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Global Domains International: Scam Revealed

If you have spent any amount of time in the internet marketing industry, then you have noticed the choice of programs to join is too numerous to list. There are a few standouts that seem to crop up most amongst the landscape of interminable dross that threatens the very fabric of financial sanity and value: one of these programs is Global Domains International.

Global Domains International (or GDI) is one of the most popular network marketing programs available online today. GDI was founded in 1999 by Alan Ezeir and Michael Starr and has quickly grown into a global enterprise that offers high quality hosting for ‘.ws’ domains worldwide. While Global Domains International Inc. is a global company, they are based in the U.S. and have their headquarters stationed in San Diego, California.

To check out Global Domains International Inc for yourself and give a shot for 7 days completely free, check GDI out here.

Is Global Domains International a Scam?

In short, no. Global Domains International is not a scam. Here is a list of five reasons GDI is not a scam:

  1. Loyal Compensation. GDI has paid their affiliates for fifteen years since their start in 1999. Not a single month has gone by where they didn’t pay their affiliates (typical scams will sometimes find excuses for not paying out. For a good example, read my review on Profit Clicking).
  2. U.S.-based HQ. They have a tangible headquarters for operations in the U.S., instead of just a PO box or facility in a tax haven like Amsterdam.
  3. Valuable Product. GDI offers a real product that has value in today’s industry. In other words, they are not just about the “income opportunity.” Clients get a website to do whatever they want with.
  4. Support. Global Domains International has stellar live support and/or articles to help customers find answers to their questions. Members also have access to their uplines which are generally knowledgeable about various topics as well.
  5. Stability. GDI has been around since 1999 and placed #37 on the Inc500 list of the fastest growing companies in 2002. They are also a member of the Direct Selling Association. For a timeline of news, events, and big deals that Global Domains International has been a part of since 2000, check out GDI news here.

Global Domains International is in fact, a real company with real history. They offer a real product worth great value to both huge, well known organizations, and individuals looking to build a presence online. So, why do so many people think GDI is a scam and shy away from it?

Global Domains International Seems Too Much Like A MLM Or Pyramid Scheme

Any place where money can be made, skeptics will soon follow. Many of them have been burned by other companies in the past. Some of them might have even joined GDI but never made a dime. I will tell you right now, GDI IS AN MLM, but it is not an illegal pyramid scheme. The acronym MLM simply stands for “Multi-Level Marketing.” The idea is: you refer people or leaders, and you earn money from them and whenever they refer people.

The common misconception with MLM, is that it’s always about the money. Skeptics often believe people refer each other to make money and that is the only thing exchanging hands between people. It is easy to point fingers at any network marketing company and accuse them of being a pyramid scheme. The real question is, what are the customers or clients getting in return for each transaction? The promise of wealth of their own? Or real goods or services?

Most people flock to network marketing to make money. The average goal most people shoot for when they come online is around $300 a month – that seems to be the magical number at least. The most difficult part of network marketing is duplicating the success of others with little to no prior experience. This is the biggest reason the proverbial 95% fail.

My Global Domains International History

Personally, I had joined GDI three times and quit each time before I decided to try it again successfully in 2013. For my first shot in 2009, I actually tried a guru-designed system by a GDI legend (I won’t mention names to save some serious drama and potential legal backlash). His “simple” system seemed like it could not fail and the forum he offered seemed very cool and professional. The biggest issue I faced at the time was my lack of experience and I was never able to recruit anyone as a result.

I then turned away from fancy systems and sought after various collective recruiting teams. They say two heads are better than one and the idea seemed fantastic! My enthusiasm and video editing skills caught the attention of team leaders who promoted me to a member of the team admin. I worked for over a year with the admins to spread positivity and enthusiasm, but the wait was too long and eventually sabotage by a trusted member (and programmer) of our team led to a mass exodus of several key leaders of our team. I am still friends with these admin members to this day over two years after we left GDI (and we swore to never come back).

In December, 2013, I was approached by the same admins I had worked with before about returning to GDI. They seemed gung ho and excited about a new team operation they are a part of with another collective recruiting team known as GDI Team Elite. A few of them had already received their six first level sign ups, which never happened for them in our last team. I decided to give them a real shot.

What Makes GDI Team Elite So Special?

GDI Team Elite not only guarantees results; they bring the goods. They vow to give you your six sign-ups in 4-8 weeks if you bring your team links 1000 hits per week. That is far less hits than expected by teams like power path GDI, and the wait is far shorter. How can they make such bold claims? They build downlines on a localized level, with reliable support from the seasoned marketers from the top.

So, what kind of benefits does GDI Team Elite provide?

  • A commitment to provide an active and helpful upline that will assist you directly with the building of your downline with GDI.
  • We will advertise with you until you have received your first six referrals in GDI. We will then help them get their first six as a team.
  • Full use and training and strategy on how to build members a six figure income.
  • Free use of our collective advertising system.

