Clickbank Breaks The Internet review

Clickbank Breaks The Internet Review And [HUGE] Bonus

Clickbank has always been at the forefront of the online affiliate marketing industry. Their products via the marketplace are very accessible and they make it easy to find the right products to promote. Imagine if you could get high-end training, tools, and support straight from the source: could that be instrumental in your success? Clickbank Breaks The Internet will be the best offer Clickbank has ever revealed for affiliate marketers.

Clickbank will be rolling out this special offer on October 28th. Clickbank Breaks The Internet will only be available for about 11 days between October 28th through November 7th. If you are serious about affiliate marketing and love Clickbank (or selling digital products online), then you will want to pay attention to Clickbank Breaks The Internet.

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What Is Clickbank?

Founded in 1998 in San Diego, CA by Tim and Eileen Barber, Clickbank is Clickbankan Affiliate Network and Marketplace. Clickbank specializes in giving product vendors and affiliate marketers a place to work together and partake and Joint Venture projects. Basically, product creators create products and launch them with Clickbank, then affiliates register to sell the products for a given commission (almost always 50%, but sometimes more).

Clickbank is one of the top affiliate networks on the planet. As of 2014, it reportedly had over 6 million affiliates registered on its site across 190 countries, with an estimated 30,000 transactions occurring daily. In 2016, Clickbank was recognized and ranked as the 87th top-internet retailer by internet Retailer Magazine.

I have been a member of Clickbank since 2009, making my first actual sale in 2010. The marketplace and features have not changed much in that period of time, but the training and resources offered to affiliates have grown leaps and bounds – and it makes perfect sense, too. The more money their affiliates make, the more money the company makes.

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Introducing Clickbank Breaks The Internet!

clickbank breaks the internet

Clickbank University is a training program offered by Clickbank itself, beginning in 2014. The training has evolved tremendously in that period of time, with more value added. Clickbank Breaks The Internet is the latest addition to their course, the greatest offer they’ve ever made (in Justin Atlan’s words).

If you wanted to learn how to dominate Clickbank, your best source of information is from the source itself, wouldn’t you agree? Some of the top affiliates earn over $100,000 a month (with some earning as much as $20,000 per day). To earn that much, you need to have software and automated systems in place – and you are gonna get all of that right here.

Can Anyone Make Money With Clickbank?

There are a lot of ways to make money online, but affiliate marketing is oneClickbank Sales Proof of the easiest ways for newbies to make their first commissions. It really all just boils down to having both of these components:

  1. A site or page with a product or line of products featured on it
  2. Affiliate links to the products on the site
  3. Traffic to that site or page

That’s it.

There are several ways to accomplish these, which explains why there are so many courses online. The image above are actual results I have seen with Clickbank. It really is possible to make some serious money with affiliate marketing.

Clickbank Breaks The Internet is going to address all of the problems you may encounter with affiliate marketing. What you want is the review… let’s get to it!

Full Clickbank Breaks The Internet Review

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this review, let’s go over some basics at a glance:

Course Name: Clickbank Breaks The Internet

Creator: Justin Atlan and the Clickbank University team

Price: $2,497 (or $997 for 3 months)

Dates of availability: October 28th – November 7th

Official Website:

Is it recommended: Yes, highly!

Who is Behind the course?

Clickbank Breaks The Internet is hosted by Justin Atlan. If you are familiarJustin Atlan with Clickbank University, you have probably heard the name and even seen his training videos. Before CB University, he was a top affiliate, wracking up millions in sales back in the day. His methods were so lucrative, he ended up creating the Clickbank University franchise for Clickbank to help its affiliates and entrepreneurs replicate his success.

What Will I Get With Clickbank Breaks The Internet?

This product is simply packed with value. This course is designed for anyone that wants to master affiliate marketing. It is designed for both product vendors (creators) and affiliates. It comes with software that is factored into the cost of the course. You will notice, there is a great deal of synergy between the training and tools Clickbank Breaks The Internet gives you access to.

