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MarketerSeal SEO Certification Review and [SPECTACULAR] Bonus

Search Engine Optimization is a whole facet of marketing many are either terrified of, or struggle to truly exploit to make a profit online. Paid advertising is great, but can be costly to run longterm. It’s always nice to have an asset you can build and grow over time and rely on for steady income, passively. That is why MarketerSeal SEO Certification was created: To enable you, with the knowledge necessary, to utilize SEO for guaranteed profits!

MarketerSeal SEO Certification was a course created by Matthew Woodward back in 2015. He has released it a few times since then for a few days at a time, but only to his followers. this is the first time he is releasing it to the public.

If you are ready to get started with the MarkerSeal SEO Certification course, then click here to get started!

What is MarketerSeal SEO Certification?

MarketerSeal SEO Certification is a comprehensive course Matthew Woodward created to  teachPrivate Blog Network Specialist others his craft of Private Blog Networks. Private Blog Networks (or PBNs) have been utilized by niche marketers to grow their niche brands with just a push of the button. It’s kind of like how farmers feed their livelihood with the land and animals they develop and foster.

The ultimate goal of this course is to become a Private Blog Network Specialist. You accomplish this feat by completing all of the course material and taking the 6 exams (5 smaller module-specific exams and one final exam). The actual course spans 10 modules with 53 lessons, 39 videos, and 6 printable cheat sheets to aid you on your way to this prestigious certification.

Once you understand how to build PBN’s of your own, you will be unstoppable in the world of SEO. MarketerSeal SEO Certification will teach you everything you need to know to build your very own Private Blog Network. 

Is linkbuilding really dead? Some gurus would like you to believe so…

Why Should I Get This MarketerSeal SEO Certification?

Becoming a Private Blog Network Specialist is a huge honor and an accomplishment you can really hang your hat on. Matthew Woodward is looking to establish a standard in the industry for SEO professionals. This course is where it all begins.

So what are some of the benefits of getting the certification?

  1. Bragging rights
  2. Sense of accomplishment in professionalism
  3. You can raise your price and worth in the marketplace
  4. You’ll be more respected among your peers
  5. Additional skills and expertise
  6. If you’re skillset lies in the realm of SEO, you can now call yourself a Private Blog Network Specialist!

The list of benefits goes beyond the benefits listed above. But I want you to understand you’re paying for more than just some knowledge you can Google and read about for free online. 

How Does This Certification Work?

You will got through the course and take all the exams culminating in the final exam. You will notMarketerSeal be able to advance to the next module until you have completed each exam and passed them. Once you have passed all 6 exams, you will receive your final certification, which will be mailed to your physical address. You can frame it and keep it in your office, or hang it on your wall at home for decoration.

You will also unlock a verified certification badge on Credly you can easily share on your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, email signature, and more! 

What Will I Learn In MarketerSeal SEO Certification?

The following bullet points are just a taste of what you can expect to learn with this course. Here are a few of the tidbits:

  • How to increase traffic and rankings to near any website in any niche in 2017 and beyond
  • How to build sites in your PBN the right way, while avoiding detection by Google
  • The one type of blog network you must avoid at all costs
  • How to budget your network and save on domains and hosting
  • The safest and cheapest way to host your network
  • How to find the best domains for your network and which metrics to look out for
  • 15 different sources of power domains for you to take advantage of
  • The contact details of Woodward’s personal domain broker
  • The cheapest way to source quality, relevant content for your network sites
  • How to hide your private blog network from your competitors
  • The best strategies for deploying links to your sites from your network
  • Four different methods to monitor, manage, and maintain your network
  • How to avoid leaving any footprints across site, domain, hosting, content, links, and more
  • Step-by-step plans and checklists to make building your first network as easy as possible

Pretty cool, huh?