It became clear to me when I started working GDI that using a team build strategy was essential to continuous growth, not just for myself, but for those in my downline that had no experience in marketing. This is and always will be my biggest concern in any network marketing program: can my downline replicate my success with little money and mostly free resources? I believe that with GDI Team Elite, it is 100% possible.

Is GDI Team Elite Right For You?

 GDI Team Elite IS NOT right for you if you:

  • Would rather not do ANYTHING and let OTHERS do ALL the work.
  • Think you can get rich quick in the next 30 days (try the lottery dude).
  • Are not prepared to take the advice of those who are in a place you want to be.

GDI Team Elite IS right for you if you:

  • Are ready to do your part to build a residual income.
  • Have a desire to rich the slow but steady way, and build a business that will grow forever.
  • Are prepared to build your business under the guidance and advice of others.

Global Domains International Conclusion

There are several opportunities out there that promise you unbelievable riches, and plenty of people waiting to debunk all hope that making money online is possible. What do you believe? Global Domains International has a proven track record in the marketing industry and is a reliable source of income for many, not to mention a valuable source of tools we all need as entrepreneurs – affordable domains with professional hosting. Whether or not you are looking to build a presence online, GDI can help you persevere as a wealthy affiliate and leader in our industry.

Join our team with GDI Team Elite today and give GDI a real shot for 7 days risk free! Click the banner below join the Global Domains International revolution with us!

 GDI Team Elite

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  1. Outstanding article, Jeremy, and outstanding mindset. You know, while reading this I realized that, yes, most of us have had our ups and downs with Global Domains International.

    However, I believe that anyone who achieves and maintains success with them eventually comes to the same conclusion. That conclusion is team building.

    Best of luck and thank you for the read. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Yeah, team building idea you all stole from Dawn Smith of Powerpath with the webmaster known as Dallas Hetaraka who basically ran it.

      When Dallas left, Powerpath went under. Riptide Army, Team Atlantis, and many many other teams came after. Nothing was like it. Now you fools act as if you know how to do this, all you’re doing is ripping people off with an impossible line. Dallas figured out a way to beat that impossible line. All these years later, you scammers are still doing the same thing Dallas tried to prevent many years ago. Shame on you all.

      1. Hey now, let’s be civilized about this. Team building is essential for pretty much any normal person that wants to make money with GDI. Every single person who ever succeeded in GDI had to claim that they had a secret and something special to offer their team to succeed. Should factories not use the assembly line because someone else invented it first? No! I don’t care who started a certain strategy, if it works, then others will duplicate it. You can also consider it as a form of flattery, if you want to. My first upline in GDI (Sam Byars) back in 2009 claimed he had come up with the first “collective recruiting” recipe ever and Powerpath stole it from his concept. Was he lying? It’s pointless and a waste of time to argue! people claim what they want to look the part.

        If Powerpath was so great and successful, then why did Dallas leave? maybe it was personal, but saying shame to everyone else because they used someone else’s model is just childish and immature.

  2. nice article!Good information about GDI! Plz suggest me a true program/safelist with which I can send ads/emails to milllions of people daily by simply pasting ad/email on that website daily!

    1. Pravin, if you really want to get referrals to any program, I’d advice to forget safelists and TEs. Safelists are just people who are trying to recruit you, those people are not looking for program to join.You may get accidentally a sign up. To get results using free stuff, you can advertise yur business through forums like wariorforum and digital point, you can use classifid ads, PPC, CPA, PPV and solo ads and ezine. However if you have budget is limited or if you have extra time, you can use safelists.

      In my experience, the only kind of ads that works with safelist is advertising websits. Meaning, if you want get referrals to a new safelist, you can advertise it on other safelists

      1. Very Very Thanks Kane! I have some questions!
        1.What will be the fee to join GDI?Is it $10/Month?
        2.Is GDI is different website from GDI team elite ?
        3.Will GDI give us 6 referrals after join?
        4.What is the commission If I gets 1 referral?

        1. Hi Pravin,

          Here are the answers to your questions:
          1. GDI is $10 a month
          2. GDI is the program and GDI Team Elite is the name of the team you’d be joining within GDI. Teams are groups of people that work together to get referrals and build incomes.
          3. GDI will give you some tools along with a website, but they will not give you referrals. If you want referrals, you will have to advertise your GDI affiliate link to get signups.
          4. In GDI, each referral will earn you $1. This means you will need 10 referrals to break even.

          I hope these answer your questions!

          I had joined GDI but actually now I am involved with Internet Lifestyle Network. It costs $37 a month, but you can earn $20 per referral. They also have a free trial and we can help you get referrals faster in that.
          Let me know if you are interested Pravin. If you have any additional questions about GDI, let me know!

  3. GDI Team Elite does not work. I joined GDI Team Elite in August 2013 from a GDI Team Elite. They gave me a link to advertise and required me to send 1000 hits weekly to that link. Every week, my markteting system was generating 2000+ to my tracked link. I got only 1 referrals from GDI Team Elite. After 5 months of the tracked link. Then I decided to try to advertise my own link.