Better yet, the cost is all-inclusive – no OTO’s or surprises after you join!

With that said, let’s go over the course components.

Clickbank University Premium (Sold Separately for $47/month) 

Clickbank University Premium

Clickbank University Premium offers all the training you will ever need to be successful in affiliate marketing. Created by some of the best affiliates Clickbank has ever seen, you will learn how to be profitable as both a vendor and as an affiliate.

Vendor Training

The first part of the course focuses on successful strategies for product vendors. If you are successful as an affiliate, this is the next logical step for you. This module is broken down into 12 weeks of actionable content.

Week 1: How everything works – setup for success

Week 2: Finding your perfect product

Week 3: Creating your avatar

Week 4: Course content creation & outsourcing

Week 5: Your perfect upsell to maximize sales

Week 6: High-converting sales copy

Week 7: The “easy” VSL (Video Sales Letter)

Week 8: Finalizing your product via Builder, etc.

Week 9: Getting up on Clickbank

Week 10: JV managing

Week 11: Split testing

Week 12: How to scale

Bonus:  Selling high ticket products on webinars

Affiliate Training

The second part of the Clickbank University course is the affiliate training. You will learn how to pick and sell digital products through the Clickbank marketplace. This course will take 8 weeks to go over and master.

Week 1: Affiliate marketing on CB

Week 2: Understanding affiliate marketing

Week 3: Finding your passion

Week 4: The ultimate affiliate funnel

Week 5: Free, free free: always over deliver

Week 6: Writing the perfect swipe

Week 7: The email blueprint

Week 8: Scaling and expanding

Bonus: Running affiliate promotions

The training will show you advanced affiliate strategies, along with how to use the next pieces of the Clickbank Breaks the Internet course.

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Clickbank Builder (Originally sold for $594)

Clickbank Builder

Clickbank Builder is a sales funnel building software. It has been compared to Clickfunnels and Leadpages. This drag-and-drop software was offered with Clickbank University 2.0 as $600 upsell. It is completely included with Clickbank Breaks The Internet. It will give you the choice of building sales pages, sales funnels, and/or opt-in pages for email marketing.

To give you an idea of the immense value being offered, here is a breakdown of the cost of using ClickFunnels compared with the cost of the Clickbank Builder.

Clickbank Builder versus ClickFunnels

Some people spend a lot on ClickFunnels and those payments add up over time. Buying Clickbank Breaks The Internet just makes sense if you want to focus on marketing with Clickbank as your preferred network.

Automated WebinarX Technology

WebinarX Clickbank

Being a high-level affiliate requires the use of some automated software and systems. The WebinarX software will allow you to create and share automated webinars. If the idea of selling high ticket products for other and/or especially your own, then you need to use webinars.

Automated webinars are pre-recorded the attendees think is live. This allows the vendor/affiliate to focus on other tasks, while the auto webinar is doing all the hard work. Now, that is what I call powerful, passive income.

Additional Bonuses

Looking for some additional incentive? Let’s discuss some of the extra incentives that lie in store. Later, I’ll share my exclusive bonuses, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Clickbank Breaks The Internet special features

Clickbank Breaks The Internet extra bonuses

Who Is Clickbank Breaks The Internet For?

Taking all of the above into consideration, you are probably trying to decide if this course is right for you. Despite what some may tell you, you need to approach this investment from a logical state, rather than an emotional state. Clickbank Breaks The Internet may be right for you if:

  • You want to build a product-based business or affiliate empire around the Clickbank platform
  • The cost won’t bury your family or take away from your necessities (like housing, food, utilities, etc.)
  • You are fully committed to building a business selling digital products
  • You are realistic about the results and willing to work hard to make it happen
  • You’re coachable and able to follow simple instructions
  • If you want access to Clickbank University without the monthly $47 fees

Who Should NOT Buy Clickbank Breaks The Internet?

