Anony-Pay and IPU Services Development: What is going on?

So I just got an email from some company called “Anony-Pay.” To be quite honest, I had never even heard of them before, but their subject, “Clarification of Issues – IPU Services,” didn’t just ring a bell…it rang a freaking gong in my mind. Simply put, IPU Services is a company that pays you to install their software on your computer so they can harvest your CPU when it’s idle. It seems like an awesome idea, until you dig a little deeper and take a closer look.

A friend of mine mentioned programs he had joined last year that were earning money. I decided to join these programs out of curiosity. I did NOT put any money into any of these said programs. One of them, was IPU Services. They promised to pay you up to $2 a day if you installed their software on your computer. I thought the idea was too good to be true, but I figured, why the heck not? It was free! What harm could be done!

Why Companies like IPU Services and Anony-pay should be banned from existence

To make a long story short, Anony-pay sent out an email to all the IPU Services members. WHY? I think the more pertinent question is HOW!? I didn’t sign up with them! I had never even heard of them! Yet they have my email. This was a HUGE tactical error that someone made. Once I had read the entire email, it struck me like lightning. The same person that owns IPU Services owns Anony-Pay. Think about it. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION!! Just click the image below to check out Anony-pay. Anony-pay, as in “this company is completely anonymous because it’s bogus.”



Both of these companies (Anony-pay and IPU Services) are playing games to earn your trust so they can get your money. IPU Services had Division Account Management positions they sold for $150 to entice you to spend more money. Now that people are n’t spending money anymore (since they stopped accepting Division/regional account managers), they need you to put money into their payment processor. DO NOT DO THIS. They are lying to you! They need your money. We’ve seen it so many times before. Like in Ad Click Xpress. That program pulled the bait and switch so many times, yet their lies never cease to amaze me.

IPU Services

There is a sort of fabric they are tearing apart every time one of these companies pulls a stunt like this. It takes away any sense of credibility our industry has with people that actually want to make an honest living!

How can you stop IPU Services and Anony-pay?

Unfortunately, the vicious cycle for programs like this will always continue. I have had experience in the HYIP industry…too much experience in the past. That is why I vowed to never invest any additional money once Profit Clicking died (long before Ad Click Xpress). I have kept that promise, but I couldn’t resist IPUS. They seemed to have a decent business solution and they were paying you for something you thought you could live without – CPU space while your computer is idle. You are essentially making money while your computer is not in use! Too good to be true… INDEED!

You can stop companies like this by not humoring their games. Don’t give them any money. Don’t even visit their websites. Remember, typically in the real world, money doesn’t come without effort. HYIP is worse than a casino! At least they tell you you are risking your money at a casino! You know you will probably lose! HYIP reels you in by selling the dream instead of showing you the cold hard truth. It isn’t worth the time you spend thinking about it! You can’t make money free without spending this thing called “time.”

Lessons Learned from IPU Services and Anony-pay

Most programs that promise you the World are probably scams. I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s true. I have learned this lesson the hardest way possible in the past. Don’t repeat my mistakes out of greed! Invest in a CD at your bank or stocks or a roth IRA. Do not do HYIP or programs that promise to make you money with little effort!

It is possible to make money online, but through branding and marketing means. Even affiliate marketing (selling physical/informational products to people via a website). Creativity is important. This is the path I have taken my business over the past few months after several failed attempts at marketing programs. If you’d like to learn more about what I’m doing now that is making me some real money, please read my post here.

Anony-pay will shut down, take your money, and run. They might cleverly start another business and blame the government or circumstance, but offer to give you everything you’ve given them if you join another program with them. That is what Just Been Paid, Profit Clicking, and Clickpaid did. I hope you walk away while you can! For your reference, please find the letter sent out below. What do you think about this?

Quoted from my email inbox…………..

Our Company, Anony-Pay has been in business since November of 2011.

Throughout that period of time, we have assisted literally hundreds of corporations and individuals with their financial affairs, being from simple payment exchange to funds transfers to investments.  We have never suffered a negative earnings period in our existence.

In all of our prospective work, we perform due-diligence to assure a mutually acceptable relationship between parties.  In January, we were contacted by Idle Processor Utilization Services to perform such an examination to determine if our firms could work together, namely, to have Anony-Pay act as a payment gateway for the services that Idle Processor Services, Inc, provides.

We will not go into any specifics at this point as to the financial reasons, but Anony-Pay has decided NOT to provide services to Idle Processor Utilization Services.  There should be no speculation as to why, other than to know that Anony-Pay has decided with finality that it was not in our best interest to do so.  Add to this the fact that we were advised seven days ago of a Merger between Idle Processor Services and a similar company, and we were simply unable to commit to this venture.

We do not necessarily feel it is our position to inform you of these circumstances, but it was made clear to us that no other parties involved planned on informing you, the client.  We felt it our moral obligation to send this missive.

There will be no further comment regarding this issue from our office.  Any questions should be directed to Idle Processor Utilization Services at  Emails sent to Anony-Pay in this regard will be ignored.

We wish you all the best in the future.

Ha ha, “moral obligation” my ass…

For more information about my experience with Ad Click Xpress and Profit Clicking, simply click click the links. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nothing we could say could reverse the rampant speculation spewed above.

    Our only mistake was trying to warn IPUS customers ourselves. Now, somehow, we are thought of as being the same people.

    How about you take a second and ASK us a question?

    Legitimacy can only be proven over time.

    1. I appreciate you coming onto my blog and taking the time to reply with a thoughtful comment. I would have totally over-looked everything regarding Anony-pay, but I got an email from you and I had never even heard of you. How could you send an email to me if I had never signed up with you? The context of the email seemed to assume we were customers of Anony-pay. I also did not advertise the fact that I was in IPUS and my information was supposed to be private when I signed up with IPUS. I think you assumed most customers in IPUS signed up with you and most wouldn’t notice, but it seems highly suspect to me. I really do hope you prove your legitimacy and I appreciate your warnings about IPUS. I will still tender caution though and advise others to do the same.

  2. ANYTHING regarding money on the internet deserves caution, with no exception. We support your views on that.

    That being said, however, we were simply disappointed at the rampant speculation such as is written above, and not a peep of a question in our inbox.

    As a writer of a blog, we respect your right to publish as you wish. Your website, your rules.

    We wish we had never heard of Coingeneration, IPUS, etc

    We support your rights to publish as you wish. Perhaps ask a question or two direct from the source?

    PS – We were impressed that, even though your site is moderated, you allowed the above comments from us to be published.

    1. Okay I have a question for you. How did you get my contact details if I had never done any business with you whatsoever and had never even heard of you? I know for a fact I didn’t give it to you and just forget about it. That is what forced me to look into the situation further. Like I said, if you had never sent out that email, I would never have thought twice about it.

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