MarketerSeal SEO Certification Course Structure

Here is an outline that details what the specific modules are and what you will learn in them:

1. An Introduction to Private Blog Networks

  • Defining the perfect backlink
  • What is a PBN?
  • Revealing the True Power of PBN’s
  • The Hidden PBN Advantage
  • The Risks of PBN’s
  • The One Type of Blog Network You Must Avoid

2. Planning a Powerful Network

  • The PBN Process
  • The Cost of Building a PBN
  • Planning Wrap Up

3. Hosting Your Private Network

  • How to Avoid Leaving a Hosting Footprint
  • Finding PBN Hosts
  • Cloud Hosting Option #1
  • Cloud Hosting Option #2
  • Hosting Wrap-up

4. Finding High Quality Domains for Your Network

  • The Domain Expiration Process
  • Types of Expired Domains
  • Understanding Key Domain Metrics
  • Other Things to Check
  • Reducing Your Networks Domain Footprint
  • Final Domain Buying Checklist
  • Expired Domain Source #1-14
  • Bonus Expired Domain Source (Matthew’s personal broker)
  • Finding High Quality Domains Wrap-up

5. Building Your Sites to Stay Under Google’s Radar

  • WordPress PBN: The Basics
  • WordPress PBN: Hiding Your Network From Competition
  • WordPress PBN: Essential Settings
  • WordPress PBN: Plugins
  • WordPress PBN: Content, Comments, and Pages
  • WordPress PBN: Sprinkling the Magic Fairy Dust
  • WordPress PBN: Congratulations
  • WordPress PBN: Site Building Hack #1 
  • WordPress PBN: Site Building Hack #2
  • Building Your Site Wrap-up

6. Private Blog Network Linking Strategies

  • Timing is Everything
  • Place Your Links Carefully
  • Control Your Anchors to Avoid Detection
  • How to Avoid Leaving a Linking Footprint
  • Linking Strategies Wrap-up

7. Managing your Private Blog Network

  • Network Management Tools #1-4
  • Manual Network Management
  • Network Management Wrap-up

8. How to Avoid Leaving Footprints Behind

9. Other Things You Can Do With Your PBN

10. Learning Resources and Additional Materials

  • Course Update Log

My MarketerSeal SEO Certification Bonus

I have written an entire post to present my MarketerSeal SEO Certification Bonus! You can find the post by clicking here. The video below sums it all up.

MarketerSeal SEO Certification Cost

If you have ever taken a college course, then you are well aware that classes and tuition are notMarketerSeal SEO Certification cost cheap. Depending on the school or university you attend, each hour of credit can cost you anywhere from $1200-$5000. Most courses you take will NOT benefit your life in any way, shape, or form. The whole point of most college classes is just for a piece of paper that you hang on your wall.

MarketerSeal SEO Certification is not gonna cost you one hour of standard college credit. In fact, it won’t even cost you half that. The best part is, what you learn, you can apply to your business right away to increase your personal value, which in turn will increase your paycheck!

The cost for MarketerSeal SEO Certification is a one-time payment of $497. That is pretty much the equivalent of a car payment. There is an upsell you will be presented with after you pay for the course. This upsell is the offer, which is an additional set of premium tools that compliment the main certification. The cost of the upsell is an annual fee of $599.

If you can’t afford the initial $599 for the upsell, there is a secondary monthly offer for for $79. Think of this offer as a shortcut to building your Private Blog Network. It is totally not necessary, but worth the investment if you really want to succeed with as little time as possible.

MarketSeal SEO Certification Conclusion

Private Blog Networks have been the key to many advanced SEO marketers’ success for quite some time now. Some of them rely on other marketers with PBN’s to hook them up for the projects, but the smart ones learn how to build their own PBN’s. Matthew Woodward his built up his own business around this concept of PBN. Below is an actual case study from Woodward to show just how powerful the strategy of implementing PBN’s can be for your business.

Becoming a Private Blog Network specialist will enable you to see results like the results shown above, but that is only the beginning! What you choose to do with your PBN degree is up to you! Just remember, it all starts with MarketerSeal SEO Certification. I’ve personally followed Woodward for quite some time since stumbling across his blog while doing some research for an article I was writing on SEO back in 2016. This guy knows his stuff.

Thanks for reading this MarketerSeal SEO Certification review! I hope to see you on the inside! Click the button below to get all the prelaunch content. Talk to you soon!


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