For the sake of honesty and complete transparency, I wanted to go over some of the types of people that shouldn’t buy this course. Clickbank Breaks The Internet is not for everyone. Do absolutely NOT buy this if:

  • You are a perennial “shiny object” seeker
  • If money is tight and you struggle to pay your bills. Remember, you should never make any big financial decisions based on emotional responses
  • You are not willing to commit to affiliate marketing
  • You’re not a fan of Clickbank or its products
  • If you do not have access to a computer on a regular basis (this is internet marketing, after all)

The list above is not comprehensive, but should give you some idea of who should consider this course… and who should avoid it. Simply put, Clickbank Breaks The Internet is for those who love Clickbank, want to build an affiliate marketing business, and have the means to do so. 

I don’t want you to hurt yourself or your family’s finances to get in this. I respect you and your business and simply ask for the same in return.

My bonuses are designed to give you a massive leg up on your competition and it is my investment in you for giving me a chance by buying from this site.  

My Clickbank Breaks The Internet Bonus

Could you use additional training and software to help your affiliate marketing business? That’s what I thought! My Clickbank Breaks The Internet Bonus will look to add so much value to this offer, you will have no choice but to invest in it today!

Bonus #1: The Million Dollar Document

This is probably my favorite online resource. I find myself going back to it over and over. It’s a 10-page Word file filled to the brim with courses (103 courses, to be exact). The value of these trainings easily exceeds $25,000. By that, I mean you would spend way more than that to buy all of them yourself. The material could make you millions, hence the name “Million Dollar Document.”

Bonus #2:  40 Secrets To Growing Your Entrepreneurial Success 10x

This bonus is a series of mp3 files, giving you 40 secrets for how to grow your entrepreneurial empire.

Bonus #3: Auto Webinar Course

Since webinars are a huge part of the training, I thought I would add a bonus course on how to construct and maximize auto webinars. This course is high ticket and sheds additional insight on highly effective webinar strategies.

Bonus #4: Camtasia Software

A huge part of my business is recording my screen. I have used Camtasia in the past to record my screen for affiliate marketing over-the-shoulder videos. I will give you Camtasia as a bonus.

Bonus #5: Clickbank Cash Machines 2.0

A product on how to maximize sales of Clickbank products.

Bonus $6: How To Be Creative And Innovative

This is a course completely dedicated to teaching you how to be more creative. You will learn various strategies to utilize and enhance lateral thinking.

Bonus #7: RankXL 3.0 Niche Course

Building authority sites is a great way to build a passive income. If affiliate marketing is your calling, then you can actually hire teams to build authority niche sites for you. RankXL is one of my all-time favorite courses for a reason.

Bonus #8: Unannounced Bonuses

I’ve got more to share that will enhance your Clickbank business. Simply follow the instructions below to steal this unfair advantage! 

To Get Your Bonuses:

When you purchase Clickbank Breaks The Internet from this page, send me an email at with the subject line, “Clickbank Breaks The Internet Bonus Request.” I will verify that I received credit for the sale. There are two ways to ensure my affiliate link gets credit for your sale:

  1. Buy it through an alternate browser (i.e. if you were introduced to the course on Chrome but you like my bonus, buy from Firefox through the link in this review).
  2. Clear your browser cache, then click the link. Just make sure [affiliate=jerzim80] appears on the payment page.

I will send your bonus within 24 hours of your email request.

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Clickbank Breaks The Internet Summary

Clickbank is one of my favorite ways to get paid online. About 95% of the affiliate products I promote on my site are Clickbank products. I am not a vendor yet, but I have considered it in the past. Clickbank Breaks the Internet is one of those courses most seasoned marketers wish they had as a newbie to cut their learning curve way down. We have all started somewhere.

You will be getting all the affiliate marketing training you need, unlimited access to a sales funnel builder, and an auto webinar creator, all for a one-time payment. You will need an autoresponder for email marketing, but most of the other fees are included in that one-time payment.

Clickbank is a great platform and Clickbank Breaks The Internet is the best system for anyone that wants to dominate Clickbank as an affiliate or vendor. Click the button below to get started today!get Clickbank Breaks The Internet

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