    In less than 1 month I got 5 referrals from my marketing effort. Even if some of them drop because of the GDI low commission, I did generate referrals. That’s made conclude that I was just advertising the GDI team Elite Link just to build. In fact, if you are able to generate 1000 hits per week to a link, you do not need to receive referral from some one else.

    1. The thing they told me when I signed up, is it could take 12-18 months to get my 6 referrals. That figure was an estimate of what I would achieve if I just got 1,000 hits to that link! Traffic exchanges and safelists are generally not optimal sources to find long term candidates either (a lesson learned time and time again). I gave GDI a chance again because the people that joined have been friends of mine since 2010. I waited too long though and ended up at the bottom of their list so I will be last get my six

      I decided that Internet Lifestyle Network is a much brighter opportunity and already have made over $100 over there with less effort than I ever put into my $3/month commissions from GDI. You should check out my review for that and let me know if you have any questions!

      1. Hi,

        In the review above you say:

        GDI Team Elite not only guarantees results; they bring the goods. They vow to give you your six sign-ups in 4-8 weeks if you bring your team links 1000 hits per week.

        Then you say:

        The thing they told me when I signed up, is it could take 12-18 months to get my 6 referrals.

        Now you refer something else. Not very credible, I think I will pass as trust is a very big part of marketing.

        1. Hi Bernard,

          Thanks for reading. I do practice honesty and integrity in my business – sorry for the confusion with these posts!

          I had joined GDI team elite after raving reviews from some of my old marketing friends who had their first levels of 6 filled in a couple weeks. I joined and told them I’d write a review for our team. A week or two after joining, I was told it could take 12-18 weeks to get my six referrals despite what seemed to be the case for them when they started. I think our team just got too big and I joined a little too late.

          A couple months after putting my all into GDI, I heard from a friend about the Internet Lifestyle Network and he shot from 0 to five figures a month in four month’s time. I checked it out and decided to go with them instead. I know I have been involved with a few things in the past, but I have settled on ILN and I am there to stay. I just had to find the program that complimented my style and beliefs the most, and ILN is what I’ve been looking for. I am in profit and love my team.

          BTW I left this review up for the traffic and to help some of my friends that are still in GDI Team Elite. GDI still works for many people and I support anyone that wants to build with them. Personally, I just always struggled with them and that’s why I moved on.

    2. Once you have the proper tiannrig you can sell basically anything online.Beside those you mentionned here are the other options you have. My advice would be to pick two methods and to really stick to them, being consistent is key.Article Marketing: Write articles, use an article submitter/spinner to duplicate your article (same article, several versions), send them to thousands of directories at the same time with links to your lead capture page. Articles submitters are very powerful to get back links.Twitter marketing: There are strategies that will allow you to directly access your target market, even if you don’t have any followers.Social marketing: Facebook Myspace strategies.Be carefull which MLM you join if you plan on signing up for one, and invest in some tiannrig so that you put all chances on your side.To your success, Hina Deane

  4. even if the best case is 4-8 weeks…

    if it takes that amount of time, based on the single file list that Jeremy mentions in the comments…

    that means if you are in the hot seat on day 1 that you sign up, you wait, at most 56 days to get 6 (8 weeks x 7 days/wk).

    then each of your signs ups have to wait to get to the hot seat…

    to reach the $9330/mo would take over 200 years!

    1. Hi Bill,

      I agree that it would take a long time to fill your downline, but technically it can be done in a shorter period of time, given that your downline breaks into different groups and promotes in chunks rather than the whole downline recruiting in single file…but then you also have to worry about regression and inactive team members not helping with the recruitment process…

      All-in-all, I think most people miss the point with programs like GDI. I think collective team builds are seen as the best answer for newbies that don’t know much about marketing yet, but that isn’t the best way to utilize the program for a profit (if you are ready to take massive action). The best way is to join for the tools first and build a team under the proposition that the tools will help them duplicate the results you’ve seen, as long as they follow some simple steps.

      GDI was a huge step forward for the Entrepreneurial world back in the early 2000’s. A lot of top notch Marketers leveraged the systems GDI offered to build empires. Nowadays, GDI is not what it was back then. But new programs have taken the structure GDI created to boost their businesses and there are several programs now that are much more lucrative. I am still using GDI, but it has become a secondary source of income for me. My primary source has become Internet Lifestyle Network. I merely recommend GDI to my referrals as a second income source and also a source for their blogs if they desire them. If you have any additional questions, please contact me via!

      Best regards,

  5. Hi there,
    May I know what is your take on GDI Co-op? How does it compare with GDI Team Elite?

    Thank you.
    Kind Regards.

  6. Hey

    Good read brought back a few memories as GDI was good in its time and ironically i too joined ILN but recent changes killed it for me so a lot of us took the plunge to check out Automated Wealth Network mainly for the mentorship of the superb free internet marketing training which you get whether or not you decide to run with the business pretty much a no brainer 🙂

    feel free to check it out you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

    Enjoy your day friends


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