnetic Sponsoring brand name to propel their presence and credibility in the marketplace. Daegan Smith is one prime example. He has formed an extremely success business called “The Home Business Network.” His company has become a monster in the online advertising industry and is one of the most trusted advertising businesses by internet pros.

How Can You Get Into Brand Marketing with Magnetic Sponsoring?

If you are interested in getting a product license with the Magnetic Sponsoring brand, you are inmagnetic sponsoring good company! Hundreds of successful marketers have done just that and are raking in thousands per month! Brand marketing with Magnetic Sponsoring is actually included when you join their elite, proven system called Elite Marketing Pro. The beauty of this system is you get licensing rights to every single product they have active for promotion (currently there are 10 active products)! Not only will you be eligible to receive 100% commissions on each product you have rights for, but the Magnetic Sponsoring team will also help you close sales with the prospects you bring in and make you up to $18,000 per lead! This program has been a proven money-maker for many people – some of them had never seen success before getting into Elite Marketing Pro! For a full review of everything you get with Elite Marketing Pro, please check it out here. Here is a list of all the products you can get licensing rights for at the moment:

  1. The Ultimate Sales Funnel & Marketing Mastery Bootcamp
  2. Magnetic Sponsoring Course
  3. Pro Blog Academy
  4. Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint
  5. Building on a Budget
  6. Black Belt Recruiting
  7. MLM Traffic Formula II
  8. The Copywriter’s Guild
  9. What’s Working Now
  10. Elite Marketing Pro
  11. Alpha Networker 2.0

The best news is, you can get access to the entire Magnetic Sponsoring library when you join Elite Marketing Pro at the Annual Membership level (and have licensing rights to sell the active products and any product that they release in the future)!

Brand Marketing Conclusion

elite marketing proBrand Marketing is a huge business offline. Many internet marketers over look this and try to either create their own product from scratch, or they just sell cheap ebooks that are outdated or saturated with other competitors. Brand marketing and product licensing is the easiest and fastest way to reap the benefits of high quality products, while earning a lot of extra money at the same time. I think brand marketing will see an increase in internet marketing presence. Elite Marketing Pro with Magnetic Sponsoring is part of that movement and anyone that takes part in this system is setting themselves up for real residual profits for many years to come.

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