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The Instant Switch Review and BONUS

When you flip a light switch, your power turns on, right? You never doubt the consistency of that electricity. That switch will always light up your room with a simple flick. That is the idea and power behind Sandy Gilad’s, “The Instant Switch!” No matter how dark you think your ‘room’ is, you can always light it up by flipping a certain switch in your mind! The effects can really shock you.

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I have had the privilege of being given the chance to review The Instant Switch before it was even available for purchase. I gobbled it up and am ecstatic to share my opinion with you!

Let’s start out first, by telling you who The Instant Switch is not for.

  1. If you are looking to change your life by tea time tomorrow, this course is not for you. It will take ‘some’ time to change your entire life.
  2. If you think the idea of self-help is laughable and not worth your time, this course is not for you.
  3. If you are not willing to put forth the time and effort into changing your mindset, this course will not work for you.
  4. If you hate a ton of free bonuses that will help enhance content from the course (available from my link on this page ONLY), then you should exit this review immediately!

It’s very simple.

If you believe in the self-help world and are interested in the Laws of Attraction, then The Instant Switch is EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

The entire blog you’re reading right now is dedicated to finding gems like this course and sharing them with you. All Laws of Attraction courses are NOT created equal. This course will share with you not only knowledge of how to create abundance in your life, but also practical tools you can use that WILL generate real change.

With that in mind, let’s dive right into what you get with The Instant Switch course.

A Look Inside The Instant Switch Course

The Instant Switch Review
The Instant Switch Back Office

Quite simply, The Instant Switch is a 98-page manual that covers the mechanics of how to change your life. There is also an unannounced Ebook that you will have access to in the member’s download area called, “Success Accelerator.” That bonus will present 10 “instant switch skills” that will help you accelerate your success.

This program is broken up into a 17-page introduction, followed by three modules, each with four sections. Let’s take a quick look at what these modules entail.

  • Introduction: Learn what the instant switch is why you should apply it to your life.
  • Module 1: Truth and dare
  • Module 2: Switch into wealth
  • Module 3: Switch into love

Each module will dig in deeper and introduce deeper concepts to help you apply the concepts of the course to your life.

Module 1 will teach you how to switch into happiness and joy, but making the choice to change your thoughts. An emphasis of choosing the way we feel is introduced in this module. Mindset is such a vital part of how we experience our life and success. You will learn how you can rewire your brain for success and tell a brand new story about your life. The 11 Essential Instant Switch Frames are also introduced (you don’t want to miss that!).

Module 2 will introduce the idea of the money mind. This does not imply you have to evolve into a greedy jerk to switch into wealth! You will learn about the most powerful money-sapping myths that will wipe all your money away before you even have a chance to build true wealth. Ever heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques? You will learn how ‘tapping’ can help change your beliefs and your life – backed by both psychological and medical studies. Some powerful abundance affirmations will be introduced to help your subconscious mind create new realities for you in just minutes a day!

Module 3 will show you how loving yourself actually generates a better life for you and those The Instant Switcharound you. Have you ever noticed how you are most productive when you feel good about yourself? There is nothing wrong with loving and taking care of yourself – even though society tells you there is. This module will also teach you the simple acts you can use to show love to your mind, body, and soul, how you can use a mirror to show yourself love, and most importantly, how you can let your fears and self-myths go.

All-in-all, this program will teach you how to identify your personal story how you see it, how others perceive it, and how you can change that story and tell it differently. If you have ever studied the laws of attraction through Joe Vitale, Abraham Hicks, or Tony Robbins, then you have heard about the power of story-telling and how it applies to our experience as we live our life.

My Unfair Instant Switch Bonuses (Reserved for the first 20 people only)

The Instant Switch BonusA colleague of mine was appalled when I told him about my bonuses for this course. He thought I was sharing WAY too much with you. The truth is, I believe in the laws of abundance and giving more to everyone will spread that abundance around like a small ripple becoming a tidal wave. If you are looking into getting this program for yourself, than I recommend checking out the bonuses below for yourself!

By the way, I can’t promise I will keep these bonuses around forever, so if you want any of these, you need to act NOW! They may be taken down at any moment!

The Law Of Success audio book (by Napoleon Hill) for your MP3 Player/iPod. This audio book is actually based on real testimony of the richest, most successful men in history, including (but not limited to) Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, President Truman, Thomas Edison, and so many more. The book introduces the 17 principles of success and how to build your way from the ground up. This audio book is pretty much the Godfather of all self-help books we know today. Nearly a century since it’s conception, The Law of Success is still relevant today!

The Silva Ultramind ESP System as created by Jose Silva (2002). This system was created by Silva to train people to access the alpha frequency of your mind at will. It will allow you to read people like a book and essentially think your way to success in everything you do.  It introduces you to a simple, 15-minute technique to switch the state of your mind so you can see the world around you from a heightened state of awareness. If it is utilized by high-level government agents and CIA operatives, it can work for you too!

A Highly-effective course that will teach you how to be more creative and innovative. I can’t include the name of the course/author here, but chances are you have heard of him. This course has helped me take my business to the next level (and it can help you too). Anyone can be creative and implement new ideas that no one has thought of yet. Most are just not trained in how to see the world around them differently. This course will give you all the mental tools you need to do exactly that!

Plus… several, highly sought-after unannounced bonuses! You will have to take my word for it. You simply can’t beat these bonuses if you really want to affect real change in your life.

TO CLAIM YOUR BONUSES: Buy The Instant Switch course and forward me a copy of your Clickbank Receipt. Send the receipt over to and include something in the subject title of, “The Instant Switch Bonus.” I will rush the bonus to you in under 24 hours (sometimes in under an hour or two depending on the time of day).

The Instant Switch Conclusion

After careful consideration, I give The Instant Switch a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It reads very well and gives you enough information to make a real impact on your life. It is all packaged in a relatively short program that you can digest in a couple hours or less. If you are prepared to learn, accept, and take action on the content in this course, then you need to get it right now!

Simply click the button below to be taken straight to the shopping cart and complete our order! Don’t forget to send me an email to get your bonuses. I am looking forward to sharing them with you so you can start your very own transformation today! It’s time to flip the instant switch in your life!

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