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Kibo Code And The Seven Success Features

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have released a brand new system that will be available until February 6th only. The system is called Kibo Code, and it is a unique eCommerce training program that will teach you how to build a huge eCommerce store in 24-48 hours with under 5 hours of work each week of maintenance. The Kibo Code features just might blow you away…

For Kibo Code, I have teamed up with a successful marketing friend of mine to bring you some of the best bonuses I have seen offered in this arena. John Di Lemme brings 20 years of marketing excellence to the table and has offered free coaching to the first 7 people that buy Kibo Code. John also interviewed Steve Clayton on a live Podcast you can find below. Steve Clayton has been a successful entrepreneur for 15 years (after a successful corporate career that gave him little time) and is the creator of Kibo Code.

Click here to find the Kibo Code interview on Youtube.

The pitfalls of the traditional eCommerce business model can be extensive and include store setup, product selection, store design, lack of buyer traffic, limits to profitable products, community support, etc. Kibo Code is designed to eliminate nearly every traditional obstacle you would face in eCommerce. 

Kibo Code – 7 Features

I have already written a full Kibo Code review you can find here. This post digs a little deeper into what this marketing program offers that makes it so unique. So let’s discuss the 7 components that make up the Kibo Code system.

Central IntelligenceKibo Code Central Intelligence

The first component is the classified eCommerce training that will reveal every step of the system in great detail. This is the core 8-week training that has been designed to fast track you to expert-level status with the Kibo Code eCommerce business model. The central intelligence system features a series of detailed modules, each with step-by-step videos, strategy manuals, live weekly webinars, MindMaps and more.

You’re gonna learn the inner-circle secrets of eCommerce success and how to start earning your first profits in as little as 48 hours. There are a total of six modules and everything is delivered directly by Steve and Aidan.

StoreStormKibo Code StoreStorm

This component is part of the Kibo Code software package and will cut your time spent and overall frustration to a tiny fraction of what it normally would be when setting up a new site. That is because StoreStorm is a super-app that will set up your entire eCommerce store for you. StoreStorm will also allow you to use their most highly-converting theme that has generated as much as $76,000 for Steve and Aidan in a single day.

If setting up websites has been your downfall in the past, this app will completely eliminate that hassle. Your entire eCommerce store will be setup and ready to go in 60 minutes or less!

Hand-Picked ProductsKibo Code hand picked products

While the Central Intelligence will show you exactly how to pick your own products for your store, this component is something else entirely. Steve and Aidan are gonna give you five unique products to expedite your success. By unique, I mean they are going to give YOU these products personally, not just everyone who buys Kibo Code.

This is powerful, because it will give you a leg up and that instant gratification you need to keep you motivated. This eCommerce training system moves fast and can take your revenues to record highs right out the gate.

Profit VaultKibo Code Profit Vault

This one is unique, as its designed to provide you with additional high-potential products that you can sell. This is also part of the Kibo Code software package of tools that will eliminate a ton of time and headaches. This Profit Vault software will allow you to sift through over 3 million products they’ve identified as the most profitable, and filter out the products that will pay the most.

What makes this component one of the most exciting, is that it connects directly to the StoreStorm app, which will import your selections and listings directly onto your eCommerce store at the click of a button! This is gonna save you days, if not weeks of tedious research.

Traffic Black BoxKibo Code Traffic Black Box

Maybe getting and sustaining a steady flow of buyer traffic is an issue you’ve encountered in the past? This component will teach you how to generate massive traffic to your eCommerce store without a huge budget. This is a tell-all, foolproof approach that will teach you insider secrets to reaching untapped sources of buyer traffic.

This aspect of the Kibo Code system is one of the reasons you will never have to worry about any competition. No one can compete with you when you don’t have a specific niche and unlimited traffic at your finger tips. We’re talking multiple sources of traffic here, not just one. We’re talking visitors to your store that look like this:

eCommerce store traffic

Oracle XKibo Code Oracle X

One of the keys to the Kibo Code system is the hands-free approach to the system. There is a reason the Kibo Code cost is not less $1,000. This is a premium suite of training, tools, and expert guidance. Oracle X is another suite of software tools that will accelerate your site creation, eliminating all of the guesswork most cheaper systems provide.

With Oracle X, you will get access to the following:

  • The Domain Name Selector, which will quickly pinpoint a high quality domain to use for your store that already has a decent history.
  • A key code to their proprietary design software that will enable you to design a stunning logo for your ecommerce store, even if you have zero designing experience.
  • Automate store-publishing software that will allow you to get your website up and running without any technical knowledge.
  • The Product Populator tool that will “fluff” out your site with products to bulk up your store. This will provide your customers with confidence to buy from you.
  • The Listing Builder, which will suck the listing of the products directly onto your site, so you don’t have to worry about formatting and messing around with the text or descriptions of the products on your site.

As you can clearly see, Kibo Code has a seamless connectivity throughout their software and system. Everything they have built works together and will save you and your team a ton of time and effort.

Kibo Academy  Kibo Academy

This final component may be one of the most critical aspects of the system. You’re gonna get access to help and support 24/7, 365 days a year. This is powerful, because you’re not only gonna get access to a private email to ask any technical question you might have, but you’ll also get help from a panel of live experts to help you overcome any other problem you might encounter.

They have also build a Kibo Code Community, where you can interact with the Kibo Code team and fellow members of the system. These features are exclusive to Kibo Code and are designed to help you get in profit faster. Very few eCommerce systems give you this level of dedication and proven resources to hit the ground running.

Kibo Code Features Conclusion

I don’t review too many internet marketing products these days, but I am truly excited about Kibo Code. I can’t tell you enough about how extraordinary this system really is. Steve and Aidan have already changed thousands of lives over the past few years with their ground-breaking systems they’ve created. Kibo Code will be another record-setter.

If you have any doubts on whether this Kibo Code system is right for you, just ask yourself a simple question: Do I like where I am right now? If you don’t, then ask if you’re ready to do what it takes to change that. Kibo Code comes with a moneyback guarantee, but our Kibo Code bonuses will help fill ANY gaps your marketing skills may lack.

I hope you’ve found these seven Kibo Code features very informative and helpful in making your decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at freedomfromfailure[at] Thanks for reading!

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